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Prime Tracking Reviews – PrimeTracking Personal GPS Tracker

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Prime Tracking Review: As crime rates all over the world continue to soar, people are becoming increasingly more cautious about their prized possessions.

For example, as per data available on the official Bureau for Justice (BoJ) website, in 2008 alone, the total amount of money lost as a result of carjacking’s was estimated to be around $6 billion.

Not only that, but the average dollar loss per theft was also found to be $8,407 — which is quite a hefty number, to say the least.

In this regard, Prime Tracking can be thought of as an advanced, fully equipped GPS tracking device that is 4G enabled and thus has the capacity to provide users with a wide array of real-time data related to their cars.

As per the manufacturer’s specifications, the device has been built using plastic and metal composites that are sturdy and weather tested.

What is Prime Tracking GPS Device?

As the name seems to quite clearly suggest, Prime Tracking is a GPS device that has been devised using 4G enabled sensors that allow users to obtain real-time tracking data for their cars.

Furthermore, thanks to the device’s ergonomic design and general outlay, it is extremely stealthy and pretty much undetectable.

Prime Tracking GPS Tracking Device Features:

Compact: The overall size and design of the device is extremely compact and refined — i.e. 2.7 x 1.51 x 0.92 inches.

Therefore users can be absolutely sure that the machine will remain undetected as long as they decide to not tell the driver of the car about its whereabouts.

Light: Another underrated facet of the Prime Tracking GPS unit is that it weighs only 2.24 ounces.

This means that the device can be stored pretty much anywhere without any apparent hassle or discomfort.

Sturdy: As mentioned earlier, Prime Tracking has been built using reinforced plastics that have been structurally tested for their long-term durability.

Not only that, certain components of the machine make use of metal composites that are designed to be extremely resilient even in harsh weather conditions.

Silent Operation: The machine produces pretty much no sound at all and thus the chances of it being detected are almost next to none — thus making it the perfect tracking device for any kind of vehicle.

Impressive Battery Life: According to the manufacturer, each unit of Prime Tracking features a long-lasting lithium-ion battery that needs to be charged only twice a month (even when being used continuously).

How Does Prime Tracking GPS Tracking Device Work?

From the outside looking in, the device is extremely easy to make use of and requires no technical expertise or prior knowledge on how to use GPS trackers.

For example, to deploy, all one has to do is simply place the machine in a safe and secure location within one’s car and switch on.

Once this has been done, the following steps should be followed as carefully as possible:

Why Choose Prime Tracking GPS Tracking Device?

Some of the features that really make Prime Track standout in comparison to its contemporaries include:

  • Speed Control

The smartphone app that comes free with Prime Tracking has the ability to closely monitor the speed of one’s car.

This enables users to see if their driver, children are making use of the vehicle in question in a responsible/sensible manner.

  • SOS Functionality

A highly overlooked aspect of this GPS tracker is that it comes with an SOS button, which the driver can make use of to alert relevant authorities in case he/she is in any sort of trouble.

Once the button is pressed, the machine automatically sends out the car’s exact location without the user having to do anything at all.

This mechanism is much more discreet and effective in cases of emergencies.

  • Extremely Accurate and Quick

As mentioned in an earlier section, Prime Tracking’s 4G capabilities allow it to provide users with real-time car movement data.

Not only that, owing to its superior data receiving capacity, the device is able to take into account a wide array of other info — speed, real-time alerts — as well.

  • GeoFences

A cool little feature that Prime Tracking offers its users is the ability to create “GeoFences”, — that are basically imaginary boundary restrictions which if a driver goes beyond, results in the car owner automatically receiving an alert — thereby allowing them to know where their car has been.

  • Wide Reach and Service Coverage

At the time of writing this article, the manufacturer of this device claims that Prime Tracking provides users with full map coverage across the length and breadth of the United States, Canada, and Mexico.


A quick look at Google shows us that the device is currently being used by customers all over the globe.

In this regard, a vast majority of the people currently making use of Prime Tracker claim to be extremely satisfied with the product.

To be even more specific, the device currently holds a 4.7/5 rating on Amazon — based on over 1500 customer reviews.

Where Can I Buy Prime Tracking?

The easiest and most straightforward way of facilitating a purchase is via the official company website —

Alternatively, the device is also currently available on Amazon.

There are three core deals available at the moment:

  • Single Device + 10 Day Trial: This deal includes the unit along with a sim card and 10-day navigation trial — $49.99
  • Single Device + 6 Months tracking: This deal includes the device along with a six-month navigation license — $169.97
  • Single Device + 12 Month tracking: This deal includes the central machine along with a 12 month GPS navigation license — $259.97

The aforementioned deals come with an automatic renewal scheme, so users should be careful when placing an order.

Also, the last two packages feature a free shipping and handling offer.

Lastly, each purchase comes with a sixty-day money-back guarantee in case users are not totally satisfied with the quality of their purchase.

Payments can be made via a host of safe and secure avenues, including PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, etc.

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