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TikiTunes Review: Is it Really Best Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

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TikiTunes Reviews: Limitless Innovations’ TikiTunes is an outdoor Bluetooth speaker with wireless capabilities that features tiki torch-inspired designs with optimum mobility, all while blazing like a true tiki torch when in use.

Users can pair this outdoor wireless speaker with their smartphone, mp3 player, or other Bluetooth-enabled devices to play any audio and answer phone calls.

The Wireless Tiki Tunes Speaker, available exclusively at, is being acclaimed as the coolest WiFi Speaker ever produced and can be used indoors or out.

This unusual tiki-torch-shaped speaker can also be coupled with other TikiTunes devices to create a multi-sound setup, according to Tikitunes.

TikiTunes is a wonderful alternative for individuals wishing to create a surround sound ambiance or merely to have around different sections of their home/office.

It’s perfect for a backyard party or playing music outdoors.

Continue reading for more information, including the only location to buy TikiTunes online.

This unusual tiki-torch-shaped speaker can also be coupled with other TikiTunes devices to create a multi-sound setup, according to Tikitunes.

TikiTunes is a wonderful alternative for individuals wishing to create a surround sound ambiance or merely to have around different sections of their home/office.

It’s perfect for a backyard party or playing music outdoors.

Continue reading for more information, including the only place to buy TikiTunes online.

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What is TikiTunes?

what is tikitunes speaker

Streaming services like Amazon Music Player and Spotify are must-haves for any smart device, providing instant access to millions of songs.

Consumers still have limited options for listening to the music they play, despite how far storage technology has progressed in recent decades.

If you want to keep your music and other audio to yourself, headphones and earbuds are OK, but if you want to share it with others, you’ll need a nice speaker.

The new TikiTunes, according to its official website, is a high-quality means to blast music.

This special and one-of-a-kind design allows the TikiTunes to emit a tiki torch-like glow (thus the name “TikiTune”).

TikiTunes offers customers to appreciate the sense of the bass with this compact design. The sound isn’t low and silent like other Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

While the ability to connect to a Bluetooth-enabled device (such as a smartphone) isn’t exactly groundbreaking, this speaker can also connect to another TikiTunes.

Users may essentially create their own surround sound entertainment area without spending the thousands of dollars that would normally be required.

The TikiTunes speaker does not require a power source, allowing customers to take it wherever (indoors or outdoors) to listen to their favorite and most recent music.

The casing has been verified to safeguard the mechanism from water and dust, which may otherwise obstruct consumer plans.

The 2000 mAh battery will last for up to six hours of continuous use on a single charge, while many users claim that they can get up to ten hours before the battery dies.

Consumers of all ages can connect with their Apple or Android devices using giant buttons to choose what is next on the playlist.

The user activates the TikiTunes speaker by holding down the power button.

They can then connect using their smartphone.

Users can also utilize the controls to skip to the next song, stop, and turn on the tiki-style flame below the speaker.

Pairing The TikiTunes Bluetooth Speakers

  1. The 2 TikiTunes devices need to be one beside the other
  2. Turn them both on, by pushing the power key in the center one time
  3. Wait until they begin flashing, and keep holding down the power key on just one of the devices
  4. Repeat the above with all other TikiTunes following the same steps
  5. Open up the device you are using, a smartphone (or a TV, computer, TV), and make a connection with TikiTunes.

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Why Do I Need TikiTunes?

The usability of this Bluetooth is unsurpassed, with most customers giving it a perfect 5 out of 5-star rating.

The speaker is quite simple to operate. It works with almost all devices, so all you have to do is couple it with your Android or iOS device and start listening to music.

The top of the speaker has ON/ OFF, PLAY/ PAUSE, LAST SONG, NEXT SONG controls to make the device more user-friendly.

There are other buttons to control the volume.

You may connect two TikiTunes speakers up to 30 feet apart for the best stereo sound.

This functionality makes this product ideal for a large apartment or an outside event.

The speaker can be placed on a table or any other stand.

It has a hole at the bottom that allows it to be easily attached to any type of stand.

The TikiTunes Bluetooth speaker has a high capacity in-built battery that provides up to 6 hours of continuous music playback, which is more than most similar devices can provide.

The LED ambient lights will provide the ideal mood for your nights out with friends while you listen to the speaker’s high-quality sound.

This is a product that you absolutely must own.

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Setup and design

You’re already a pro at setting up the TikiTunes speaker if you’ve connected any form of Bluetooth device to your phone, tablet, or computer.

By tapping the power button until you hear “TikiTunes is ready to link,” put TikiTunes into pairing mode.

Using the Bluetooth settings section on the device you’re connecting to, complete the pairing process.

After that is finished, you can start listening to music through the speaker.

For us, the procedure took only a few minutes.

You’ll need to take a few extra steps if you’re using two TikiTunes speakers as a stereo pair.

To connect the speakers, you should press and hold the play/pause button for many seconds.

We just put one speaker to the test.

On the top of the device, you’ll find the power, play/pause, and volume/playback control buttons.

There’s also a big switch that turns on the faux tiki light that covers much of the speaker.

When the torchlight effect is turned off, a white column appears inside the black lattice, however pushing the light button on top of the speaker instantly illuminates the column with fake fire. It’s a subtle effect with a lot of impacts.

The top of the speaker has an LED indicator light that glows white when it’s turned on and read while it’s charging via the micro USB port on the side.

If you’re planning to put the speakers outside, especially if rain is in the forecast, take in mind that there’s a small insert that protects the port from water, but it doesn’t stay in place.

The speaker has an IP65 dust and water resistance rating, which means it should be able to withstand a storm or, as we discovered when we inadvertently dropped it in the pool.

Just make sure it’s not submerged.

A threaded hole on the bottom can be used to connect a pole or mount, in case you wish to complete the tiki torch look.

For $14.99, you can get a pole and ground stake that will let you mount TikiTunes anywhere between 8 and 40 inches tall.

Sound Quality and Performance

You can control music and volume from the connected device or use the controls on the speaker, but because you use the plus (+) and minus (-) buttons to adjust the volume and skip forward or back, the controls are slightly quirky.

The first time we pressed the + button, we expected the volume to go up. Instead, the song we were listening to was skipped, even though we wanted to turn up the volume.

We didn’t understand you have to long-press either button to adjust the volume until we looked it up in the handbook.

That was not what we had anticipated.

We made adjustments, but the exact volume control is no longer feasible.

When you turn on the speaker by pushing the power button, you’ll notice another anomaly.

Instead of a power-up sound followed by a chime indicating that it’s connected to a nearby device, as most Bluetooth speakers do, the same “TikiTunes ready to link” prompt plays, giving the impression that you’ve entered pairing mode and must return to the setup process.

After doing the practice a few times and consulting the user handbook, we discovered that phrase is the startup sound.

You’ll hear “TikiTunes connected” if you wait another second or two.

There is a special power-down tone for the curious.

A single TikiTunes isn’t going to overpower or blow you away in terms of sound quality or total volume.

The music has a hollow sound, especially at higher settings, but it’s more than adequate for the price.

We can’t speak to the stereo quality.

TikiTunes claims that its 2,000 mAh battery will last six hours.

We exceeded the six-hour mark in our tests even with the light element of the speaker on.

The light continued to flicker even after the battery had been depleted to the point where it could no longer function as a Bluetooth speaker.

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Benefits Of Tikitunes

  • Pair Speakers Together (Customer Favorite!) – This unusual and entertaining function allows you to quickly connect two TikiTunes for full stereo sound.
  • Makes Any Atmosphere Way Cooler – The warm LED light creates the right mood by flickering like a fire. Plus, it can be used with or without music.
  • Take It Everywhere (Indoors & Outdoors) – It’s small and light, making it ideal for any vacation. It’s also dust-tight and water-resistant, according to certification. Enjoy your music whether it’s raining, sunny, or snowing.
  • Keeps Going and Going – Music can be played constantly for at least 6 hours thanks to the high-quality 2000 mAh rechargeable battery (but many customers report up to 10 hours of playtime).
  • So Easy, Anyone Can Use It – The buttons are large, easy to press, and simple to grasp – anyone can use them (from little kids to non-techy adults).
  • Works With Apple & Android DevicesTikiTunes is compatible with the majority of cell phones.
  • 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee & 1 Year Warranty – If you’re not completely pleased for whatever reason, you may easily return it with no difficulty!

TikiTunes Key Features

  • Great Sound Quality

This device’s sound quality will both surprise and thrill you.

It has a great sound quality, with strong bass and a great mid-range, so you’ll be able to listen to music for hours.

  • Speaker Pair

Most consumers consider this to be one of their favorite features.

For real stereo sound, pair two Tiki Tunes speakers.

This function also allows TikiTunes speakers to be used in a large apartment.

  • LED Ambient Light

For those nights out with friends, the flickering LED ambient light creates the ideal mood.

It’s soothing, soothing, and mild.

  • Ease of Use

This is one of the most user-friendly Bluetooth speakers available.

Simply link up and play. In addition, the speaker is compact, light, and portable.

Compatibility with Android and iOS devices, as well as a high-capacity in-built battery that lasts up to 6 hours, are among the other characteristics of TikiTunes Wireless Bluetooth Speakers.

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Key Specifications

  • Wireless Transmission with a distance of 30ft
  • High–Efficiency Built-in Lithium Battery: 7.4V/2000 mAh
  • Output Power Of 5W
  • Play Time Of 6 hours
  • SNR: < 75dB
  • Distortion Rate is <10%
  • Power Supply of 5V/1A
  • Products Dimensions: 4” x 6.5.”

Pros & Cons of TikiTunes


  • Good sound quality
  • Excellent design
  • Ability to sync two TikiTunes
  • Good battery life (up to 6 hours of playtime)
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Flame effects
  • Durable
  • Affordable


  • Average speaker output
  • Bulky as Bluetooth speakers go

Rating TikiTunes (4.9/5)

TikiTunes is a fantastic purchase. You get the advantages of a Bluetooth speaker as well as wonderful, ambient lighting.

  • Portability: Although it is not as portable as many other Bluetooth speakers available on the market, it nevertheless serves its purpose as a functional and portable speaker. Smaller Bluetooth speakers are available, but they don’t have the same lights and effects as TikiTunes.
  • Functionality: TikiTunes performs admirably for its intended purpose. It is not an amazing Bluetooth speaker; there are smaller speakers with the far better sound quality available. TikiTunes, on the other hand, is much more than that. It has good sound quality and may also be used as an ambient light source.
  • Sound Quality: When it comes to sound quality, TikiTunes came out as an average speaker with nice sound and acceptable volume after extensive testing. If sound quality is all that matters to you, we recommend looking at other speakers as well.
  • Lighting Effects: TikiTunes‘ lamp section is really relaxing. It’s perfect for an afternoon date with dim lighting and soft music in the background. It has a lovely, aesthetic sense to it, no matter where you put it.
  • Durability: TikiTunes is dust and water-resistant, with an IP65 rating. It’s designed to be utilized outside, such as when camping. However, you may use it as personal side lighting as well as a portable speaker indoors.
  • Aesthetics: TikiTunes while one looks highly attractive and sticks out as a one-of-a-kind Bluetooth speaker, increasing the beauty of your house or lawn on its own.
  • Competition: After TikiTunes debuted on the market, some competitors emerged, but no one has been able to equal TikiTunes‘ aesthetics and sound quality. Otherwise, a Bluetooth speaker and special flickering lighting can be purchased separately.

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Buying a TikiTunes Speaker

The TikiTunes speaker is usually available for $49.99, which is already a bargain considering what the customer receives out of it.

However, in order to promote this product, the price has been reduced to $39.99. (plus shipping and handling).

The firm offers free delivery on all of the following bundles for anyone who wishes to acquire a few speakers for surround sound music or merely to put around different sections of their home/office:

  • 3 TikiTunes speakers for $99.98
  • 5 TikiTunes speakers for $149.97
  • 8 TikiTunes speakers for $199.96

Return Policy

The company provides a one-year warranty and up to 30 days to return the item for a refund.

Before returning a product, contact customer care at 855.843.4828 to make arrangements.

Inquiries about other products should be directed to

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Frequently asked questions About TikiTunes – FAQs

  • How do you pair two TikiTunes?

Switch on both TikiTunes by placing them next to each other.

Press and hold the power button on one of the speakers until it begins to flash.

Repeat with the other until it flashes as well.

Simply pair your phone with one of the speakers through Bluetooth, and you’re done.

Whatever you play on one speaker will also be heard on the other.

  • How good is TikiTunes sound quality?

There are lots of competing Bluetooth speakers on the market that provide significantly greater music quality in a smaller package than TikiTunes, but they lack the ambient, flickering light that is TikiTunes’ main selling point.

  • Is TikiTunes waterproof?

TikiTunes has an IP65 rating, which means it’s waterproof. It is, therefore, both waterproof and dustproof.

  • How do I connect my phone to TikiTunes?

TikiTunes is a Bluetooth speaker that plays music.

Simply turn on the device and pair it with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

TikiTunes should appear on the list of available devices to link, and you should click on it.

That is all there is to it.

TikiTunes has now been properly associated with your phone, and you can now listen to music whenever you wish.

  • How do I change the volume of the TikiTunes Wireless Speaker?

To increase the volume, press the (+) button on the device’s top. Similarly, the (-) button can be used to end pairing.

  • Is the TikiTunes rechargeable?

Yes, TikiTunes has a rechargeable battery that can play for up to 6 hours on a single charge.

  • How often do you have to charge TikiTunes?

At full battery and continuous playtime, TikiTunes lasts around 6 hours.

While the device is charging, you can listen to music and enjoy the flickering lights eternally.

  • Does TikiTunes come with a warranty?

TikiTunes is covered with a one-year warranty.

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Final Verdict

TikiTunes is a nice Bluetooth speaker with ambient lighting as its main selling point.

It serves as a decorative item as well as a speaker system.

The flickering lamp has a flame effect that looks like a real tiki torch, and it’s a sight to behold.

It’s lightweight, long-lasting, and can last up to 6 hours on a single charge.

The audio quality is barely adequate, but it is more than adequate for the price range.

You’re also getting the benefits of a mood light, so you really can’t complain.

The device is well-designed and constructed of high-quality materials, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

One of its main selling aspects is the possibility to connect two TikiTunes to create a dual stereo system for improved sound quality.

It’s incredibly user-friendly and dust- and water-resistant.

If the sound quality could be enhanced, this instrument would be one of the best in the market, owing to the added benefit of the unique light show that is displayed.