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Xtra Pc Review – Turn Your Old, Outdated, Slow PC Into A Like-new PC

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Xtra PC claim that it can boost your computer speeds and make old slow computers to run fast as a new computer, saving you the money investing on a new computer, on our honest Xtra PC review will look into Xtra PC Feathers, Advantages and disadvantages and most importantly does it work and is it worth buying.

Xtra PC Reviews

In this contemporary hi-tech world, it is really frustrating to deal with lag or slow down on your computer.

Since the new products are advanced, this problem should not occur.

However, a lot of people still have to face various types of system problems, which lead to slowing down the efficiency of their computer, and therefore, making the operation of computers even more difficult.

Though a lot of factors contribute to the slowing down of your system, you do not have to get disturbed about this problem anymore as there are numerous possible solutions to your problem.

The cause of the problem does not matter, but the underlying effect of the problem can get more frustrating when you are doing an urgent task on your computer.

One of the best solutions for your slow computer is Xtra PC.

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What is an Xtra PC?

Xtra PC is a small flash drive stick that you insert into the USB port located on your personal computer.

Built by the Linux Foundation, Xtra PC transcends the slow and old windows operating system.

The main motive for creating Xtra PC is for making your computer blazing fast, and give a high performance that is boosted with a simple and new operating system having a great interface.

You can use it with faulty hard drives without facing any type of problem at all.

The functioning of the USB stick does not cause any type of alteration to the existing computer files, as you can still access everything from your device.

The good news of Xtra PC is that it is extremely simple to use, and you do not require any training for handling it.

All you need to do is to plug it into the USB drive port of your computer, restart your PC to boot into USB, and you will be good to go.

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Why Do I Need Xtra PC?

In case you are struggling with a slow and old computer, and you are tempted to buy a new one to replace it, don’t.

All you need is the Xtra PC to solve all your problems.

This is just a little portable thumb drive that does not utilize extra space on your desk.

Moreover, it is much cheaper than purchasing a new computer which will perform the same task it does.

It has a super speed with a fully-featured OS that overrides the outdated operating system, thus enabling you to carry out all your tasks perfectly well.

The product comes with a quality interface and operating system suitable for carrying out the task required urgently.

It is portable, and the information can be retrieved faster than when using a normal PC.

Typically, windows OS seems to be more vulnerable to cyber-attacks like hack and other cybercrimes.

However, Linux is stable, and it makes Xtra PC more desirable and dependable to customer’s needs, though it is not perfect.

Every machine has some hiccups, but Xtra PC serves clients well, and that is the greatest reason why people should use it.

Moreover, the package management, repositories concept, and other features make it more secure than windows.

Linux does not require anti-virus programs used by windows, thus eliminating extra cost that one may incur on top of the initial purchase price.

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How Does Xtra PC Work?

The main mantra to follow with Xtra PC is to plug it in and play!

After purchasing this device, you simply have to start booting from the USB and give your aging computer all the power boost that it deserves.

All you need to do is to plug the Xtra PC flash drive device into the USB port of your computer.

Then, you need to press some boot menu keys, and then you need to follow some prompt for the same.

After following the prompt, you can enjoy a fast, fresh, and brand new operating system, that is, the Linux OS.

The best thing about Xtra PC is that you do not need to do anything with your current computer, as it works on all computers and laptops, and therefore, you do not need to format or clean files from your computer.

It is vital for you to note that your location has a set internet speed that is decided by your Internet Service Provider, and therefore, the loading of the Xtra PC depends upon the speed of the internet.

If your area has extremely slow internet, your ISP will allow you access to Linux OS.

But, if you do not have access to Linux, you can get your own Xtra PC for the same.

Apart from providing you access to Linux OS, it also gives you access to different types of computer or laptop support that your old and slow device needs.

The guideline book comes with the product and explains the step by step procedure for you to install Linux OS and use it for your own work.

The product also provides you with additional storage which you can use for storing all your essential documents, videos, photos, etc.

The amount of storage, however, depends upon the model that you purchase out of the three versions available to you.

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The Benefits of Xtra PC

  • Xtra PC is compatible with all types of computers and laptops of windows or Mac
  • This device offers proper speed boosts on all types of operating systems
  • The device is very cost-effective and much lower than the enormous amount you need to spend on purchasing a new computer or laptop
  • Does not cause any problem to your already existing files and keeps them safe
  • Equipped with free software for making your device run as it used to on the first day
  • Has the power of Linux, the strongest operating system
  • Easy installation, as you need to insert it into your USB Port
  • Very fast and easy to set-up

Pros Cons of Xtra PC


So, now that you know so much about Xtra PC, the next big thing coming to mind must be its benefits.

While you must have figured out some rough points already, let me take you through a detailed guide of the pros you get with this service.

While the most basic point has to be regarding the enhanced speed of your device, there is still more for you to unearth.* Extremely easy to use

  • Xtra PC comes with an essential and exclusive software
  • Maintains complete online privacy
  • Can be used by students in schools and colleges
  • Comes with a variety of applications like Open Office, Audacious, Media Player, Firefox, etc.
  • Protects your device from any kind of malware or virus
  • Fully compatible with Windows and Mac computers and laptops from 2004 model onwards
  • Helps you in making use of your old systems which would have been of no use till now
  • Allows you to secure and transfer your files from your system to the other system through its storage options
  • Increases the processing speed of your laptop or computer
  • Easily download all the updates available for Linux OS
  • All the versions come with Linux OSs latest version
  • Allows you to browse various websites with a stable internet connection


You will definitely come across negative reviews about Xtra PC when scrolling through the internet for different reviews.

One of the major problems faced by the majority of the people is regarding downloading Linux OS for free from any website providing a free download of the operating system.

Many people complain that why would one spend a large amount of money on something that can be purchased for free, and therefore, leave negative remarks about the product.

However, what people do not understand is the added benefits that come with the product.

A list of various other cons of the product are:

  • The option of File Rescue is only available on the Pro version of this device
  • You cannot use some software and programs that your old OS allowed you to use
  • The company can charge extremely high shipping rates to some locations
  • You need to wait for some time to get the guidelines for using the product on a MAC OS

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Xtra PC Features that you will Love

The Xtra PC is one of the easiest things to use and install on your computer or laptop.

It is very affordable as you just need to pay a small amount for purchasing this highly efficient device.

It offers good stewardship as it transforms your old computer into a fast and brand new computer.

The device comes with a 30-day guarantee in which you can return or replace your device if you are not satisfied with it.

It helps you surf the internet anonymously without anyone knowing your location or other credentials.

Technical Specifications of the Xtra PC

  • Processor: For Xtra PC to work, your system should have AMD Chips or 64-bit Intel running 700 MHz processor or higher
  • RAM: The minimum requirement is 512 MB and the recommended is 2 GB
  • USB Port: Your system should have a 2.0 or 3.0 USB port
  • Network Card: It needs a WiFi or wired Network CardGraphics: The graphics should be DVI, HDMI or VGA supported

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Reviews for Xtra PC

The Xtra PC is a breakthrough for technology enthusiasts and anyone using a PC.

As per the Xtra PC reviews, people are satisfied that it runs smoothly on windows 7 and 10.

Customers have also told that this device is worth every penny.

It can be used by anyone with a lot of ease.

The customers who purchased the 64 GB version of the Xtra PC were elated because of the date and timestamp feature of the product as it helps the customers to easily organize the new and old files on the computer without any hassles.

Since the customers found out that the device is compatible with all possible types of Operating Systems, they shared their joy and contentment on various websites and blogs online.

However, some customers were not satisfied with one or two features of it, but overall, Xtra PC has impressed the majority of its customers.

How to use Xtra PC?

Using an Xtra PC is very easy as you need to take out the USB drive from its packaging, start your computer, and insert the Xtra PC drive into your computers available USB port.

Your computer can take a few minutes to recognize the USB drive, but later the window will come up and ask you what you want to do with that device.

For making it work fast, you should close all the other existing programs that are running on your laptop or computer.

After clicking the prompt, you have to allow the drive to run and download Linux on your computer or laptop.

The time for the whole process to complete can range from a few minutes to an hour, depending on your internet speed.

Since the software asks a variety of permissions and questions from you before completing the installation process, it is advisable for you to stay in front of the device on which you are installing it so that you can give timely permissions to the system.

When the installation is about to complete, you will notice a few changes on the screen or homepage of your laptop or computer.

Once the Linux is downloaded on your device, you can use that OS to do your work from home or anything else that you want to do on your computer.

You will observe that the speed of your computer or laptop has increased exponentially, and it works as good as a brand new device.

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Xtra PC Rating

There has been a positive response from our clients about the product; there is this one customer who bought Xtra-pc 16g for windows seven laptop.

He followed the instruction on the gadget and came back to the store that his laptop worked as though it was new.

From his review, he attests that his files and originally installed programs were not interrupted by the new hardware on his laptop.

Besides, the laptop has been upgraded for five good years he had stayed with it.

After buying the Xtra PC, he has never complained again about the ability of the laptop.

The device is compatible with both windows and mac computers of 2004 onwards, and they are easy to install since one is required only to plug it into the USB port.

Additionally, it is very affordable from just $35, which is much lower than what one can use on a new laptop.

It also works with all operating windows, which make it more flexible to use.

Besides, it is powered by the strongest operating system, Linux, which makes it virtually virus-proof and reliable to users.

Xtra PC Customer Reviews

Creativity at its best, Xtra PC is a breakthrough for tech enthusiasts and anyone that uses a PC.

“I’m happy; it runs on windows so well that it adds more value, and this runs smoothly on windows 7 and 10,” comments one satisfied customer.

Another happy customer, Jane Doerty, says,”I mean, 40 – 80 $ only for Linux distro on USB-drive, this is worth every penny.

As an IT expert, I cannot help but celebrate this.

This device can be used by anyone with much ease.

While there are a few customers that didn’t entirely like the device’s features, overall, it appears Xtra PC has impressed many people out there.

Get yours today and start enjoying its benefits.

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Testimonials from Other Users

I’ve been looking for a reliable USB drive and came across Xtra PC, which has 64GB of storage space. I bought it and was surprised to see that it has different features, but one that stood out for me is that there is a date and timestamp. This will help me organize my files and know which one’s old and which ones are the newest on. – Susan, 34

Xtra PC is one of the best USB I had because it is compatible to every operating system that I have. The best feature for me is that it has a user account which will make sure that my data will be protected and I will only be the one to access them. – Migs, 40

How Much Does Xtra PC Cost?

People love talking about Xtra PC online, but what you might not realize is that the people refer to all the products that have the same name.

The Xtra PC company manufactures three different products including the Xtra-PC Turbo 16, which was the original and the first product to be released.

For knowing the prices of the three different products, it is important for you to understand the features of all the three products:

This is amongst the cheapest versions of Xtra PC available to you.

Being an excellent source for briefing the customers about the functioning of Xtra PC, this model is ideal for boosting the speed of the computer; however, it does not have the features found in the other advanced versions of Xtra PC.

The Xtra PC turbo is capable of boosting the speed of your laptop or computer by 1.5x when compared to the basic version of Xtra PC Turbo 16.

Having additional storage of 32 GB, it provides avenues to your computer or laptop to run faster and safely store all the essential documents on the flash drive.

If money is not an issue for you to get the best version of Xtra PC, then you can purchase the Xtra PC Pro.

Working at 2x speed of that provided in Xtra PC Turbo 16, it gives you 64 GB of additional storage that you can use to store all your essential documents.

Apart from that, the essential factor about it is the rescue software, that allows you to make copies and restore your essential files on the old computers.

While reading the Xtra PC reviews, you should look for the specifications offered in each of the Xtra PC models.

The prices are charged on the basis of the functioning and differentiating points between all the three models.

The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee to all of its customers, so you can return your device and get your money back if you are not satisfied with the product or find any problem in it.

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Money-Back Guarantee and Refund Policy

To ensure a happy purchase and satisfactory response, Xtra-PC comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

If, due to any reason you find the product inefficient or useless, then you will get a full refund except shipping charges.

For this, you need to mail the company on, and they will send you the instructions for returning the drive.

The returns are easy with no questions asked, and refunds get initiated as directed in the response.


Working on an extremely slow computer can get astonishingly frustrating.

The system can take minutes or even longer to boot up before you can run a program or just open a browser.

While the slow speed of your computer or laptop can be a result of the Internet Service Provider of your location, it can also happen because the model of your laptop or computer is very old.

Being a handy product, Xtra PC works on all types of modern computers or those devices that run any type of operating system.

Xtra PC works equally well on both desktops and laptops, and it can even work on computers that lack space or have no hard drive.

For making Xtra PC work, all you need is a computer or a laptop with a USB port meeting the system requirements of the device.

It is nearly impossible for you to look at this product without coming across some of the negative reviews from people whose expectations did not match the real product.

Those negative Xtra PC reviews point out that you do not need this device as you can get Linux from various other sources without paying any money.

While that fact is true, the thing that differentiates Xtra PC from those sources is that Xtra PC provides you with added support that you can get online or over the phone.

Xtra PC provides you access to all your loved programs, and it can even provide you access to various files saved on your computer.

Because of all these benefitting and differentiating factors, Xtra PC is amongst the best products in the market that are essential to speed up your old computers and laptops.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does it work on the PC?

Being a simple flash drive, you have to insert Xtra PC into your computers USB Port. It will replace the slow and old windows OS with a fast Linux OS.

  • Is it expensive?

No, it is not expensive and worth the money paid for purchasing it.

  • Where do I need to buy it from?

You can buy the Xtra PC product from its original website.

  • How much time will it take to set-up?

The time can range from a few minutes to a few hours, depending on the speed of your internet.

  • Is customer service reliable?

Yes, the company promises on-time service regarding any problems faced by the customers with

The Xtra PC device. The personnel are trained and give trustworthy service.

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