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Winergy Review: Best Smart Wireless Charger for 2020

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Winergy: An Introduction

One of the biggest annoyances of daily life is charging your phone.

You always have to have your charging cable and outlet adapter with you in case you need to juice up on the go, and finding an available outlet in public is a huge pain.

Heck, it’s annoying enough to struggle with all those wires at home where outlets are plentiful (hopefully).

Wireless charging aims to solve your charging woes by eliminating all those cables.

Many Android phones have had wireless charging for years, but the technology still isn’t as widespread as it should be.

Tech geeks everywhere have been waiting for the moment when wireless charging becomes the norm, and that day is fast approaching now that Qi wireless charging has come to the iPhones.

With that in mind, we’d like to introduce Winergy Qi-enabled wireless charger.

winergy review

The Winergy wireless charger is the latest wireless charging pad and it comes with some unique features.

Unique features which a lot of other charging pads on the market do not have such as:

The Winergy wireless charging pad is universal and can be used with both Android and iOS devices.

A lot of wireless charging pads are only compatible with just Android or iOS but Winergy is compatible with both.

Perfect for when you have multiple devices in your household.

Another great feature of the Winergy wireless charging pad is that it has QI wireless fast charging.

Charging your phone or tablet on other wireless chargers is slow and (potentially) bad for your battery.

But because Winergy uses QI fast charging it can charge your device faster and safer then other charging pads available on the market.

QI is a new standard for wireless charging, which uses a technology called induction coils.

These induction coils are loops of wire which are built in to the wireless charger and the phone or tablet.

When you place your phone or tablet on the Winergy charger the induction coils transfer electric via electromagnetic fields.

This is what charges your device. The QI is the wireless charging standard of the future.

All big smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Huawei and Samsung have adopted this standard.

So if you have a smartphone that supports wireless charging you can be pretty sure that your phone uses QI technology and is compatible with the Winergy device.

Winergy also has a smart indication light which tells you when your battery has been fully charged.

This not only stops you from wasting electricity but it also stops your device from overcharging which can harm your internal battery.

This wireless charging pad is lightweight and easy to carry.

Connecting the device to a charger or computer is easy via the built in Micro-USB connection.

It also has a safety feature which can detect foreign objects such as keys or a pen.

The device will not activate when devices other than phones or tablets are placed on the charger.

Another great feature is that is made of non-slip material and due to its size and weight is very portable so you can easily carry it with you while on the go.

Winergy Features (Benefit)

  • 2x Faster charging than the competition
  • Anti-overcharging, short circuit protection, overload protection, and more
  • Foreign body recognition tech for additional safety
  • 10w Powerful Charger
  • Smart Light When Battery Full
  • Qi Technology Compatible Charger
  • Lightweight & Portable
  • Standard Micro-USB Connection
  • Android & iOS Compatible

If you’re at home and have to dash for the charger, you will often find that out of the blue, your charging wire doesn’t work anymore.

Perhaps you have tried turning it over or played about with the wire itself but it’s no use, the wire is dead.

This results in having to scramble for another, potentially leaving you needing to leave the house to buy another.

One thing that won’t let you down in such a way, is a wireless charger, and there is no better than Winergy.

For a super-fast charge time and convenient, wireless charging, it is an impressive gadget and a must-have if you are lucky enough to own a compatible device.

Super-fast Charging

The problem with wire chargers, or even cheap wireless chargers, is they are often slow to charge, or their performance fades over time.

The advantageous thing about owning Winergy is the 3 hours maximum charge time.

This is brilliant compared to a lot of the competition and is one of the reasons it is such a popular device.

Also, it holds this level of performing for a long time.

Rather than offering 3 hours charge time for a month, then getting worse, Winergy gives you a fast way of charging your device every time.

So Efficient Without Wasting Energy

The consensus seems to be that a fast charger must be expensive to use.

Although this seems to make sense, with Wingery, it doesn’t.

Tests have shown that it has a charging efficiency of 84%.

Some of this will be dependent on the device itself as older phones tend to be more of a drain on electricity.

It Looks Great

One problem with wireless chargers is they often look bulky, which understandably puts some people off.

No one wants to use technology that doesn’t look good. 

Winergy is covered in tempered glass which gives it a slick appeal and smooth edges.

The lamp in the mid rim is what sets it apart though.

It glows within the black design giving it a certain appeal as it goes around the whole device.

The Most Convenient Way Of Charging

Wire chargers get in the way, everyone knows that.

There’s nothing worse than a desk full of wires, cluttering the place up and making it difficult to concentrate.

Winergy is a slimline wireless charger so it makes a wired connection for your phone unnecessary and looks good wherever you put it.

Also, it fits into your pocket or bag with ease so can be taken anywhere like a normal charger.

Compatible With Loads of Devices

Anyone with a modern phone that is worth having will be able to use it alongside Winergy.

Since it is compatible with any Qi device, it will work with the likes of S8, S8 Plus, Note 8, S7 edge, S6 edge plus, and beyond.

For all Qi-enabled devices, it can offer 10W of powerful charge to make it incredibly speedy.

For phones that support fast charging it offers 5W of charge power which is great for the likes of iPhone X, iPhone 8, and iPhone 8 plus.

A Smart Gadget

The technology in these types of products is so impressive it will blow a lot of people away.

Using a smart chip, it will automatically charge devices that are compatible with this type of product, meaning it gets to work as soon as you rest your smartphone on the slimline wireless charger.

What’s more, it doesn’t matter what angle you place your phone at, it will still charge to the same high-level.

Better Than The Competition

The problem when you try to save money on charging devices, whether it is a wireless charger or a cable, the cheaper the product, the lower the quality is.

The great thing about the likes of Winergy is they are reasonably priced but can offer you a high standard of performance.

Because tests have shown Winergy to charge 2x faster than other wireless chargers, you know you are in good hands.

Your Safety Is Paramount

Yet another issue that tends to happen with cheaper wireless chargers is the temperatures they reach when being used.

When a gadget overheats, it can have disastrous consequences, which is why Winergy is such a good option.

It protects your home and your device from overheating, only reaching a maximum of 35 degrees C which is half of what a lot of the competition heats to.

Other safety mechanisms include a foreign body recognition so if something other than a compatible smartphone is placed on the device, it will not affect it.

Other safety features include anti-overcharging, short circuit protection, overload protection, and more.

It also has an anti-slip design thanks to the material on the bottom of the device which keeps it in place throughout.

Our team took it for a ride and these are its thoughts

“I used to take my charger with me at the office and everytime I faced a mess of entangled wires. This belongs in the past now that I tried Winergy. Plus the smart light always helps me know when my smartphone reached 100%.”
“Being so busy all the time I found myself in situations with low battery. This needed to stop. Now I charge my phone so fast I don’t even know when it happened. I bought one for the office and one for my home. It’s brilliant!”
“Being a businessman, I need more than one smartphones. I currently use both Android and iOS software. It was a nightmare having to carry with me not one but two chargers. Fortunately, this isn’t an issue anymore as my Winergy is compatible with both of my phones.”

Where can I purchase the Winergy?

Winergy is available for a limited time only, with exclusive 50% discount and free shipping.

Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.