MemorySafeX: Never Lose Your Photos & Videos Again with This Game-Changer!

MemorySafeX: An Overview

Most of us have lost all our stored and saved videos and photos at some point or the other in our lives.

It is tragic to lose everything because these are precious memories. Imagine losing family photographs of your children’s birthdays, anniversaries, graduation pictures and others.

It would be so good if you had something where you could save everything and be sure that they would not be lost.

Something that did not require any technical skills and work well not just on a desktop but also with your phone!

Do such gadgets really exist?

A one-click backup solution that is perfect for keeping all those valuable images and files safe where the cloud has failed to offer a bulletproof solution.

Every family has experienced that dreaded moment when they have been locked out of emails or their phone has been lost or stolen.

Finally, the MemorySafeX has arrived to save valuable files.

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These problems can be avoided with MemorySafeX.

It answers all security issues and since no one wants to spend ages uploading their images into a storage device, sorting them into the right order.

As phones get older, their files become more valuable and plentiful, this can be a concern, especially when it reaches full capacity.

When an upgrade is due, the fear of losing files can increase this is when MemorySafeX is a viable solution.

It will save from the headache of storing images at a snail’s pace.

Incredibly fast, it saves memories and time.

Normal USB drives require a lot of time sending images to a laptop via Bluetooth or email first.

Instead, there is the opportunity to benefit from the latest technology and use MemorySafeX.

The device makes it simple, just plug it directly into a phone to save any image or video in an instant.

What is MemorySafeX?

MemorySafeX is the name for a USB flash drive that was developed for the external storage of data.

According to the manufacturer, the product serves as a backup for photos, videos and many other data, which should remain freely accessible in the event of a computer or mobile phone defect.

The handy device has a USB as well as a USB Type C port, which allows you to connect the Flash Drive to a variety of devices.

The use with Android and iOS operating systems should not cause any problems according to the manufacturer.

The stick is recognized automatically by Plug and Play and is ready for use after a few moments.

The memory capacity is 64 GB and is suitable for thousands of small and large files.

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MemorySafeX Key Points

  • Save media from Android or iOS devices
  • Incredible storage space for over 60,000 images
  • Store movies externally, and watch them on a phone instantly

Why do I need MemorySafeX?

The USB Flash Drive, compatible with Android and iOS devices, is a simple way to quickly and easily store data outside of the computer or mobile phone.

An advantage of this stick is that only one-time costs arise from the purchase.

Clouds and other digital memories often require a monthly or annual fee, which you have to pay in order to store your data there.

If you are a passionate photographer or create a lot of videos, the storage and therefore the costs continue to grow.

The advantage of external storage media is the direct access.

If, for example, your mobile phone, tablet or computer is completely destroyed after a fall, the hard drive can also be affected and data recovery has little chance of success.

With MemorySafeX you simply transfer the data to your new device.

All data stored on the stick is still available and usable as usual.

How Does MemorySafeX Work?

MemorySafeX looks like any other USB drive.

However, there is a difference – the chief one being that it can connect to both your computer and your phone.

It has 2 separate ports – the first for your phone or tablet and the second for the computer.

It is not very complicated to use and you just need to know how to click a button to be able to use it.

You don’t have to be tech savvy to know how to operate this device.

Given below are the steps to setup your MemorySafeX and to start using it: –

1. The first step to setup your MemorySafeX is to ensure that your mobile phone, tablet or computer is switched on.

2. Now plug in your USB drive. (This drive has two ports – one port will connect to the computer and the second port will connect it to the tablet on the phone.)

3. Connect the drive to the device from where you are backing up the photos. This device works well with both windows and back and is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems.

4. Install the app, click go and you are finished with the set up.

If you have more than one device with photos then it is quite possible that another USB drive may mix up the images.

For example, you may have photos of your road trip on your phone and a birthday parties pictures on your computer.

A regular USB drive will mix up the files or not be able to back it up.

MemorySafe X organises the photographs for each device according to the name that you gave it when you setup the computer.

MemorySafeX Features (Benefits)

Given below are the features of MemorySafeX: –

MemorySafeX Is Incredibly Easy To Use

Whereas time-consuming USB sticks often means clicking and dragging for ages, using MemorySafeX is simple.

Just plug it into the device then download and install the app and start saving the memories.

For iPhone and iPad, this smart device prompts the phone to install the app so it really can be used by anyone, even those who aren’t tech-savvy.

For Android, it can be used to store files externally and create files and folders.

It can also be used on a computer and within a second it scans every photo and video file and within one click it saves everything onto MemorySafeX.

It recognizes where there are duplicates and only saves one version, saving storage space and keeping the device clean.

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MemorySafeX Has Massive Storage Space

In this day and age, an external hard drive that is going to be able to cope with the demands of the modern smartphone is a must.

Most people store thousands of images, and MemorySafeX has ease and safety in mind.

With 64GB of space, it can save up to 60,000 images and videos which is more than most smartphones are capable of holding.

It can also be used on multiple devices and laptops, saving the whole family files.

For Convenient Printing, Use MemorySafeX

Most people have experienced the dreaded photo printing service, having to plug in a device then scroll through every image.

For 1000’s of images, this can take a long time.

With MemorySafeX it is easy to collate folders that are ready to be printed at the click of a button when arriving at the printers.

No need to download hardware or software, just click and go.

MemorySafeX Is Super Secure

When saving anything onto an external device, it provides 100% security.

There are too many ways for files to be lost and stolen when on a device and the risk can be devastating when losing thousands of images forever.

Most people think they are protected from hackers or online theft but there is also the added risk of the device itself being stolen.

Phones are a common target for thieves when the opportunity arises, whereas external devices like MemorySafeX are convenient to hide at home.

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Home Entertainment At The Click Of A Button

One of the most impressive elements of MemorySafeX is it can store large files, meaning it can be used to watch movies from a phone when offline.

Because a film can take up multiple GB’s of memory, MemorySafeX is a valuable tool that can save so much space.

Pretty much every file type is accounted for, especially the most common including MP4, AVI, MOV, M4V, MKV, MPG, and more.

MemorySafeX Saves Photos As They Are Taken

After taking a photo, they save directly onto MemorySafeX when it is plugged into the device.

This means it saves time on finding files, saving then deleting files from a phone.

The automatic saving onto the external drive is an added convenience that common USB sticks don’t have.

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MemorySafeX Is Lightning Fast

When saving large files on regular external drives, the wait can take minutes, sometimes hours as large files transfer.

MemorySafeX takes this pain away, saving HD movies in a matter of seconds saving time on having to keep checking on its progress.

The transfer speed for a single file is 30MB/s making quick work of groups of photos.

The connector is longer than the most meaning there is no need to remove the phone or tablet cover.

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MemorySafeX Has Multiple Uses

Regular external drives are pretty one dimensional, saving files without offering any other uses.

MemorySafeX not only backs up files from a phone or tablet, but also works as a regular USB stick.

Once the files are saved they can be transferred onto a laptop to keep them even more secure.

For the safest and most reliable phone storage, MemorySafeX is a favorite for many people.

MemorySafeX Technical Specifications

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  • USB and USB Type-C connector
  • 64 GB disk space
  • Plug and play
  • Direct start of data transmission
  • Manufacturer App with automatic detection of duplicates

Where can I order MemorySafeX?

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Currently, the manufacturer’s website is the best way to purchase the original MemorySafeX Flash Drive for Android and iOS.

There are currently five different offers and sets available for you to choose from.

This starts with a single stick and includes sets with up to four Flash Drives.

The sets are very handy for assigning each of your computers, tablets and mobile phones its own storage medium.

If you decide to buy directly from the manufacturer, you also have the opportunity to use the discount promotions.

Currently there is a discount of 50 % offered for the order.

In addition, there are no shipping costs, which also saves a few euros when ordering abroad.

Payment options include charging American Express, Visa and Mastercard credit cards as well as payment via PayPal.

Payment on account is currently not offered.

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