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ZoomShot Pro Reviews: Best Portable and Handy Zoom Monocular

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ZoomShot Pro is a monocular gadget that is best for collecting beautiful sceneries around mountains or any adorable place.

Anywhere we go, we have many places to capture on our mobile phones, so that the moment could become memorable and auspicious.

ZoomShot Pro is a telescope device that comes with a bunch of amazing features that will blow your mind.

Since telescopes have been used from the old times to view distant objects clearly, it does the same in this modern world with more advanced features.

While purchasing the product, one should have a look at the magnifying ability, comfort in handling, and some other features.

The big focus should be on the clarity feature, that the distant objects should look clear without losing the quality.

Now, let’s go through the ZoomShot Pro review of what this device is and what it does.

Product Name  ZoomShot pro
Category  Gadget
Main Benefits  A handy monocular lens kit that is affordable and efficient for   clicking high quality, zoomed pictures using a smartphone   camera.
Warranty  3 Year
Price  $67 
Official Website  Click Here

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What Is ZoomShot Pro?

What Is ZoomShot Pro

ZoomShot Pro is a telescope monocular device manufactured to enhance the quality of your photos and videos with your smartphone’s camera.

Isn’t it amazing how a simple phone camera could bring DSLR quality with this telescope device?

Smartphones are specifically not designed for professional photographs or videos and don’t fit with the user’s expectations.

But, the gadget is here to fulfill these expectations with a typical smartphone’s camera.

Furthermore, ZoomShot Pro has been collecting more positive reviews due to its high compatibility with smartphones and tablets.

The device can easily be mounted on the cameras of mobile phones.

Thus, the telescopic device is comfortable for the users to carry during adventurous trips, tracking, mountaineering, etc.

The most encouraging thing about this device is it is highly durable and can’t be damaged while carrying it to distant places.

The gadget comes with high-resolution power and helps in focusing distant objects during the night.

Even the experts admire this product more than the already existing products in the market.

ZoomShot Pro facilitates the user to take good quality pictures from a distance.

The device offers superior anti-shake technology and a tripod 3D gyroscope, that helps to magnify the focused view.

In addition, if there is some obstacle in the photo capturing, users can switch the autofocus, which will blur the background and allow the camera to focus only on the object that needs to be captured.

ZoomShot Pro covers a magnification diameter of 300 times.

How Does ZoomShot Monocular Work?

ZoomShot pro is a magnifying telescope device designed to capture quality photos and videos with the smartphone attached monocular camera lens.

The device allows a better, clear, and bright view of photos and videos.

Also, the advanced night vision technology makes this device most desirable.

It can be handled in hands or can be fitted to a tripod to keep it in one place.

Any mobile can be fitted to zoom shot pro and does not require any app to run it.

Its high compatibility with the device makes it easiest to capture, store, retrieve, and share images.

ZoomShot pro’s manufacturers claim that it does not get scratched or broken and is highly shock resistant.

It’s made from highly durable material and doesn’t affect whether it’s raining or snowing.

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ZoomShot Pro Monocular Features

Now, we will look at some of the best and most unique qualities of the ZoomShot Pro monocular lens.

There are some outstanding features of ZoomShot Pro:

Premium quality magnification: The device has X18 image magnification and a 15mm lens. Isn’t it fabulous that you can even see something from 6 miles away?

Anti-shake system: It is the most intelligent feature in the whole device. Your hands won’t shake while capturing anything in your phone. The Swedish engineer worked smartly on the device and made sure the device has an advanced tripod with a standard phone grip. Thus, not even a single shot will be ruined by shaking.

Automatic focus: ZoomShot Pro not only gives you an anti-shake system but is is also designed to eliminate the obstacles interrupting your focus. It has an automatic focus ability that will focus only on the object that needs to be captured.

Thus, if objects are interfering with capturing your major object, ZoomShot Pro can be the best solution that will autofocus the object and blur the unwanted background. So that you can focus only on the needed object.

Also, as it can view things 6 miles away and it has autofocus too, you should imagine how amazing the final image or video is. It will seem like a professional might have taken it.

Night vision: This feature of ZoomShot Pro is quite interesting as it can work well at night also. What else a photo lover wants when every time is suitable to take a shot. This device is best when you want photographs in dim light. All the photo lovers here will love this quality of the device.

Easy to use: everybody whether a beginner or a professional can use this product easily. Those who want to start learning photographic skills or want to take some challenges with their skills can use them easily. Still, after being an easy-to-use device, it doesn’t lose its standard in terms of functions and even professional photographers find ZoomShot Pro a necessity.

Highly durable and water-resistant: ZoomShot Pro has been manufactured from extremely durable materials like titanium shells making it a break-resistant device. Also, the device is water-resistant and dustproof.

High-level clarity: ZoomShot Pro allows its users to take desirable pictures with its top-notch clarity levels. The amazing monocular telescope has high-definition lenses that can make a simple object into a clear and beautiful version.

The clear vision of ZoomShot Pro is possible with zoom shot pro BAK4 prism lens. The device allows its high-definition lens to expand the capturable object about 30X nearer to appear. Also, the device doesn’t compromise the color and quality of the object.

ZoomShot Pro Monocular Specifications

The ZoomShot Pro monocular lens claims to provide up to 100 times zoom and magnification.

You get quality images that are not blurred with this lens.

You can carry them in your pocket as they are compatible and small in size.

With a measurement of 12cm, they are travel-friendly and do not become extra baggage for you.

The kit includes a tripod stand that can be attached to the smartphone.

You can place the phone on the stand in such a way the lens comes exactly on point with your phone’s camera.

By extending the zoom lens, you can get sharp and accurate frames.

With the weatherproof feature, you can use Zoomshot Pro in any sort of climate.

ZoomShot Pro Benefits

  • All in one: In the review till yet, you must have observed that zoom shot pro is multifunctional and almost works as an all-in-one device. The device possesses no limitations over its functions. The usage of zoom shot pro is quite versatile and in line with the expectations of users. As it can be used for both moving and static objects as well as for distant or close objects.
  • Affordable: zoom shot pro is quite affordable as compared to another monocular telescope. The gadget is available at the best quality and cheap rate. Also, there is a hefty discount you may get on purchasing zoom shot pro. So, it’s better to not think and go buy the device soon.
  • Accessible to wide angles: zoom shot pro offers object capture from wide angles and aerial shots also. The users are free to choose angles to capture objects. This monocular telescope has proved that capturing wide angles are not accessible in many traditional binoculars in the tech industry.
  • Durable: one of the big features of zoo shot pro is it has high durability. It doesn’t damage if handled carefully. Besides, it is also scratch and water-resistant. If you take care of this device properly, it will become your best friend.
  • Water-resistant: as we already mentioned it is water-resistant and won’t affect the shooting. Zoom shot pro doesn’t care if it’s raining or fog, it always clicks best shots without ruining the quality. So, the users stay carefree while using this amazing device.
  • Scratch-resistant: zoom shot pro is designed with durable and high-quality materials that enable it to resist minor to major scratches. Even if it hits a hard surface, it will not damage.
  • Easy to use: many telescopes in the market are designed with complex features that are difficult for beginners to use. But, zoom shot pro knows that not everyone is a shooting expert and offers very easy features to its users. Hence, the newcomers in this field can also use and take advantage of this device.

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How To Use ZoomShot Pro?

As we come across its amazing features, we get to know it is not complicated at all.

The manufacturers have made it very smart to be used by anyone without any prior experience.

This device does not demand any technical expertise or knowledge to operate it.

The device pack is embedded with an instructional manual and remote control.

So, the user can read the instructions and operate accordingly.

I hope you all are very clear with this one misconception that we have to be technically smart to operate it.

But this isn’t true at all. Even amateurs can use it freely with remote control.

You need to remember just a few tips:

Firstly, take out the ZoomShot Pro tripod which comes in the pack and keep it mounted, then fix the monocular on the tripod correctly and then set your smartphone over it.

Find the object you want to capture, adjust your lens to focus on that, and then take your final shot.

You can either use the device alone or can connect it with an Apple or android smartphone.

Is ZoomShot Monocular Worth Having?

With ZoomShot Pro in your hands, you need not invest in DSLR cameras or zoom lenses as this high-quality compatible product functions just the same.

It is easy to maintain, use, and take along everywhere as well as can be used as a telescope.

Therefore, the ZoomShot Pro is a multi-purpose gadget that can be useful for anybody.

Does The ZoomShot Pro Really Work?

ZoomShot Pro telescope device really works perfectly.

It offers you a 10X zoom.

Along with its unique features, it also possesses water and splash-resistant properties.

Also, with its fog-resistant ability users don’t have to care about the ruining of the object sight and difficulty in getting a crystal clear view.

Furthermore, ZoomShot Pro is designed with strong materials that don’t let it damage even if hit hard.

One of the top-notching features is its wide-angle shooting.

Yes, you can take your angle of choice and can get a crystal clear view.

All the more, it can take aerial shots effortlessly. So, you have everything to take the best shot.

The ZoomShot Pro telescope enables your normal smartphone’s camera to work as a pro by attaching it to a BAK4 prism lens that captures the object even if it’s miles away.

It can take a crystal clear view from at least six miles and produce high-quality images.

Why Should You Buy A ZoomShot Pro?

You should buy this device if you have a passion for capturing images and videos and you desire equipment that will serve you with the best possible image quality.

If someone is a traveler and wants to capture their adventurous trips, they must use ZoomShot Pro.

There is no trouble in carrying the device. It is extremely lightweight and portable which makes it highly convenient.

Also, it is water-resistant, dustproof.

You can take this device anywhere you want to without caring about rain, fog, or splashes.

You can use a ZoomShot Pro monocular device for multiple purposes.

ZoomShot Pro Price

The ZoomShot Pro has exciting offers at the moment for its customers.

There are two offers available for a limited period on the website.

  • Buying 3 ZoomShot Pro and get two ZoomShot Pro free ($39 each) – $169.
  • Buy 2 ZoomShot Pro and get 1 ZoomShot Pro free ($45 each) – $134

The other options available are as follows.

  • 1 ZoomShot Pro – $67
  • 2 ZoomShot Pro($49 each) – $97
  • 4 ZoomShot Pro ( $42 each) – $169

It comes with a 3-year warranty thus assuring you of a refund if your ZoomShot Pro is damaged.

Where Can I Buy ZoomShot Pro?

Zoomshot pro is available on its official website and at a 50% discount.

Don’t let this offer finish and just go buy one for you.

Currently, you are getting it at half price, and it’s a limited offer.

So, make your decision soon.

Furthermore, you may not get it offline as it is only available on the manufacturer’s website.

Here are the tips to order a zoom shot pro: 

  • Visit the zoom shot pro’s official website 
  • Claim your 50% discount 
  • Place your order

Final Verdict

Zoomshot pro is a monocular telescope that offers the best quality image with the smartphone’s normal camera.

Zoomshot pro device comes with a tripod stand and zoom shot pro telescope over which the smartphone or tablet needs to be fixed.

Photo lovers as well as beginners in photography can use zoom shot pro easily.

The amazing features of zoom shot pro offers wide-angle photography and also enables a quality aerial shoot as well as shooting from miles away.

The amazing BAK4 lens has a wide focus and produces a crystal clear view.

Who doesn’t want to capture far views?

Which can now be captured effortlessly with the help of zoom shot pro lens.

This device can be your best companion on an adventurous trip, tracking, or anywhere you are planning to go and can be carried in pockets.