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Snore Circle Smart Anti-Snoring Device: 200 Thousand People’s Choice To Stop Snoring In 1 Second

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Snore Circle is a revolutionary smart device that utilizes modern technology to solve an ancient problem – snoring.

Although founded in 2017, Snore Circle Europe S.L. has already managed to build quite the reputation and secure numerous international partners thanks to its innovative ideas and recognizable designs.

The company is headquartered in Madrid, Spain.

Keep reading this comprehensive Snore Circle review to learn how the company’s simple devices can protect you from all the dangerous effects of snoring and provide your partner with the best gift possible – a good night’s sleep.

What Is Snore Circle?

snore circle review

Snore Circle currently offers three different devices designed to recognize and collect your snoring data.

All devices are very lightweight and easy to use and they provide a comfortable cushion, which is especially important for restless sleepers.

They are also ultra-portable so you can take them anywhere and have a guaranteed good night’s rest even when you are away from home.

From its launch, the company has been updating its products on a regular basis, so its first device (Snore Circle Snore Stopper) is currently in its fifth generation.

This incredible sleep aid uses a muscle stimulation technique to give you a night’s sleep you’ve been dreaming of, a snoring-free!

With a large portion of the population suffering from sleep deprivation because of their partners snoring or even their own, it is about time a solution came to market.

Most people with this problem have tried every trick to remedy their situation including sleeping on their side, hypnosis and even sub-par products that don’t work.

These products fail to tackle the key area that stops people from snoring – the muscles.

If you are one of the many people who are tired of being tired and want to prevent snoring once and for all, then you need to try Snore Circle, it will be the best product you ever bought.

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How Snore Circle Works

Snore Circle Snore Stopper is an earphone style sleeping aid that employs top-of-the-line bone conduction and sound recognition technologies and adapts to your personal needs.

During R&D, the company used various sources of information related to Bluetooth earphones and ear shapes in general.

As a result, Snore Circle Snore Stopper is a one-size-fits-all device that can be worn on both sides without any problems.

It is made of ecological soft silicone, weighs 18 grams, is very comfortable, and does not come off easily.

Snore Circle Eye Mask also uses advanced bone conduction and sound recognition technologies to identify snoring and perform a physical intervention by giving off very small vibrations or sounds.

The mask comes with 36 different levels of physical intervention and enters the preset working mode automatically when you turn it on, which makes it ideal for the elderly as well.

It is made of an ecological high-density sponge, weighs around 32 grams, and can be used pretty much anywhere.

The latest addition to the Snore Circle family of products is the Smart Anti-Snoring Muscle Stimulator.

The device is placed under the chin and it starts emitting micro-impulses the moment it recognizes snoring.

The said impulses stimulate your muscles to contract, thus keeping the airways open at all times.

It weighs only 10 grams, which makes it the most portable Snore Circle device yet.

All Snore Circle sleeping aids are compatible with the company’s phone app as well.

Apart from educational articles and audio materials that help you sleep better, you will also be able to see your sleep statistics and learn everything about the overall quality of your night’s rest.

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How Is Snore Circle Different?

Unlike many other anti-snoring devices that rely purely on the mechanics of your body to prevent you from snoring, Snore Circle sleeping aids utilize advanced sound recognition technology and affect your body in a completely different manner.

Instead of keeping your tongue out of the way with a suction cup or keeping your lower jaw in an uncomfortable position the whole night, Snore Circle devices simply emit sound signals or vibrations the moment they detect any signs of snoring.

Apart from this, they are all connected through a dedicated Snore Circle app that allows you to monitor a wide variety of useful sleep statistics and use the available materials to fall asleep faster.

Snore Circle Uses Advanced Technology To Prevent Snoring

Not just any technology, the most advanced, modern technology available. Instead of offering a temporary fix that doesn’t last, Snore Circle helps to make snoring a thing of the past.

It precisely detects and identifies snoring sounds through its use of sound recognition technology.

Through recognizing bone conduction it massages the respiratory muscles to help prevent snoring.

With the help of this forward-thinking technology, you can enjoy a healthy night’s sleep

A normal sleep aid has a low success rate, using limited technology to help only a handful of people.

A lot of the time, they are basic designs and you wake up having had another bad sleep.

Thankfully, Snore Circle works from the first use, giving a snore-free experience like no other.

Snore Circle Can Be Personalised

The dated sleep aids on the market are not adjustable, which means you are the mercy of one setting, it either works, or it doesn’t.

Snore Circle can be changed via 36 different levels of intervention.

Use the app to adjust how sensitive you wish the app to be, it will stop you snoring if you are a light snorer or heavy.

This means you can change how severe each intervention is which will prevent snoring.

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Snore Circle Connects To Your Phone

When some companies say they use technology, most of the time, it is very limited.

Also, you will find that it doesn’t really help you sleep peacefully.

The technology behind Snore Circle is so advanced that the anti sleeping device can be connected to your phone, making it customizable.

Using Bluetooth, it can be tailored to work to your needs, helping you to find the balance that will ensure a night’s sleep where snoring is not an issue.

Using the app, you can monitor your sleep patterns to see where you snored more, and see if things such as your diet have played a part in the times you were snoring more.

Snore Circle Is Portable

When you are traveling on a bus or train, snoring can be an annoyance for other passengers.

To prevent this, your anti-snoring device has to be portable.

Thankfully, Snore Circle can go wherever you go.

Even if your business trips abroad, or you are going on holiday, Snore Circle fits into your luggage with ease, so you can enjoy a stress-free stay.

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Snore Circle Is Intuitive

Because snoring can be controlled by the muscles, only a device with high spec technology can offer a solution.

Snore Circle is so effective because it gently stimulates the soft tissue at the back of your throat.

This causes them to contract, as a result, you will naturally adjust your breathing to stop snoring before it becomes a larger problem, and also reduces the severity.

Snore Circle Is Comfortable

For some people, a nasal snore prevention kit feels intrusive and uncomfortable.

Thanks to the soft cushioning that attaches to your throat, Snore Circle can offer a cure that will not feel strange and will not move around with your movements.

It only weighs 10g making it barely noticeable as you drift off, knowing you will have a great night’s sleep, and so will your partner.

Snore Circle Is Clinically Proven To Work

A lot of sub-par products enter the market too early or based on loose research leaving you with a bad experience.

For you to get the rest you deserve, years of intensive research have been applied to create the most advanced anti-snoring device the world has ever seen.

In fact, Snore Circle lasts up to 20 hours at any one time when in use.

There is also an impressive 50 hours of standby time meaning it will last all night and won’t let you down.

Because it doesn’t take long to charge, you will never have to go to bed without the trustworthy technology to ensure you get a snore-free sleep.

The charging cable is included, along with the conductive strips.

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It Looks Good

Out of every feature, this might be the least important, but it’s still worth noting.

The slick black design means it does not look out of place on your bedside table, ready to be used for another peaceful night’s rest.

Snore Circle comes in a well designed black box with an instruction manual to help you get the night’s rest you deserve.

You will wake up ready to tackle the day, feeling brand new.

Does Snore Circle Stop Snoring?

As already mentioned in this Snore Circle review, all the company’s devices are very effective at recognizing the sound of snoring and stopping it with sounds, vibrations, and signals that cause muscle contractions as you sleep.

One of the best things about Snore Circle sleeping aids is the fact that they can be used by pretty much anybody, even the youngest of snorers.

They are also very lightweight and portable, so you do not have to carry any complicated machinery around just to maintain your sleep quality at optimal levels.

Does Snore Circle Have Any Side Effects?

Snore Circle devices have no known side effects and never disturb your sleep in any way.

Other sleeping aids usually cause some soreness, salivation, and potentially even infections.

With Snore Circle, you do not have to worry about any of these problems.

Moreover, all of the devices are extremely comfortable as well, so even restless sleepers have nothing to worry about.

Who Should Buy Snore Circle?

As already stated in this Snore Circle review, all three devices can be used by pretty much anybody without any limitations.

Since they have no side effects and do not disturb sleep, Snore Circle sleeping aids are ideal for children who start snoring at a very young age.

Since they enter their preset operating modes automatically, they are also accessible to older individuals who might not have that much experience with modern technologies.

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What Users Think Of Snore Circle

After doing research for this Snore Circle review, we can say that these devices literally changed people’s lives for the better.

Users are usually wowed by their micro-calibration options, ease of use, and general comfort when sleeping.

One of the main things that users praise is the ability of Snore Circle sleeping aids to perform their respective interventions without ever waking them up.

They also like that they can view their personal sleep statistics directly through their apps and see how Snore Circle makes their sleep better.

You may be happy to know that we did not find any negative reviews, but we will continue to monitor user feedback and update this review with any new findings.

Snore Circle Features

  • With the Snore Circle Smart Electronic Muscle Stimulator placed comfortably under the chin as you sleep, the sensors in the device will work to detect and collect snoring data.
  • Download the Snore Circle APP and use it to see your snoring and sleep data. Compatible with bluetooth 4.0, your snore guard works continuously while you are sleeping, and Monitor your sleep mode.
  • Anti-Snoring device is can Be used in many places,like in high-speed rail, airplanes, offices, long-distance rides and other plots. You can also send friends as a present so that they can also enjoy the fun of technology.
  • When you turn it on, Snore Circle will automatically enter the preset working mode, No age limited, easy to use. Please feel free to contact us if you have any question about it.

Package Included

Snore Circle is a package drifting luxury based on black.

In the package, there was a Micro – USB cable for charging, a charging station, a Snore Circle body, an electrode pad, an instruction manual etc.

The Snore Circle body is 4 cm wide × 2.5 cm long and is sized to fit snugly into the palm, and weighs only 10 g. It is a device of a shape like a broad bean.

The main body has a power switch on the side. Press and hold the power switch ……

With this feeling, the power turns on. Use the power switch in addition to Sleeplus application for Snore Circle.

Magnet for charging and bonding is attached on the back side.

Magnet is built in the charging stand as well, and when it comes closer, the body sticks to the charging stand perfectly with magnetic force.

There is a Micro-USB port on the back of the charging stand, so plug in the included Micro-USB..

Charging is possible by connecting to a USB power adapter etc.

You can check the battery level with the color of the power indicator on the top of the unit. In the state of orange like picture, the remaining capacity of the battery is slightly left. Also, it is said that you can know the remaining battery level in percent by using the application.

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How To Use Snore Circle

Actually I will try using the Snore Circle. First of all, I will attach the “electrode pad” to my throat. The electrode pad is a disposable sheet, and if you use up the first 10 items that you bundled, you need to purchase additional.

Peel off the electrode sheet from the protective film …

Paste in a position close to the throat under the chin. According to the instructions, “Since the adhesive surface is used cleanly, please wash with soap or water before use”, but as it got washed down, the adhesion was reduced and it became easy to peel, so this time it is used as it is doing.

Paste so that the mountain part of the electrode pad is on the side of the jaw and the part where the electrode pad is on the throat side.

Turn on the power supply of the Snore Circle main body and paste it so that the power switch comes close to the throat side.

When installed it is like this. The total weight of the electrode pad and the Snore Circle is 23 g, and the weight itself is not felt much. However, there is a feeling of incompatibility with the feeling that “the adhesive tape is sticking to the throat” can not say anything.

When actually entering futon, I am concerned that Snore Circle and Futon come in contact. It seems that the adhesive part peels off when rolling over.

Final Verdict

Snore Circle anti-snoring devices are definitely starting a revolution of their own on the sleep quality market.

Instead of keeping your airways open mechanically, they utilize cutting-edge technologies to stimulate your muscles to contract as you sleep or stop you from snoring with low-intensity sonic waves and vibrations.

They are also very comfortable, easy to use, and accessible to anyone, including children and the elderly.

This Snore Circle review painted a pretty good picture of the direction the anti-snoring industry should be taking in the future.

We hope it also helped you make a fully informed choice and find a sleeping aid that will guarantee you a good night’s rest night after night.

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The device can be used alone.

Data will be automatically saved without needing to connect to Bluetooth.

In the morning, simply open the app and sync the previous night’s data via Bluetooth.

  • How long until I see results?

You will experience the effects on the first night of use, but we recommend using it for more than a week for the best results.

  • How do I sync data?

Turn on the device and enable Bluetooth on your phone.

Open the Sleeplus app and bind your device (instructions on binding are provided when you first download the app).

Your device may be used normally once successfully bound.

After using the device, simply press the power switch to sync and upload data to the app.

You can then view your snore report generated by the app.

  • What causes snoring?

Snoring is caused by the narrow airways of the nose and throat, resulting in poor airflow and therefore snoring at night.

There are many reasons for the narrowing of the airway, one of the most important of which is the relaxation of the respiratory muscles.

  • Is the device harmful to the human body?

The device does no harm to the human body because it uses purely physical intervention.

It is worn only while sleeping and works automatically once started without the need to enable Bluetooth.

Users may rest assured.

Snoring cannot be cured altogether.

The main function of the device is to inhibit users from snoring or to reduce the snoring frequency and noise, as well as reduce the impact on the user and other people.

Because the severity of snoring varies according to each person, the effectiveness of our products also varies from person to person.

Our products have already been used by over 300,000 people.

We believe our products can help you with your snoring!