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EcoHeat S Reviews 2024 : Is EcoHeat a Scam or Legit?

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EcoHeat S Review

Winter is here! Its cold outside.

So, you don’t go out, stay in your home and turn on the heater to feel the cozy warmth.

And yet you’re shivering in the cold.

Why not find a better alternative to those typical heating systems?

The EcoHeat S heater will offer you just that.

The problem with the regular heating system you’ve got in your home is that they try to cover a large area.

That’s why there are always areas where you feel like freezing out in the cold.

Not to forget, they leave a huge bill afterward each month, which isn’t a sight most of us want to see.

But there wasn’t any other option than using the thermostat we’ve got. Until now!

EcoHeat S is changing that scenario with its portable room heater to provide you the warmth where you need it.

We will break down more about the device in the coming sections so you can keep an eye on it to know more about it in detail.

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What is EcoHeat S?

What is EcoHeat S
EcoHeat S Heater

EcoHeat is a small and compact heater.

Remember those MacPro cylinders? It has a similar design to that.

However, instead of a concrete structure surrounding the cylinder, there is a mesh net around it.

And inside that mesh cage, there are ceramic elements that produce the heat.

Plus, it got a fan there.

This is what pushes out the heat towards your direction to keep you warm.

Its a simple device. Nothing fancy.

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How Does EcoHeat S Work?

EcoHeat S working

You want to know how a small device like the EcoHeat S creates the heat to keep you warm in the winter.

Now, to generate the heat, there is a simple method the EcoHeat uses.

What it does is it takes in the air from the room and gives you back after heating it up inside it.

It does so using the heat radiators that are in the device.

The air consumed by it gets passed through it.

What it spits out is the hot cozy air that makes you feel warm.

To use the heater, all you need is to plug it into a port.

Unlike traditional heating systems used in home or offices, it doesn’t consume a lot of power.

That’s because it uses a USB to run the device.

The consumption of energy is very little.

Still, the ceramic heaters inside those metal coils allow it to generate the heat good heat.

It got made possible with the use of ceramic plates.

The plates absorb the heat. Then it releases it. It does this in a short time.

The distribution of heat works with a simple fan.

EchoHeat S allows you to use a 70 or 35 angle to direct the fan to transfer the heat produced inside the heater.

You can pass the air in a specific position or cover the entirety of the room.

Besides that, you got a control panel on top of the device.

Like the thermostats you got at home, you can control the EcoHeat the same way to get the right setting to enjoy.

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Why Eco Heat S is The Heater You Deserve?

EcoHeat S Heater

Compared to the regular heaters, EcoHeat S is a much more practical option.

While the traditional heating system might do the job just fine, you cant ignore the fact it costs you a fortune.

It takes a lot of space and time to set it up.

On top of that, the monthly bill you’ve to pay for it is too much.

And most of the time, you’re heating places in the home that you never use.

It isn’t ideal when you think it that way.

On the other hand, the simple EcoHeat greenhouse heater only provides you heating where you require it.

The portable device is ready for use anywhere, anytime.

Just plug it into the outlet and let it create the heat, and fan it towards you.

But it is a much more sophisticated device than it looks to be.

There is a lot of things you can do here.

You can set the temperature you want, adjust the fans speed, and even set the timer for how long you want it to work.

It will keep you from freezing out for the time being you want without even making a dent in your pocket.

The best part is that it doesn’t require any installation like those typical heating systems.

You just plug it to use.

When done, unplug it and take it with you wherever you want.

The freedom of taking your heating system with you is something unthinkable with conventional heaters.

But more importantly, you can use the fan in the summer days to escape the heat.

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What Features Make EcoHeat S So Great?

EcoHeat S Features

The device offers you heating at an economical rate.

That’s great. But what other features are there that makes it the best space heater for apartment?

If you look for similar products like the EcoHeat S, the types of heating system fail to generate the heat fast.

And most of the time, they are shorthand on power.

But even worse, they fail to provide safety measures to keep your home and you safe.

They can heat too much and cause accidental fires that can burn down your house.

The EcoHeat S heater reviews show that it solves all these issues with features that meet the most demanding users needs.

Lets check them out one by one then.

  • Convenient:

Even if you consider portable heaters like EcoHeat S, those are quite heavy.

They are hard to move around from one place to another.

Also, those devices footprint is too big; they take a lot of space in the room.

EcoHeat S is different because it isn’t big like those.

It has a compact size that fits right on top of your desk.

Takes a little bit more space than the water bottle.

It gives you a clear idea about the compactness of it.

Plus, to make it portable, it got a handle on the back.

You can pick it up and take it along with you.

  • Quick heat up:

With most portable heaters, getting the air heated takes quite a fair bit of time.

The elements take time to produce the heat.

During that time, a lot of energy gets wasted.

And it is about 2-3 minutes after all that it starts to flow the hot air into the room.

That’s not ideal when you come from the freezing cold outdoors.

You want the warm cave right away.

EcoHeat S gives you just that.

You don’t have to wait for it to heat up.

When you plug it up and turn it on, it takes 2-3 seconds to start heating the room.

The fast heating is the result of the advanced ceramic plates that get used inside the device.

It turns the energy to heat real fast and releases it even quicker for making the room warm for you to feel comfortable.

The PTC ceramic plate gets hot quick.

The aluminum radiator helps to scatter the heat produced using the turbine to every corner.

There is no spot where the heat doesn’t reach.

  • Controlled temperature:

There are many portable heaters like the EcoHeat S out there.

But most of them are no good when it comes to heating the room.

They lack the essential features that you want from a heating system.

With them, you cant even customize the heat.

That makes them quite useless.

EcoHeat S isn’t like the others.

It caters to the users needs.

So, you can control the heating with it.

Similar to the home thermostat, you can adjust the heat to get a relaxed state with it.

It got a nice LED display on the top that provides the temperature reading.

And using the plus and minus buttons below the display, you can get a setting between 16c to 37c, which is quite impressive from such a small construction heating system.

When you choose a setting, the heater will start to heat up and reach the desired temperature you wanted.

Then it starts blowing the wind.

If ever the temperatures drop, it will quickly begin to heat up again.

So, it always maintains the heat so that you wont get cold.

  • Wide coverage:

Which space heater is best to cover a wide area of the room?

EcoHeat S, hands down!

The thing that makes it stand out from the rest of the portable heaters is the oscillation feature it got.

Where most space heaters can provide heating to certain areas.

This one can cover from one end to the other of the room with its wide 70 angle.

All you need is to press the rotary knob, and it blows the hot air from one corner to the other of the room.

It can cover a large area, which makes it the best space heater for the apartment.

  • Modes:

With cheap portable heaters, there isn’t much feature to get.

In some cases, there aren’t any features at all.

Just a device that heats up and emits hot air in the room.

EceHeat S isn’t like those.

This advanced heater offers a variety of modes to make it easy to operate.

With the low and high heat setting, you can change between the heat range fast.

But it is the fan only mode that is a real game changer in terms of how you use it.

You can use it to just blow natural air to increase the rooms air circulation heating.

This way, you can control the temperature without even using too much electricity.

  • Safety features:

Using a heating system like this at home, you have to be extra careful.

EcoHeat S does that part for you with various safety features to make your life much easy.

Small heaters like this can often overheat.

It can catch fire and cause some serious trouble.

With the EcoHeat, there isn’t any risk of that.

It gets made using ETL certified materials that dont catch fire.

They are perfect to use at home.

Thats not it!

An auto shutdown feature makes the heater stop working when it overheats.

Even if there is a surge of voltage, it stops.

So, it even works to keep itself from getting damaged from such issues.

But the real problem is that a device this small can tip over and fall to the ground causing it to break.

That’s not an issue anymore the EcoHeat S offers tip-over protection. No more falls.

  • Design:

When you’re putting something in the middle of the room, it needs to go with the places décor.

With EcoHeat, there isn’t going to be any such problem.

The beautiful and small design cylinder heater goes with any décor.

There is no space where it doesn’t fit, making it the perfect equipment to have.

  • Energy saving:

The traditional heating system isn’t great for your wallet.

Even the small portable heaters dont solve the issue.

But the EcoHeat S is different from the rest.

The power consumption by it is so low that there isn’t much increase in the bill.

That made it possible due to its use of the ceramic plate.

It heats up fast. Unlike others, it doesn’t require a lot of time to produce the heat.

So, it consumes less energy.

  • Silent operation:

You want a warm room, not a noisy one.

But the types of heaters used in plastic industry to make the portable ones can be too noisy at times.

Instead of making you feel comfortable, they make you feel annoyed.

EcoHeat S reviews show there isn’t any such issue with it.

From the testing, it shows that the EcoHeat makes a minimal sound.

It is way below 50db, which is great.

The silent operation of it makes it perfect to use at your home or office, as it wont bother you at all.

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Why Use The EcoHeat S?

EcoHeat S Manual

Though it got some great features, its small demeanor still makes people doubt its performance.

If you’re not sure what you expect to get from using it, then you should give a quick peek below:

  • Comfort is the first thing that you will get using it. It is a small device, but it can generate a wide variety of heating to give you the perfect room temperature. On those cold days, it can keep you warm.
  • If you’re someone who travels a lot, this is a great tool to have with you. For instance, if you move from a hot place to a cold one and there isn’t any proper heating system, this will create the environment you need.
  • Using the EcoHeat S is better than other such devices for health reasons too. While many others consume oxygen, it doesn’t do so. Plus, it doesn’t use any system that can catch flame, making it a safe unit to use for your home.
  • The control you get over the unit is quite on par with the most expensive thermostat systems out there. You can not only choose the temperature settings, but you can also even direct the airflow with it. So, you can heat a room just the way you want.
  • Besides keeping you hot on the cold days, you can use the systems turbine fan to circulate air on the hot days to make the room cool. Its something that you can use all seasons.
  • It is an energy-efficient heating system. The home heater you use isn’t one as most of the time, you use the heating system for the entire home. There are places you don’t need it.
  • You’re just wasting energy. Not to forget, it costs you a fortune. With EcoHeat S, you get the heating to the area where you need it. That’s a more practical for saving energy and your money.

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What Customers Have To Say About EcoHeat S?

From the EcoHeat S reviews, it is clear that people who used the heater have enjoyed it.

They are quite satisfied with its performance, and they prefer to use it over their traditional heating systems.

From most of the reviews, people find it most useful to heat a room.

It covers all the spaces quite quickly, and the temperature is stable.

It doesn’t vary at all.

You get a similar warm condition throughout its use.

Many were surprised to see how quick it works.

For them, it is the fastest working heater as it starts heating the room from the moment you plug it to use.

A big fan of the unit is the university students.

To keep themselves warm in those cold winters, they found a great option for such a great price.

The portability also made a big fan out of them as they can carry it around with them to places without any problem.

Besides, many were happy to see how easy it is to use.

They found it quite intuitive as there isn’t any need to follow any manual to use it.

Its quite straightforward.

And people with small kids and pets were also big fans of it as the unit is safe to use around them.

It doesn’t tip over like some of the similar products out there.

All in all, it got some great positive feedback from the people.

But there are a couple of feedbacks that also show the room for improvement in the EcoHeat S heater.

A simple thing like showing temperature in Fahrenheit would have made it easier for many others to use.

Another issue people faced with the unit is that it cant cover big living rooms that well.

Its great to use in bedrooms and other places, but it fails to do the same while heating a large wide area.

However, using two units instead of one from two sides of the room seems to solve it.

However, one thing that everyone agreed on is the size of the unit.

Everyone appreciates the small size of the heater.

Overall, most people loved it and recommended it.

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EcoHeat S Available All Over The World

One great thing about the EcoHeat S heater is that it is available all over the world.

No matter where you live, you can get your hands on it.

However, the issue remains here is with the fake ones.

There are a lot of copy’s out there trying to market the product as the original one.

They try to replicate the same design, and they do resemble a lot.

Those alternatives don’t work the same way.

EcoHeat works fast and is more reliable.

Where most of the others have issues like overheating and much more.

Plus, they do lack the build-quality as well as the features.

To avoid those and get the best portable heater, you can visit the official site and purchase the product from there.

You get the best deals from the official website, which gives you a good reason to get it from there.

Buying from their website, you might save some bucks on the heater and get free shipping.

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From all the EcoHeat S reviews by users and experts, it is safe to say that it is the most unique portable heater.

The quality of features and performance it brings is unmatched.

People used it cant get enough of it. They praise it quite highly.

It delivers exactly what it claims to which not many can do.

And for the price it comes in and the amount of money it saves you on those electricity bills, it is, without a shade of doubt, the ultimate budget king in the home heater department.

You can visit their website and find out more about it there.


  • How does EcoHeat S work?

It uses ceramic plates to generate the heat and then uses a fan to blow out that heat into the room.

  • How to install it?

There isn’t any installation work required to use it.

All you need is to get it out of the box and plug it into the socket to use it.

  • Where to buy the EchoHeat S?

To buy the EcoHeat S, you can go to their official website and purchase it from there.

That’s the best option as you will get free shipping and some great deals like 1 free on buying 2 or much more.

Go there and find out what deals they are currently offering.

  • Can I buy EcoHeat S from Africa?

Yes, EchoHeat is available all over the world. You can buy it from anywhere.