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StableCAM Pro Review 2022 – Get Snappy With the StableCAM Pro

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Going on vacation but don’t want to carry you’re your big, heavy professional camera along?

What is if told that you actually don’t need to carry the camera around, but you can still take quality videos and images?

Yes, with StableCAM Pro, a small, portable, yet powerful device that you can use to take videos and photos that are just as high-quality as those taken by a powerful professional camera.

We reviewed the device, looked at its features, benefits, and what people are saying about it.

If you are a photographer or you just like taking photos, read through our Stable CAM Pro review and find out why you should get it today.

What is StableCAM Pro?

what is StableCam Pro

Simply put, Stable CAM Pro is the solution to hand-held professional photography and video content.

You see, when it comes down to modern smartphone content, it is all about the quality.

And thanks to StableCAM Pro, expertly-shot, vibrant footage and images are no longer difficult even for the average person.

This small piece of handheld technology offers photography and videography features that will leave you in awe.

The device will provide you with the exact stability you would need to produce professional images and videos.

A uniquely designed smartphone gimbal that’s perfect for any occasion, Stable CAM Pro helps you produce photos and videos that are crystal-clear any time of day.

The device is designed to offer easy tracking and smooth movement, something that handheld devices like tablets and smartphones can’t match.

It is has been built for filming and photography on the move, no matter what terrain the user is in.

Produce beautiful sweeping shots, style your perfect videography to your taste, and design perfectly-framed imagery with the help of Stable CAM Pro.

Why Do I Need StableCAM Pro?

Whether or not you are a professional photographer, this is a device that’s worth having.

If you are a photographer, you might agree with me that there are those times that you really don’t want to catty your heavy professional camera with you.

With StableCAM Pro, you will no longer have to carry your camera even when you don’t want to.

The device will help you capture images and shoot videos with the quality of a professional camera.

It is small, compact, and lightweight, meaning you can carry it to wherever you want.

If you just like taking photos and videos at home, at work, or when you are on vacation, up your game with StableCAM Pro.

It is going to give you video and image quality that cannot be matched by any smartphone camera.

This amazing piece of handheld tech will make all your videos non-shaky, stable, and cinematic.

It comes with features that will make lead to amazing videos and images, with little effort.

Silky-smooth Footage From The Start

Using ActiveTrack technology and built-in sensors, the StableCAM Pro is capable of keeping up with even the most extreme movements; making it suitable for anything from extreme sports to the moshpit at that upcoming gig.

Stabilizing your smartphone can help you create some truly exceptional video, without the need for bulky cameras or complicated controls associated with larger setups.

One of the hallmarks of quality camera work is an effortlessly smooth zoom.

StableCAM Pro makes that buttery-smooth zoom an easy task, thanks to a convenient inbuilt slider that looks almost identical to what you’d produce with a traditional dolly zoom.

Film quality, at an affordable price, is what the StableCAM Pro provides.

If you’re a fan of sitting and watching the world go by, the StableCAM Pro also offers functionality for creating some genuinely spectacular time-lapse footage.

Whether it’s watching nature in action or capturing those rolling clouds overhead, StableCAM Pro keeps your footage on-point from the first second to the last.

For extra interest, the motion lapse feature allows for smooth movement even with hours of dynamic footage.

StableCAM Pro Features

StableCAM Pro offers a wide range of features and I will show them below:

  • 3-axis stabilizer

The StableCAM Pro is a 3-axis gimbal so users can get stabilized and butter-smooth recording.

It ensures steady photography and videography in steady mode.

Also, it perfectly grabs the smartphone and I never worried about falling out of the hand.

  • Control systems

In the gimbal, the buttons allowed us to control the smartphone’s camera function.

It allows users to zoom in, zoom out, start and stop recording.

Also, it allows me to take a picture with a single click.

The tilt and pan motors stabilize the camera when I am moving.

  • Lightweight and compact

The kerb weight of the StableCAM Pro is about 450 grams.

It never feel bulky while handling it for a long time on my trip.

It perfectly fits on all small backpacks.

Anyone can carry the gimbal easily and shoot spanning footage.

  • Long battery life

The gimbal runs up to 15 hours at once with a long-lasting battery.

Keep the camera always on using beauty modes.

If the phone’s battery is low, its reverse charging option allows me to take photos in the situation.

  • Used technology and sensors

The StableCAM Pro has ActiveTrack and sensors that provide stabilized footage in extreme movement.

It can track the target intelligently, so it automatically sets focus to snap photos steady.

The Ideal Tool For Streamers And Vloggers

If you’re a fan of streaming, either professionally or as a hobby, the StableCAM Pro is for you.

With an extra-long battery life of up to 15 hours in a single charge and a beautify mode to keep you looking camera-ready at all times, vlogging your life has never been easier.

Simply attach your smartphone and go; the world is your oyster.

Small in stature and easy to carry, the StableCAM Pro is anything but a burden.

At a weight of only 485g, it will fit neatly in your backpack and won’t cause arm strain to carry around; a must for those particularly long filming sessions.

All-day, every day is what this unique stabilizing system advertises, and that is precisely what you get.

How to Use It?

StableCAM Pro is very easy to use because it provides simple functions.

Let me show the process of the using method of the StableCAM Pro gimbal:

  • At first, charge the StableCAM Pro 100% using the default charger.
  • Then, mount the smartphone on the StableCAM Pro.
  • Use the tilt and pan motor to move it.
  • Use the buttons to control the camera features.
  • It automatically moves around the speaker to capture pictures with stability.
  • Its ActiveTrack system and sensors are activated when the gimbal is started.
  • videos and capture photos for up to 15 hours.
  • For the simple operation of the StableCAM Pro, I recommend the gimbal in my first priority list.

StableCAM Pro Performance and Recommendation

We compared the performance of StableCAM Pro and a smartphone camera and realized that this device offers more than you can imagine.

The device is basically a solid camera that’s not only going to make your videos and images look sharp, but give you a touch of professionalism as well.

The stabilizer combines practicality and professional film-making and photography so that you can produce videos, home movies, or images with the touch of a professional.

When recording a meeting at the office, we noticed that the camera moved towards the speaker, and it detected movement when other people around moved their hands.

When traveling, we found the panorama feature very helpful in the capture of scenes without much effort.

The time-lapse feature was also helpful; it, for instance, records the sunrise and the sunset beautifully.

We noticed that you can use StableCAM Pro in any situation.

Use it to immortalize the important moments spent with friends and family, those amazing moments in your career, or make just make quality home movies.

It is especially great when going out on vacation.

With it, you can shoot videos and images that capture the best sceneries that you don’t want to forget.

Pros and Cons Of StableCAM Pro


  • 3-axis stabilization ensures a steady shooting experience.
  • Very lighter than others and easy to carry.
  • Butter smooth video recordings.
  • ActiveTrack technology with sensors.
  • Beauty mode keeps the camera always on.
  • Provide stable performance on extreme movement.
  • 15 hours battery performance after full charge.
  • Controlling buttons.


  • Its stock is limited and only available on the manufacturer’s website.

Who Could Benefit From StableCAM Pro?

With the StableCAM Pro, any budding videographer can soon become a pro.

A slew of different functionalities offers this stabilizer’s users with effortless footage, whether they’re filming for just a few seconds or creating content for hours or days.

As such, this tool is the ideal addition to the kit of any photography or videography student looking to evolve their style and improve the quality of their content.

For those who take their streaming seriously, for vlogging or general content creation, then the StableCAM Pro is an excellent investment at an affordable price.

For those just starting out, it offers an alternative to expensive equipment by upgrading your existing smartphone.

Or, for veterans of the vlogging scene, the StableCAM Pro is a welcome alternative for more informal content outside of highly curated footage.

Beyond the students and content creators, the StableCAM Pro is the ideal companion for memory-making, whether it’s filming events with your children, attending the next upcoming festival with friends or simply creating beautiful footage of a significant life event.

With excellent stability, you have footage you can cherish for life, with the high quality you’d want all your best memories to be preserved in.

From hobbyists to professionals, the StableCAM Pro has a use for all.

Whether you’re looking for an add-on to improve your own personal videography or you’re looking for a professional addition to your on-the-go kit, this stabilizer is a must.

Is The StableCAM Pro Worth Buying?

Definitely. The StableCAM Pro can add an extra dimension to your content creation, and for any budding videographer or student, this invaluable tool can mean the difference between smooth, professional footage and unusable, shaky filming.

With a great value price and lightweight finish, the StableCAM Pro is truly an everyman’s tool.

Combined with its ease of use, you’ll find shooting professional footage a breeze from any smartphone.

Compared to other stabilisers on the market, the StableCAM Pro is both cost-effective and practical, hardy enough to be thrown into a backpack and precise enough for smooth zooms and expert panning footage.

Whether you want to film that next festival gig, get some all-important footage for your videography course or simply develop your skills in video creation, Stable CAM Pro is the accessory for you.

StableCAM Pro Reviews From Customers

Probably this is one of the major parts of the article you’ve been anticipating.

Yes! StableCAM Pro is trending especially as Haloween and other photos/video making activity draw closer.

Thank you StableCAM Pro! I’ve two which I use at home and at work and with this whole virus outbreak I’ve been able to comfortably stay at home and create my youtube videos. I intend to use it at work to record the birthdays of my wonderful colleagues. StableCAM Pro has not failed me so far. On the contrary, actually, it’s made my life much more fun! This must be the best camera gimbal this lockdown period.Billy

I get uncomfortable whenever my pictures turn out bad and ugly due to shaky hands or abrupt movements. Since, it was pretty tough to deal with the comments I get due to distorted pictures. I finally got the StableCAM Pro upon recommendation by my bestie. You need to see my photos now– squeaky clear, no distortions.Phoebe

StableCAM Pro is surely one of the best stabilizers 2020. For real- It’s is one of the most efficient gadgets if not the most efficient gimbal I have used this year. It holds my smartphone at great angles to capture great photos and sleek videos. I love its portable size plus it is surprisingly affordable. Plus the battery life is good enough. I just love its beginner-friendly interface. Best camera gimbal ever!Vee

Where Can I Purchase the StableCAM Pro?

Get your Stable Cam PRO today by visiting the manufacturer’s website.

All orders are made through this website.

New customers get a 50% discount on every order placed plus free shipping.

So take advantage of this limited offer.

Here are the different pricing available on official site:

  • 1 Stable CAM Pro ($ 149/each)$ 149
  • 2 Stable CAM Pro ($ 125/each)$ 249
  • 4 Stable CAM Pro ($ 100/each)$ 399
  • Buy 3 Stable CAM Pro, Get 2 Free($ 89/each)$ 447
  • Buy 2 Stable CAM Pro, Get 1 Free ($ 99/each)$ 297

You can also get a 3 year warranty for $ 19 only. 

Refund Policy

If you are not completely thrilled with your StableCAM Pro, manufacturer is offering you a 30 day guarantee on all purchases.

Simply send the item back to them for a full refund or replacement.

Contact Details

International: +44 20 3808 9234, available 24h
Brazil: +552135003992, available between 9:00am to 14:00pm, Monday to Friday (Brazil Time, GMT-5)

Send an email to:

Hyper Sls Ltd

1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

Final Verdict

At the end of the StableCAM PRO review, I want to say that it is one of the best smartphone gimbals at an affordable price.

It has a 3-axis stabilizer, Active-track technology and sensors to stabilize pictures and videos in rough movement.

Its weight is compact and runs with a powerful battery for up to 15 hours.

It has an intelligent tracking system for capturing objects automatically.

Also, it has advanced shooting techniques that take photography to the next level.

The reverse charging option says goodbye to the phone’s low battery alert.