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LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review – Is it Legit or Scam? 2023

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LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: The easiest way to keep monitoring your home when you’re not around or when you want to know exactly what is going on there is to have a good security camera that can observe and give you live streaming of what is happening there.

Currently, many outdoor and indoor security cameras are doing this.

However, there is one that is currently causing a buzz over the online home security camera market and we’ve taken our time to read many LiveGuard360 security bulb reviews to be able to know exactly why it is making the wave and if it is really worth a buy.

As you are reading this post, chances are that you want to know more about it so that you know if it is something you can buy or what you cannot buy.

We have all the information you need to know about this device and we’ve put them out in a simple way so you can understand them.

We have read what many people have said and also gone through the official website of the producer, and we have asked a lot of questions concerning this product.

From the information we have gathered from our survey, we will tell you through this post, how you can maximize LiveGuard360 wireless security camera in your home or office to optimize your security.

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: What it is?


LiveGuard360 security bulb is an innovative security camera that works as an indoor and outdoor home security camera that you can mount in any part of your home, warehouse, business center, or in your office to help you track whatever that is going on there.

It comes with a LiveGuard360 app that helps you to have live streaming of whatever is going on in real-time.

With the help of this device, you can keep a constant eye on your home and know exactly what is happening there every moment.

It works through the help of constant Wi-Fi that is stable with high speed in order to give you a full view of every event taking place.

LiveGuard360 security bulb works both at the night and during the day to give you the coverage of every motion made around your home or where it is mounted.

It comes like a normal bulb containing a camera within it.

It can be screwed into any screw lamp holder or socket.

This helps it to work as a camouflage so that any invader or intruder will not know what is happening within a glance.

This helps it to monitor and trace every movement and activity that occur around it.

When you are on live streaming with the app on your phone, if you’re not having the full coverage of what is happening, you can use the remote control to move in a panoramic way to get the full view of what is happening.

You can also check it in an angle 90° direction to give you a view of both the width and length of what is happening in the environment where it is mounted.

It is cost-effective, affordable, and highly designed to be ergonomic.

Suitable for all kinds of environments including your home, offices, business centers, and any other place where you would want to monitor.

This device is reliable enough for you to use as a spy to monitor what your workers or what your children are passing through when you are not around.

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: How Does it Work?

Basically, LiveGuard360 security bulb works by giving you video or HD picture coverage of what is happening where it is mounted.

It allows you to also stream live events there so that you can take action at the appropriate time using video evidence.

When people come to notice that they’re being captured in an environment, they also get scared and deterred from performing any criminal activities around there.

Therefore, this device indirectly puts fear into criminals and makes them avoid whatever crime they want to commit around it.

It works both during the day and at the night to give you coverage of what is happening.

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: App

LiveGuard360 app is the mainstay of this device.

With the help of this app, you’ll get it installed on your phone and get to monitor whatever that is happening in your home.

LiveGuard360 app is compatible with different kinds of computers, and phones including your Android and iPhones.

You can download the app through your Google store or through your Apple store depending on the brand of phone you use.

After installing the app on your smartphone, you can then follow a user’s instructions from the manual to complete the next steps that will help you to connect it with the bulb and continue to stream life what is happening.

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: Features

  • Tigh compatibility
  • Two-way audio system
  • wireless camera with WIFI
  • Camera angle controllable via app
  • Equipped with a human movement sensor
  • Easily monitor any environment that matters
  • Works automatically Ina panoramic Rotation
  • Night vision enabled with Infra-red technology
  • Full HD recording and WiFi live streaming app
  • Normal Bulb Socket E27 Standard, Universal Fit
  • Color night vision through infrared technology and 1080P high definition resolution

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: Benefits

  • LiveGuard360 helps in Crime management

LiveGuard360 security bulb is one of the best security cameras that can work as closed-circuit television when you are around and also when you are not around as it gives you real-time information through its app.

It works in such a way both to deter and monitor crime in every area where it is mounted.

This is because immediately after a criminal or invader noticed that his or her movement is being captured through a closed circuit television, the person will leave the place and will not commit the crime.

Also in a case where a crime is already committed, this LiveGuard360 best outdoor security camera can give you the evidence you can present in any court of competent jurisdiction.

  • Disaster management

In a case where there is a disaster, it can help you to identify the number of casualties in such a place.

It can also give you a piece of video evidence or video recording you can send to a disaster management agency for them to immediately kick off action to rescue those who were affected.

  • Medical management

Lifeguards 360 is very important in security and also in medical management as it can give you real-time information about what is happening to your patients.

Patients, especially those who are having psychological symptoms or those who are mad can be kept under the surveillance of LiveGuard360 security bulb so that regular monitoring can be obtained through this camera, and whatever they are about to do can also be seen in real-time through the help of this indoor security camera.

  • Real-time results

One of the greatest benefits this device has to offer is that it gives you a 1080p quality image or video of events at exactly the moment it is taking place.

Therefore you can easily take action to stop such events from continuing or you can also make some observation that is very important in any place you would want to make reference to it.

  • Works wirelessly

There is no wire that is obvious or conspicuous for people to easily know that they are being monitored.

However, it works through the app which is installed on your smartphone.

And also through the stable wi-fi connection, you can maintain its function at all times to give you real-time information through the app of what is happening.

  • Livestreaming

With a good wi-fi connection, it can give you real-time streaming or whatever is taking place where you mount it.

This is the reason why this device is very good for crime management, medical management, and disaster management to ensure absolute security in any environment.

With the help of this LiveGuard360 security bulb, you can be on guard 24 hours in 7 days without any problem.

The only challenge is that it will need a constant and stable wi-fi connection to continue to give you live streaming that is of high definition quality.

  • Night and day modes

Through the help of the infrared technology that it comes with, it can give you clear video recording both during the day and at night.

It also has both day and night modes which you can decide to change through the app you installed on your phone.

  • Sensors for all motions

If you’re scared about how to monitor every movement or if anyone sneaks into your compound, be rest assured that you’ve got the best security camera to do that for you.

This is because LiveGuard360 security bulb comes with a special sensor that can detect every movement around your home and get it captured and also sent to you through the live streaming you may wish to see.

This device does it both during the day and at the night to give you a clear hd video of what is happening.

  • Minimal power consumption

It works under an electric current of between 120v and 240v.

With this, there will be no increase in your monthly bills.

  • Comes with SD cards for storage

This helps you to take full coverage of what is happening around your home within 24 hours or more.

  • Uses standard bulbs

It works like a camouflage as it is able to use normal standard bulbs for it to work.

So it is easy for someone to take it for a normal bulb not knowing that it is a security camera that is constantly being used for absolute surveillance.

By using a normal standard bulb and lamb socket, it is also easy for you to use it and to also replace it anytime it is damaged.

The bulb is also made in a special way as it is resistant to rain and dust and does not get damaged so easily.

  • Indoor and outdoor best home security camera

It works both indoors and outdoors to give you full coverage of what is happening whichever place you may mount it.

This is why you can decide to use it indoors to monitor your children or for medical uses to monitor your patients, or alternatively use it outdoors to monitor some of your businesses and know when there is intrusion by an invader.

  • Very Cost-effective

It is very affordable as there’s already a 50% discount applied on its price on the LiveGuard360 security bulb official website.

Not just only that, when you purchase this device you are covered by a return and exchange policy which allows you to make your complaint within the first 30 days of the delivery of LiveGuard360 security bulb.

  • Easy to install and user-friendly

This security camera is user-friendly and you do not need any technical know-how to install it as it does not need your high technical knowledge for you to put on the bulb.

Both installation and maintenance are things you can easily do with the help of the things you already know about a normal bulb.

  • Ergonomic and durable

This bulb is very beautiful when placed in an office or when placed in a warehouse where people may notice it.

It is also long-lasting as it is designed to be tactical and to withstand any conditions.

Live Guard 360 Security Bulb Reviews: How to use

Simply follow these steps to use LiveGuard360 security bulb camera:

  • All you need to do is to, first of all, get your products delivered to you.
  • When it is delivered to you, the next thing to do is to screw it up on one of your lamp holders/ sockets in the place you want it to be mounted.
  • After mounting the bulb, you can now complete the steps of installation using the user manual booklet that is within the delivery package.

Why Live Guard 360 Security Bulb Camera is The Best Option?

Currently, there are many security cameras out there that people can buy if they want to ensure that the security of their homes is intact but sometimes, it is either complicated or costly to buy.

LiveGuard360 security bulb camera is working as a wireless security camera.

This makes it an ideal security camera because it is capable of capturing what is happening within your home or office without the intruder knowing that he or she is under high-powered surveillance.

LiveGuard360 security bulb has sensors that are able to capture every movement made around it.

It is able to capture every motion that is made around it as soon as it notices.

This makes it possible for any invader to have a hiding place either at night or day.

It also comes with a micro SD card to store all the videos and pictures it captured in high definition quality.

This LiveGuard360 security bulb best home security camera also has the ability to turn around 360 degrees to capture what is happening.

It can also turn and go 90° to cover both front and back and give a full view of what happened around your home.

Irrespective of how far you are it is also capable of giving you live streaming of what is really happening and through the help of this, you can monitor your home, businesses, office, and warehouse to know exactly the security situation there.

If you leave your children and your home to go to work, you can also keep an eye on them using this smart security camera known as LiveGuard360 security bulb as it allows for two-way audio-visual conversation.

LiveGuard360 best home security camera is capable of giving you real-time streaming of all the events happening within your home.

This makes it ideal for taking care of your small children or the elderly ones within your home and also taking care of your business to monitor what is happening to avoid some manipulation taking place in your absence.

Above all, LiveGuard360 security bulb is affordable, cost-effective, and reliable.

It is one of the best outdoor and indoor security cameras you can Mount to take full charge of your home in your absence.

Live Guard 360 Security Bulb Customer Reviews

Below are LiveGuard360 security bulb reviews from different users:

Incredible security bulb! This device is really worth it. I’ve been using it for about three months and it gives me everything happening in my home. It is really very wonderful to use and easy to install. Dickson Jazim From United Kingdom

Very amazing! This is a very smart wireless security camera that has been helping me take care of my home for long. What I like most is the motion sensor that helps to know when people are coming in and to also notify me by sending me a picture. It’s truly worth it and am glad I got mine. Manold J. from Israel

Glad I got mine! LiveGuard360 security bulb is the best security camera that I’ve used for my office since I became the chairman for the past 29 weeks. It iss reliable and the fact that I can stream live real-time what is happening makes me happy each time because I can no longer struggle to know what is happening in my office when I’m not around. Dewan W. from France

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: Pricing

LiveGuard360 security bulb price is highly affordable as it is currently under a discount of 50%.

This means that you save 50% of the original cost into your pocket each time you purchase LiveGuard360 security bulb as listed below:

  • 1 LiveGuard360 for $59.00 + Free Delivery
  • 2 LiveGuard360 for $45.00 each + Free Delivery
  • Buy 2 LiveGuard360, Get One Free $36.00 each + Free Delivery
  • Buy 3 LiveGuard360 + Get Two Free for $30 each + Free Delivery
  • 4 LiveGuard360 for $32.00 each + Free Delivery

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: Where To Buy?

The best place to buy LiveGuard360 security bulb is at the official website of the producer where you will get at least a 50% discount on each unit you purchase.

You will also have an express policy covering you that allows you to make complaints in case the product is faulty on arrival if you purchase from the official website.

About the producer

In case you have any complaints. You can channel it to the LiveGuard360 security bulb producers through the details below:

Hyper Sls Ltd
1506 Loon Kee Bldg No. 267-275 Des Voeux Road, Central, Hong Kong

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: Conclusion

If you’re from Israel, the United Kingdom, the United States, France, or any other part of the world and you’re looking for the best indoor or outdoor wireless security camera that can give you the best coverage of your home or office here is the best LiveGuard360 security bulb reviews which have given you all the information you need maximize your security.

LiveGuard360 security bulb is reliable, affordable, durable, user-friendly with easy installation, and comes in both day and night sensor modes.

It offers live-streaming and real-time coverage to help you place absolute surveillance.

It is currently affordable on the producer’s website.

LiveGuard360 Security Bulb Review: FAQs

Q: Does LiveGuard360 security bulb worth it?

A: LiveGuard360 security bulb is really the best indoor and outdoor security camera you can use to protect and monitor what is going on around your home as it gives you 24-hour complete streaming of what is happening at the exact time.

It also has a way of scaring away and deterring criminals from invading your compound.

And at night, it has motion sensors that can notice when someone is coming either in slow motion or fast motion and can also beep to send an alarm to you.

Q: Is LiveGuard360 security bulb any good?

A: LiveGuard360 security bulb is very good if you need a security camera that can be very affordable and easy to maintain without needing expert skills.

Q: Who is LiveGuard360 security bulb made for?

A: LiveGuard360 security bulb is made for every homeowner who wants to ensure the complete security of his apartment.

A businessman who wants to constantly know what is happening within the warehouse or office can also decide to Mount this best security camera to help give a real-time overview of what is happening.

Q: How much is LiveGuard360 security bulb?

A: The price of LiveGuard360 is very affordable and you can purchase it as low as $59 per unit.

Q: Does LiveGuard360 security bulb work at night?

A: LiveGuard360 security bulb has two different modes.

Both modes are either for the day or night and they allow it to work effectively at the night just like in the day to give you a full high-definition picture or video coverage of what is happening.

It is also able to give you an audio cover in real-time of what is happening thereby allowing a two-way conversation.