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Louis Blanc Smart Wallet Review: Best Smart Wallet For Men

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Louis Blanc Smart Wallet Review: Nothing could be more painful than dropping the wallet, keys, or remote TV.

As they are all essential, and neither of them has an alarm system or anything that would help find them.

Louis Blance Smart Wallet is obvious that the hunt would become stressful.

There is a smart wallet that will warn the individual when it is lost or misplaced.

For several individuals, money seems to be a hilarious topic.

Although most people consider safe internet banking services a must-have, people still carry around the all-important credit and debit cards in an old-school unreliable wallet.

If an individual ever lost the wallet or and also couldn’t remember

Card numbers, then it is obvious that it can be almost difficult to track personal belongings.

That concern is a thing of the past with the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet.

This wallet is as beautiful to look at as functional for everyday life, slick, smart, and fashionable, just.

What individual needs when it comes to protecting the money safe.

What is Louis Blanc Smart Wallet?


You’ve likely heard of smart wallets, but you might not have heard of the understated Louis Blanc Smart Wallet; A uniquely designed, 100% genuine cowhide wallet that combines all the safety features you want with the attractive style you need.

Designed to be easy to carry, and with all the storage you need for your essential cards, IDs, and cash, there’s plenty going for this smart wallet, and its advantages don’t stop there.

While a standard wallet will hold your cards safely in your bag or back pocket, the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet takes the security of your money one step further.

Finding your wallet, should it be lost, has never been easier, with an intelligent location record functionality as well as a two-way anti-loss system between your phone and wallet to ensure neither is left behind by mistake.

From smartphones to home security systems, we’re embracing smart technology more and more in our everyday life.

So why not apply that same enthusiasm to your wallet?

The Louis Blanc Smart Wallet is the perfect mix of classic design and modern functionality, providing substance without sacrificing style.

How Does the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet work?

To use it, you must first download the “Bseek” app from Google Play or the App Store.

A QR code can be found in the user manual.

Then you have to connect the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet to your smartphone via Bluetooth so that the wallet for the alarm and for triggering the alarm signal is connected.

When you open the “Bseek” app on your smartphone, it is ready to send an alarm.

This happens when the distance between your phone and wallet is within 33 feet (about 10 meters).

Outside this range, the wallet starts ringing.

The app “Bseek” shows where the lost wallet is now.

Why Do You Need the LouisBlanc SmartWallet?

With this wallet, you are never going to lose your cash, cards, keys, or phone.

The features that the wallet comes with won’t allow you to.

The two-way anti-loss system will always alert you once you forget the wallet.

And even if you do lose your wallet or phone, the Location Record feature will give you the last location of what you are looking for.

Another key feature that many users have found amazing is the blocking system.

When you lose the wallet, the system will lock the wallet so that thieves can’t get to your IDs, cards, or cash.

There is also a tracking system that will help you to locate the wallet easily.

The smartwallet is 100% compatible with Android and iOS devices, so you can easily and quickly connect it to your smartphone.

Once connected, you can then set the wallet to send you an alarm when you forget it or when it has been stolen.

The in-built GPS tracker will help you know location of the smart wallet so you can retrieve it as soon as possible.

These are just some of the many ways the LouisBlanc SmartWallet will help you secure your cash, cards, IDs, phone, and many other things.

Get it today and start enjoying the benefits.

Louis Blanc Smart Wallet Specifications

Put simply, there is a chip integrated in this purse that will quickly help you find it in case it gets lost.

On top of that, it allows you to know the money contained in it through a blocking system in safety.

Neither thieves nor loss can harm your money, cards and ID, and the wallet’s tracking system allows you to quickly locate the lost wallet.

With this being said, the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet offers you a lot of protection and all your valuables in it will remain untouched, in case you misplace or lose it.

You may wonder how is this possible.

Well, thanks to the fact that you can connect it to your phone.

This way, by using your smartphone.

You can set this Louis Blanc Smart Wallet to send an alarm as soon as it is stolen.

It case this happens.

The wallet has a GPS tracker to determine the exact location of the wallet and retrieve it.

Apart from this, the wallet also has a built-in power bank to keep it fully charged for the various functions.

The RFID chip in the wallet prevents strangers from using your money and credit card to shop or withdraw money from your bank account.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that this wallet is compatible with both iOS and Android smartphones.

In order to use it, you have to download the “Bseek” app from Google Play or the App Store.

A QR code can be found in the user manual.

After that, you have to connect your smart wallet to your smartphone via Bluetooth so that the wallet for the alarm and for triggering the alarm signal is connected.

When you open the “Bseek” app on your smartphone, it is ready to send an alarm.

Keep in mind that this happens when the distance between your phone and wallet is within 10 meters.

Outside this range, the wallet starts ringing.

The app “Bseek” shows where the lost wallet is now.

Louis Blanc Smart Wallet Key Features

  • Compatibility with Android and iOS

This feature makes it easy to use the wallet. Just download and install the Bseek App and connect the wallet to your smartphone.

Once this is done, you are good to go. You will never leave the wallet or your phone behind.

  • Two-Way Anti-Loss System

When you have connected the wallet to your phone, this feature comes in handy to prevent you from forgetting or losing your items.

If the distance between the wallet and your smartphone becomes more than 10 meters, the alarm goes off, so you know you have forgotten something.

  • Location Record Functionality

Once you have installed the Bseek App, it will always record your location.

So in case, you lose your phone or wallet, the application will tell you the last location of the item.

This function works together with the in-built GPS tracker to ensure that you retrieve your lost items.

  • RFID Chip

This feature prevents strangers from accessing items stored in the wallet once it gets lost.

It automatically blocks the system so that your cash, credit/debit cards are safe in the wallet.

LouisBlanc SmartWallet also comes with an in-built high-capacity power bank.

The device’s battery can last upto 1month on a single charge.

Who All Should Buy the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet?

Because of the brand’s focus on attractive style, simple design, and advanced functionality.

The Louis Blanc Smart Wallet is the ideal solution for a broad market.

Small enough to fit in a back pocket, and robust enough for use in a rucksack or handbag, the options are endless when it comes to this piece of pocket technology.

For commuters or travelers, the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet would be a particularly apt choice, thanks to its consistent GPS tracking through your smartphone and two-way alert system.

However, the wallet is just as practical for occasional travelers or those who prefer to stay closer to home.

If you’re ever at risk of losing your wallet or have done so in the past, then this smart technology might just be for you.

Is the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet Worth the Investment?

Absolutely. Compared to other smart wallets on the market.

The Louis Blanc Smart Wallet is very competitively priced.

Especially considering the fact that it’s created from high-quality leather, and designed to last.

The functionality and style of this wallet make it the ideal personal purchase.

As well as making an excellent gift for a forgetful loved one or absent-minded significant other.

If you’re in the market for a wallet that does more than just hold your cards in place, then give the Louis Blanc Smart Wallet a go.

We’re sure you won’t be disappointed in the make, functionality or companion app of this 4.3″ x 3.7″ piece of technology that fits snugly in your back pocket.

Read on to find out where you can purchase this top-tier tech.

Louis-Blanc SmartWallet Rating and Benefits

Search Smart Wallets on Google, and you will see that there are hundreds of them on the market today.

However, when shopping for this sort of item, it all comes down to quality and efficiency.

You see, these days, finding a product that works just as the manufacturer promises can be quite an uphill.

We compared the performance of Louis-Blanc SmartWallet to that of another similar product just to be sure the device really works.

While both products worked just right, the usability of the other production was a bit challenging.

Again, Louis Blanc Smart-Watch had some features that the other product lacked, for instance, the two-way anti-loss feature.

We promptly noticed that all the features of the wallet perform as the manufacturer promises.

The fact that wallet is compatible with iOS and Android devices makes it easy to use.

You only need to download “Bseek App” from the App Store or Google Play.

Connect the wallet to your smartphone through Bluetooth so that the alarm triggering system is connected.

The alarm goes off when the wallet and your phone get more than 10meters apart.

Some advantages that come with using LouisBlanc SmartWallet include:

  • It eliminates the fear items, i.e your wallet, keys, cards, IDs or phone
  • You can quickly retrieve the wallet or your phone when it gets lost
  • It is lightweight and made from 100% cowhide, making it portable and durable
  • Its blocking system makes sure thieves don’t get your money
  • It has a long battery life, upto 1month on a single charge

Where Can I Purchase The Louis Blanc Smart Wallet?

The Louis Blanc Smart Wallet is available on their official website and recommends to get the smart wallet from here.

They provide free delivery anywhere in the world with an incredible discount offer.

I have got 1 free smart wallet on 2 wallet purchases.

Get the smart wallet right now and stay secured.

Final Thought

The Louis Blanc Smart Wallet protects my bank cards, account info and cash with its high-end security.

In this Louis Blanc Smart Wallet review, I share all my experience with the smart wallet.

It can take pictures, track location using the GPS and provide durable performance.

Its cowhide leather build quality provides waterproof protection.

Nobody can take things from the wallet without authorization.

So, get the smart wallet and keep bank details secured.