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Drone 720x Review – Best Portable Selfie Drone in 2022

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Drone 720X Review: Are you looking for a cool and lightweight drone with good features that is also affordable?

If that’s the case, the Drone 720X may be a smart option.

Even, if you’re not sure if this style is perfect for you.

It is recommended that you read our detailed and unbiased Drone720X Review.

We’ll teach you what you need to know about this drone in today’s update.

So, without further ado, let’s get my Drone720X Review underway.

Drone 720X Review: What is Drone720X?

Drone 720x review


Drone technology combined with camera technology has changed the feel and appearance of above-ground photography.

Maybe the main explanation is that by using this new camera technology for a shot, the perfect Bird’s eyesight perspective for a video or photograph will be much safer.

Furthermore, using this would never put any photographer’s life in danger by dangling from a cliff or a helicopter, which is one of the most difficult things to do with camera equipment in the past.

Drone innovation enhancements, on the other hand, have made it easy for drones to catch breathtaking views that would be impossible to capture with traditional camera setups.

In reality, these miniature flying machines can easily tilt and whirl in a 360-degree motion.

The fact that quadcopters like Drone 720X have made aerial videography and aerial photography accessible to all is perhaps the most significant improvement to the system.

The Drone 720X is a newly designed, pocket-sized drone with a High definition and 720p resolution camera.

The drone’s camera will film at up to 30 frames per second.

This will allow you to take amazing photos from various aerial perspectives.

Another advantage of the Drone 720X is that it can be operated remotely.

You’ll be able to easily take pictures from a difficult-to-reach spot with this.

This quadcopter, on the other hand, has a control radius of 70 meters.

Furthermore, it is capable of reaching a top speed of 49 mph.

Drones are becoming increasingly common these days.

It’s no wonder, though, that they’re getting more expensive over time.

Fortunately, the Drone 720X was made.

This drone was created with the aim of being accessible to the everyday consumer while retaining high efficiency.

See our Drone 720X Review for more details.

Drone 720X Review: How Does It Work?

To be honest, you don’t need to be a pro drone pilot to figure out how this one works.

And if this is your first time flying a drone, the basic nature would make it very easy to learn.

Kids, first-time pilots, and even fans can appreciate how it works and how simple its features are.

You will also have a lot of fun with this gadget because it comes with a variety of games that you can learn while traveling.

Drone 720X, on the other hand, is not only ideal for children, but also for more skilled drone pilots.

Drone 720X Review: Top Features of Drone720X

  • Battery Life

The drone is powered by a 22-gram 3.7-volt 500-mAH lithium-ion battery.

A Drone 720X battery, on the other hand, will provide you with an 8-minute flying and recording time.

In comparison to its low price, it lasts a long time.

You would only need to charge it for around an hour when it comes to charging time.

  • Camera

The high-quality camera on the drone is designed to provide stable video output.

Furthermore, the 0.3-megapixel sensor has a movable angle that allows access to power and FPV.

You can now catch and film all of your amazing aerial experiences in crisp and direct 720p resolution with this drone.

Apart from providing you with high-quality photographs and videos, this inexpensive drone with a camera has another cool feature that you’ll love.

It also has the ability to watch live footage.

Having said that, you would be able to stream videos directly to your tablet or smartphone using this system.

The greatest part is that you will see the results right now.

Having said that, you would be able to stream videos directly to your tablet or smartphone using this system.

The best part is that you will watch them in real-time.

On the other hand, you can easily capture fast-moving targets with this cool feature.

Because of the drone’s built-in collision-avoidance software.

Really, with the aid of this app, you won’t have to be concerned about bumping into things along the way.

  • Connectivity, Range, and Cost

As we previously said, this fast drone flies at a top speed of 49 mph or 22 meters per second.

The remote controller has a range of approximately 70 meters.

It also comes with a 2.4 GHz wireless remote control with a 50-meter FPV range and an 80-meter control range.

  • Ease of Use

Many of the latest models on the market are difficult to navigate and operate.

The Drone 720X, thankfully, does not fall into this category.

As previously said, this device is very simple to use, and even first-time flyers can find it simple to use.

Furthermore, the various flight controls used in this drone are simple to understand.

  • Stability

This Drone720X review will not be completed without mentioning how stable it is.

Indeed, it can withstand strong air and wind with ease allowing you to take consistent video recordings and photoshoots.

  • Simple Design

This one of the most affordable drones sports a simple design making it ideal for people of all ages.

Its simple design makes it much easier to use compared to other models that fall in the same category.

  • Built-in Modes

This quad comes with various inbuilt modes which will improve your experience while taking amazing shots.

Some of the included features are circle flight, spiral flight, tap fly, and return to home.

With such modes, you will be able to capture good-looking aerial shots in no time.

  • Altitude Control

Another cool feature that every drone flyer will surely like is Drone720X’s altitude control.

This feature makes this device easy to modify to work along with the preset liking.

The device will fly in height without you being anxious about maneuvering it too much.

Further, you can control the drone without being a professional since it is made for those who haven’t flown drones before.

  • Lightweight

Weighing approximately 300 grams, there is no doubt that this device is extremely easy to carry.

On the other hand, it is also considered one of the lightest quadcopters on the market due to its ABS plastic construction.

DroneX Review: 10 Advantages of Drone720X

  • Resists severe weather conditions.
  • Remains steady and stable during flights.
  • It is very easy to fly and doesn’t require proper training.
  • It is capable of performing amazing stunts as well as flips.
  • Comes equipped with easy to learn built-in controls and modes.
  • It is a compact and durable device with a very reasonable price tag.
  • It is a fast drone that can accomplish a maximum speed of 49mph.
  • Since it is one of the easiest drones to fly, people of all ages can use the Drone 720X.
  • It comes with a high-quality camera that is capable of shooting breathtaking aerial videos as well as photographs.
  • This one of the most affordable drones is made using solid materials. What’s more, it has also a flexible structure.
  • With this device, you will be able to watch videos on your tablet or phone directly thanks to its live-streaming feature.

Drone 720X Review: 5 Tips When Flying Drone720X

Now that you already have an idea of what this drone has to offer. Then let’s take a look at the various tips when flying Drone 720X. You may find out some useful features that are very suitable for you.

  • When you are just starting, make sure to start slowly even though this drone is very easy to use. Take every skill one step at a time before moving to another one.
  • Fly in a big or open area to avoid damaging any stuff.
  • Keep an eye on the battery life. It is highly recommended that you land it before it runs out of power.
  • Don’t use this drone near animals or people so that when unexpected crashes happen you won’t hurt anyone.
  • Though Drone720X is made from high-quality and durable materials it is still important that you pay attention to the area or space you are landing on. After all, for sure you don’t want to damage it in the process.

Apart from the above-mentioned tips, you can also watch online tutorials to learn and understand how to fly this drone with a camera properly.

Drone 720X Reviews: What Customers Say About This Product?

Without a doubt, Drone720X is one of the many products that received lots of good customer feedback.

Good & acceptable battery life, affordable price, good design, nice quality, easy to use, value for the money, compact, and easy to carry – these are only a few of the many good feedbacks that this drone receives from its customers.

The majority of the customers highly recommend this device for those who are looking for an affordable drone with cool and functional features.

Drone 720X Review: Is It Worth Your Money?

It is no secret that drones are made especially for everyone.

After a couple of knocks, they still function very well.

The maker of this drone, on the other hand, ensures everybody does not worry about any crash since they proudly claim that Drone 720X is one of the durable drones recommended on the market.

Even so, if you are wondering if this device is worth investing in, I’ll say YES.

Why? One of the cool things about this product is that there are no serious skills needed to fly it.

All you have to do is simply follow a few and simple steps to configure it.

As we have said a while ago it is known to be one of the easiest drones to fly on the market these days.

Besides, it is also a good option for those who want to fly drones for fun but on a tight budget.

Another good reason why this drone is worth considering is that it is accessible at an affordable price.

What’s more?

It is loaded with impressive features as well as controls that are usually seen in costlier models.

For now, if you want to buy this drone. It’s currently on sale.

You’ll get a 50% OFF offer by clicking the button below.

Drone 720X Review: 720X Drone Price

Usually, this device is being sold at $270.

But at this moment, you can get this compact and cool drone for only $99.

On the other hand, some sellers also offer free delivery.

However, you have to act as fast as you can since they are only limited.

This quad is available in different colors: black and blue version and black and white color.

However, the second option is currently out of stock.

If you are planning to buy this affordable drone, I suggest you continue to find out more benefits of a device in this 720X Drone review till the end.

There are lots of cool options and offers to help you make a final decision.

Drone 720X Review: Summary

This is the end of my Drone 720X reviews.

For me, it’s an impressive and cool drone that comes with useful features.

Learning as well as understanding how to maneuver it is fairly easy.

You don’t have to undergo any training and it won’t take too long.

Meaning to say, you’ll soon be able to control it and perform several flips and stunts.

In addition to that, you will also capture panoramic views of your surroundings.

The software’s interface is specially designed for first-time drone flyers and it’s effortless to fly even for children.

When it comes to the camera’s quality, it’s actually more than enough to record aerial videos and capture breathtaking photographs.

With regards to the flight time and range, this device will not disappoint you considering its price.

Either way, if you’ve decided to have this drone, it is accessible at a whopping 50% discount.

Set all your gears and have fun!

Drone 720X Review: FAQ

  • Is it suitable for beginners?

This drone is very easy to use.

No need to be an expert who can fly it up into the sky.

Its operation will help you control it easily and have more fun while using it.

  • Is Drone 720 X a scam?

You may be confusing now.

Mixed opinions may cause you confusion, but in my experience with this device, I can tell it’s not a scam.

I really like the results, and yes, that’s why I wrote my Drone 720X review for everyone to share my experience and I hope it’ll help you to make a purchase.

  • What is required to fly a drone?

A: It uses just only your phone or tablet to control via an application that you can download for free.

Of course, you’d better read the user guideline first before making your move.