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SenseSleep Review: The Best Pillow For Sleeping

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SenseSleep: An Introuduction

With around one in three of the population suffering from some form of insomnia, it seems that getting a good night’s rest can be a real challenge.

From difficulty finding a comfortable position through to joint problems, sleep apnoea, allergies, anxiety or a pillow surface that’s too harsh or non-absorbent, there are many reasons why people are plagued by sleeplessness.

Not only can disturbed or insufficient sleep leaves sufferers feeling tired and out-of-sorts, over time a lack of sleep can cause significant health problems. Luckily, in many cases, the right type of pillow can make a real difference!

Take a look at why a growing number of individuals are turning to SenseSleep as a powerful aid to a restful slumber.


SenseSleep: a one-stop solution for a comfortable sleep!

SenseSleep is a revolutionary pillow concept which uses cutting-edge materials and innovative design to deliver an exceptional sleeping experience.

Suitable for use by almost anybody, the pillow has been specifically designed for individuals who crave a comfortable, supportive pillow that’s also hypo-allergenic and designed for frequent laundering.

If you’ve been suffering from poor quality sleep, a SenseSleep pillow could make a noticeable difference to the problem. SenseSleep brings traditional pillows up-to-date, providing a contemporary option that has numerous benefits.

How does SenseSleep deliver its exceptional benefits?

 Anti-bacterial properties

If you regularly wake up with a runny nose, itching eyes, sneezing or a painful, itching face, a dust mite allergy could be the problem.

Dust mites are everywhere, but there are some locations where they can accumulate in large numbers, causing debilitating health problems.

One of those locations is traditional pillows: old-fashioned feather-filled pillows are notoriously difficult to wash and dry.

Even newer, synthetic pillows may present a laundering challenge. This can lead to infrequent washing, allowing dust mites to multiply. SenseSleep is made from 100% polyester, 3D spacer mesh fabric.

This material creates a hostile environment for dust mites, as well as being extremely easy to launder, further reducing the likelihood of dust mite build-up.

  Easy, fast laundering

It’s not just dust mites which can become a nuisance if a pillow isn’t laundered regularly, other allergens can also begin to build-up.

In addition, many people have medical conditions which mean that they need a pillow which can be washed as often as necessary, with no ill-effects.

This is where SenseSleep comes into its own. Not only can it be laundered at higher temperatures, but it’s also designed with quick-dry materials.

Ideal for use in care homes or residential facilities, SenseSleep can be used in any circumstances where enhanced hygiene is a priority.

Beautifully breathable

The innovative 3D Spacer Mesh that’s used to create SenseSleep gives a pillow that’s not only exceptionally comfortable but which is also breathable.

During the course of the night, perspiration from the head and neck can accumulate on the pillow: a harsh, non-absorbent material prevents this perspiration from gently dissipating, potentially leading to individuals lying on a damp surface for hours at a time.

This can create skin problems, as well as being extremely uncomfortable. Non-absorbent pillows are a particular problem where plastic or rubber pillow protectors have been used to improve hygiene. 

SenseSleep deals with this issue beautifully: the 3D Space Mesh fabric helps to wick moisture gently away from the surface, whilst easy laundering ensures that poor hygiene is never an issue!

Rebound filling for an exceptional level of support

Finding a comfortable position for the head and neck is crucial for peaceful rest. Beneath the 3D Spacer Mesh outer, supportive filling moulds to individual contours, offering gentle yet effective support.

No matter how many times you change position during the night, SenseSleep responds, facilitating your new position and allowing the indentations left by your old position to be swiftly eliminated.

People with cervical joint problems may well see a real difference in their comfort when they opt for a SenseSleep pillow.

SenseSleep Features:

Protection from dust mites, mildew, mould, fungi, bacteria and germs
Excellent support using a polyester, rebound filling
3D Space Mesh fabric for breathable comfort
Easy laundering for good hygiene
Quick dry material for convenience

Who would benefit from a SenseSleep pillow?

SenseSleep is a versatile pillow which is suitable for many different sleepers. A great addition to bedtime for any member of the family, SenseSleep is particularly useful for people for whom sleep is a challenge.

These may include allergy sufferers, people with face or neck conditions, people who sleep poorly due to systemic issues, sleep apnoea sufferers or those who suffer from stress or anxiety. 

SenseSleep pillows are ideal for locations where hygiene is a priority, such as hotels, guest houses, clinics, care homes, residential facilities, hostels or bed, and breakfast establishments.

Is SenseSleep worth it

The answer to this question ultimately depends on how highly you value a good night’s sleep on a hygienic, comfortable surface! 

SenseSleep combines the best of modern technology with great design, resulting in a 21st-century pillow that’s comfortable and stylish as well as hygienic and practical.

The innovative 3D Spacer Mesh fabric creates a soft, breathable surface that’s a boon for many poor sleepers. A high level of support brings further benefit.

Created to repel allergens and simple to keep clean at all times, SenseSleep eliminates many of the traditional barriers to a restful night.

If you like the idea of a safe, natural aid to peaceful nights, a SenseSleep pillow could be the answer.

Where can I purchase the SenseSleep?

The SenseSleep is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping.

Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.