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Tactic AIR Drone Review: Best Foldable 4K HD Drone 2024

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Have you seen people flying Tactic Air drone and taking the best photos and videos?

Did you feel envious and wanted a drone of your own?

Did you drop the idea after seeing the price tag of the drones?

If you have answered yes to the questions, then there is some good news for you.

Tactic Air Drone is a full-fledged quadcopter drone.

It has all the great features that a drone has and comes with a good quality camera.

You can now use this drone to get the best shots from an aerial view.

You can take this drone with you when you go out and take wonderful photos of your vacation.

The best part is that it is now possible to get this drone at a price less than $100.

This is a great opportunity to get a quality drone at the best rate.

So, is this drone good? Should you go ahead and buy this?

Read the review to know the answers.

What is Tactic Air Drone?


Tactic Air Drone is a quadcopter drone with a camera.

You can fly the drone in the air and control it from below.

You can take this drone to any position you want and from there shoot pictures and videos.

If you love taking photos, then the Tactic Air Drone will be a great tool for you.

It is a drone that is easy to manage.

The good quality camera ensures you can take photographs at 4K resolution.

There are a host of features in this drone such as the ability of controlling it using hand gestures.

All these features make this product a great portable drone that you can take with you wherever you go.

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Why Use a Drone?

When you go out on a vacation, you would like to bring back memories in the form of photos.

Apart from the regular photos, you would like to take photos from the air.

This will help you capture the landscape and get a better view of the place.

If you are a photography enthusiast, you will know the importance of aerial photos and videos.

They make people go wow and appreciate your photographic skills.

If you want to take such quality photos, then you need a good quality drone.

It is not just for outdoor shots but you can use the drone even indoors to capture photos inside a house or even at a party.

You can even send the drone outside your home to get a bird’s eye view for your home surveillance.

This makes the drone a very handy product to own.

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How Does Tactic Air Drone Work?

Tactic Air Drone is a quad copter drone that works on a battery.

The drone arrives folded.

You need to unfold it by following the instructions in the manual.

Insert a battery into the drone to start using it.

A remote controller is provided with an in-built battery.

You can use it to operate the drone.

There is also a mobile app for Android and iOS that you can download to your mobile.

You can operate the drone using either the controller or the app.

The drone has a single button that you may use to control it.

Setting its trajectory allows the drone to fly on a predetermined path.

The app lets you take pictures and movies and manage the drone’s movement.

The app allows users to view and edit not only photos but also videos.

There are filters available using which you can edit the photos and save them on to your mobile phone.

You can configure the drone so that it goes into follow mode.

The drone will then follow you wherever you go.

You can use hand gestures to start taking photos or videos.

The app can easily configure all of this.

This allows you to take photos in the most convenient way.

After using the drone, remove the battery.

Fold the drone and keep it in its case and take it anywhere you want.

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Features of Tactic Air Drone

Dual Cameras

Tactic Air Drone comes with dual cameras that have wide angel features built in them.

These cameras allow you to take the best photos and videos of 4K resolution.

The high definition pictures you take make your photos look professional.

The cameras are stable and allow you to get quality shots.

Easy to use

The Tactic Air Drone is easy to use.

Even those without drone experience can operate the drone.

It has a remote control that requires just a single button for use.

Apart from the controller, there is also a mobile app that you can download on your phone.

You can use the app to control the drone, focus the camera, take pictures, edit them, and save them instantly.

Good battery life

Tactic Air Drone has a 3.7 V lithium-ion battery.

This battery ensures the drone has a flight time of 20 minutes.

This is more than what most drones offer. 20 minutes is sufficient to take the best photos and videos.

You can then recharge the drone through USB and use it again once recharged.

Advanced modes

Tactic Air Drone has a trajectory mode that allows you to set the trajectory of flight.

Operating this makes it easy and allows you to position the drone to capture the best shot.

The intelligent hand gesture feature is a great option.

You can use your hand gestures to control the drone and take photos. This is a great feature that is very handy.

The Follow Me mode is a very useful feature that makes the drone follow you wherever you go.

You can feature yourself in photos and videos taken with it.

A sturdy and reliable drone

You don’t have to worry about the drone getting damaged, as it is sturdy and well-built. 

It has an anti-collision system in-built thanks to its sensors.

This prevents it from colliding with other objects.

It is durable thanks to the use of best quality materials for its construction.


A unique feature of this drone is that it is foldable.

You can fold the drone neatly to form a small package.

You can then place this package in a case or your bag.

This makes it easy to take the drone with you wherever you go.

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Tactic AIR Drone Specifications

  • Weight: 0.32 kg (0.7 lbs.).
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 5 x 7 cm when folded.
  • Diameter of propeller: 14.5 cm.
  • Frequency: 2.4 G.
  • R/C distance: 150 m.
  • Flying time: 20 minutes.
  • Battery: 1.37 V 1800 mAH capacity.
  • Charge time for battery: 28 minutes.
  • Camera: 1080 p HD front camera and 720 p bottom camera.

Pros and Cons of Tactic Air Drone


  • 4K Dual Camera
  • Affordable
  • Intelligent Flight Modes – Smart Follow Me mode
  • Foldable and compact – easy to transport for individuals who are always traveling
  • 6-Axis Gyro
  • Decent Flying Time – Around 15-20 minutes


  • No GPS module
  • Does not have internal storage
  • Does not use a micro SD card
  • Limited range – Remote controller works through Wi-Fi connection only
  • Not available everywhere – available only through the manufacturer’s official website

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Who is This Product For?

Tactic Air Drone is meant for people who want a drone camera with all professional features but a cost-effective price.

This product is meant for people who love photography and want to take aerial photographs and videos.

Tactic Air Drone is the best drone camera device for people who have no experience using drones.

It is so simple and easy to use that anyone can use it without any problem.

This drone camera is meant for people who like to travel and take the drone with them. Since it is portable, it makes it convenient to take with you wherever you go.

The drone camera is meant for people who would like to use advanced features like controlling through gestures and setting the trajectory.

Who Should Not Buy This Product?

The drone can fly for around 20 minutes.

If you need a drone that needs to take videos for longer duration, then this product is not meant for you.

If you want a drone that can fly for more than 120 meters away and shoot, then this drone won’t meet your needs.

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What is So Special About The Tactic Air Drone?

The Tactic Air Drone is a very special product.

It is a quadcopter drone that all the features commercial drone camera devices has.

Apart from all the basic features, it has many other features making it a unique product.

This product is special because of three powerful features built into it.

The first one is the follow me mode, where the drone can follow you wherever you go.

The next is the use of hand gestures to control the drone, so that it takes photos as soon as you move your hand.

The third special feature is that you can set the trajectory of the drone in advance so you don’t have to control its every movement.

While all drones can be controlled using a remote controller, this product also has a mobile app.

This allows you to easily control the drone using the app to co-ordinate its movements and also to take photographs.

A special feature in the drone app is the ability to edit photos.

You can add effects to photos saving a lot of time.

The drone has dual cameras, which is a special feature.

This allows you to take photos from different angles.

4K resolution HD photos can be shot using this drone.

The drone can fly for up to 120 meters away from the controller.

The battery has a fly time of around 20 minutes.

You can recharge the battery through USB within 28 minutes allowing you to use it again quickly.

The drone is special because it has a stable camera that works well even in minds.

Lightweight and sturdy in nature, it is a great drone that can even be folded and taken with your anywhere.

A special feature of this drone is that it offers multiple features and yet is priced competitively.

You can buy this drone through an offer by paying less than $100.

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Pricing of Tactic Air Drone

Considering the powerful features it has, you would expect a product like Tactic Air Drone to be extremely expensive.

The good news is that it not expensive.

The drone is priced at just $198, which is competitive pricing.

There is still more good news.

There is a massive discount on where the manufacturer is offering a discount of 50%.

This makes the price of Tactic Air Drone just $99.

Getting a drone with all these features at below $100 is definitely a big deal.

You must note that this is a limited promotional offer.

When the promotional stocks expire, the offer would be closed.

So, you need to hurry to avail of this offer.

If you buy 1 drone, the price is $99.

In case you decide to buy 2 products, then you get a better price.

You need to pay just $197 for 2 drones, which is $66 per drone.

Effectively you are buying 1 and getting another free.

The tactic air drones are low-cost and useful.

You can consider buying 1 product for each of your family members or can even gift them.

If you buy 4 products, the price is $249.

So, the effective price is $62 for each drone.

The best offer is for $297. At this price, you will get 5 drones – yes 5!

You are paying for 3 drones and getting 2 for free.

This is a great offer you can consider buying.

If you want an extended warranty of 3 years, then you can get it by just paying an additional $24.

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Where To Buy Tactic Air Drone?

Tactic Air Drone can be purchased only from the official website of the company.

You can complete the purchase online by buying securely.

The website is McAfee Secure and Norton secured.

You can use your credit card to make the purchase.

The first thing you must do is decide how many products you want.

Next, you must enter your address and shipment details, including contact information.

It is important to remember that all products come with free shipping.

This again is a limited offer.

Once you make the payment, the order is complete and the product will be sent to you by post.

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This detailed review of Tactic Air Drone provided you comprehensive information about this quad copter drone.

This is a professional drone that offers a host of features making it a very valuable product.

The pricing of this drone is its biggest benefit allowing you to get it at less than $100 under an offer.

The quad copter drone has dual cameras that provide high resolution images and videos.

You can control the drone through a remote controller or through a mobile app.

It has a single touch control making it very easy to operate.

It has advanced features that makes the drone follow you and take photos when you just wave your hand.

These advanced features make this drone very easy to use even for novices.

Professional photographers will love this drone because it can help them take quality, high resolution pictures from a wide angle.

The drone is lightweight and portable.

At the same time is sturdy.

It has sensors that ensure it does not collide with any object and get damaged.

The host of features this drone offers makes it a very valuable product for people who love photography.

If you want to take the best photos and want a drone to take with you while traveling, you can consider this product.

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Tactic AIR Drone FAQ’s

  • Can this drone be taken on flights while travelling?

Yes, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

The drone can be folded and neatly packed into a case.

It is lightweight and does not add to the weight of the luggage.

You can safe take it with you whether you travel by flight or any other mode.

The portable feature of this drone makes it a great device for people who take photos while traveling.

  • Can I control this mobile using my Android phone?

Yes, you can. Whether you have an Android or iOS phone, you can download the app for the drone.

Once installed, the app can be used to control the drone, take photos, and even edit the photos.

  • What if the propeller of the drone breaks up?

The drone is equipped with anti-collision technology.

This ensures the drone will not crash into any object and break.

The drone may be lightweight but it is very sturdy and unlikely to be damaged.

In case, the drone’s propellers get stuck somewhere or damaged, don’t worry.

The makers of the drone provide four extra propeller blades that you can use as replacement.

  • Are there any customer complaints about this drone?

No, there are no complaints to be found online either on the official website or on other websites.

Customers who have bought this product and used it have indicated their satisfaction with it.

They are happy with the budget-friendly pricing and range of features offered.

This is why the drone has an average customer rating of 4.9/5.

  • Is the price of $99 for the product available always?

The drone is priced at $198, but as part of a promotion, we are offering a special price of $99.

As part of the promotion, the seller has reserved a specific quantity of drones.

When this stock runs out, the promotional offer will no longer apply, and you will need to purchase it at the full price.

That’s why it’s advisable to buy the product right away to take advantage of the offer.

  • Which is the best offer available for this product?

If you are looking for multiple drones, then there is a great offer available.

If your family has travel enthusiasts, you can gift a drone to each of them.

The drone makes an excellent gift for family members and friends.

That’s why we’re offering a special deal that entitles you to receive two free drones when you purchase 3.

This is the best offer provided for buying this product.

The total price you need to pay is just $297, which is an incredible price for 5 drones.