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Photo Stick Reviews – Is PhotoStick A Scam? September 2022

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The Photo Stick Unbiased Review: Find Out If PhotoStick Storage Device Really Work as Advertised or is it a Scam? Must Read Before Buying.

Do you ever wish you could store more images in one place, free up disc space on your computer by storing photos somewhere, or find photos on your computer more quickly?

Anyone who enjoys capturing life’s special moments has probably witnessed this at some point. Fortunately, the Photo Stick is a solution to all of those problems.

The Photo Stick is designed to securely store and move your images off of your laptop, freeing up precious storage space.

We’ve thoroughly investigated the Photo Stick and written a review to help you decide if it’s the best fit for you.

You’ll find answers to all of your questions about the Photo stick in this comprehensive review.

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What is The Photo Stick?

The Photo Stick is designed to efficiently and comfortably store thousands of images at once.

You would assume that would actually require an extremely expensive product, but that is not the case!

Thanks to its storage capability and easy-to-carry design, this product has been successful for quite some time.

The Photo Stick is often compared to a hard disc or a flash drive.

It is similar to others, but it is not similar.

We relate to the Photo Stick as “smart storage.”

The Photo Stick stores your files in an open and effective manner, reducing the amount of effort you have to do.

It locates files for you, meaning you don’t have to search through hundreds of files or spend time looking for your photos.

Since all of the work is completed by you, it has received a lot of good feedback.

So, yes, it’s identical to a flash drive.

It accomplishes the same goal by storing many files at once, but it is so much more.

The Photo Stick is designed to do what most hard drives and backup systems can’t: it saves time and prevents the difficulty of searching and locating images by finding files for you.

Overall, this makes it incredibly easy to quickly and efficiently migrate the files.

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How Does the Photo Stick Work?

The Photo Stick’s technology is interesting to learn about.

It contains tools that quickly locate files by scanning the entire computer and then copying those files to the Photo Stick unit.

Any computer can be used to run the device.

It’s also capable of copying data from one device to another.

The Photo Stick would serve as a link between them, allowing you to copy files from one device to the stick, carry it around, and then paste it into the other.

If the computer systems are not near to each other, this can be very helpful.

There’s no reason to be concerned with duplicate files being saved to the device by using the Photo Stick because the device immediately destroys duplicates.

This is not a feature available on other devices.

Duplicates are automatically sorted to reduce storage and reduce uncertainty.

It also has the power to search files that you are unable to locate on your own.

It’s possible that you’ve lost files on your computer and can’t find them… Maybe they’re in the wrong folder, with the wrong name, or saved in a strange place.

Photo Stick will locate and download those files for you.

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Does The Photo Stick Work Quickly?

The Photo Stick is said to be “lightning fast” in some reviews.

Most people who use it say it works fast because the computer detects the device right away and sends you a message that it’s plugged in, followed by a question telling you what you’ll do with it.

Finding and copying files is also a quick operation, taking it from a few seconds to a few minutes, based on how many files are on your computer.

It has the potential to duplicate thousands of files in minutes, greatly outranking the competition.

Any compatible file on your computer will be found by the Photo Stick and copied over.

There is currently no way to distinguish between which files you want to copy and hold and which you want to discard.

The Photo Stick is built to be easy to use.

It is self-contained and requires no effort on your part.

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How Many Photos Will a Photo Stick Store?

You have a few storage size choices available to pick from.

The standard Photo Stick has 8GB of data, which should be enough for most users.

The 8GB can accommodate up to 3,500 images and videos of average quality.

The 64GB edition can store up to 30,000 images and videos.

Professional photographers and others in the social media industry are the most likely to use this.

Finally, there’s the 128GB, which can store up to 60,000 images and videos safely.

It’s worth noting that these capacity figures are based on standard file sizes, so you may be able to accommodate slightly more or slightly fewer files than mentioned.

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Pros and Cons of The Photo Stick

The Photo Stick’s benefits and drawbacks will help you decide if it’s right for you.


  • It is designed to work on any computer, including Macs, Windows PCs, and notebooks.
  • Simple to Follow- Onscreen reminders guide you through the process of successfully loading and saving your images on the Photo Stick. There’s no reason to scroll through pages of manuals.
  • Photo Stick is a versatile piece of software that finds suitable video, photo, and other image files for you so you don’t have to.
  • Storage Options- The Photo Stick comes in a variety of storage sizes. The tiniest has 8GB of storage.
  • As soon as you plug in the Photo Stick, you’ll have access to fast tech at work. You’ll see it working straight away, and your computer will detect it. It also easily filters and saves files for you. The amount of time it takes depends on the number of files you need to copy, but even a big copying job can only take a few minutes.
  • Photo Stick is reasonably priced, with the smallest option starting at $35.
  • You have no risk and this offer comes with a money-back policy. If you are disappointed with the PhotoStick, just order a refund.


  • Doesn’t Work on Mobile Devices – Photo Stick storage devices are divided into two categories Photo Stick and Photo Stick Mobile. Photo Stick mobile is compatible with smartphones and other smart devices, including iPhones. The Photo Stick is for Laptops, notebooks, and desktop computers, such as Macs and Windows systems. Since they don’t run on the same computers, you want to make sure you have the right one. Keep a close eye on what you’re buying to make sure it’ll work on the computer or devices you’re planning to use it with.
  • Although the Picture Stick works on basically every device, there are occasions when this tool will not work due to an unknown bug or other distracting software. While this is extremely rare, we want you to be aware of the possibility.

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What Types of Files Can the Photo Stick Find?

The Photo Stick app locates and retrieves jpeg and gif files from your computer, which is a commonly asked query.

It will, however, store a wider range of file types,, MPEG 4, avi, BMP, and tiff.

You must manually insert these types of files since the Photo Stick cannot download them from your computer.

When moving them to another computer, there are no problems with compatibility.

How to Run The Photo Stick?

It’s easy to use the Photo Stick. It’s designed to be used in almost every way and does everything on its own

It will automatically start up when plugged into a USB port on your device.

When the device is plugged in and ready to use, the computer will inform you.

It will ask you what you want to do about it after that.

It’s important to bear in mind that any machine is different, so the procedure can vary from device to device. Regardless, the Photo Stick is pretty self-explanatory.

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Does The Photo Stick Work with Your Device?

Let’s take a brief look at Photostick’s software usability.

It operates on any Mac with an operating system of 10.6 or higher, which includes the majority of new Macs.

It also runs on the majority of Windows operating systems, including XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Anything newer than Microsoft’s goods should also be compliant.

Make sure your computer is compliant with the Photostick by checking the compatibility list.

Most modern computers would work perfectly, but if you have an older computer or one that runs a non-standard operating system, check to see if the Photo Stick is compatible before purchasing one.

Does The Photo Stick Need to Install Anything on Your Device?

You may be worried about an unauthorized program or app being activated on your computer when you hear that the Photo Stick has apps on it.

With the Photo Stick, this isn’t a problem.

Anything it takes to run is stored inside the PhotoStick itself.

The Photo Stick can be used and worked without any files or applications.

For most computers, the Photo Stick operates with normal existing applications and does most of the operations on the hard drive.

It does not need cloud storage, a password, or the internet to work.

There are no files to import, no site to sign up for, and no membership fees or other hidden expenses expected outside of your computer and system to make this work.

You just don’t have to think about spyware or ransomware creeping into your computer because the PhotoStick just copies files that you’ve added yourself.

It’s a totally secure and harmless product that won’t damage your computer, won’t take up excess storage space, and won’t download any external software.

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Photo Stick Customers Reviews

You may be curious as to what people who have purchased and used the Photo Stick have to say about it.

Is the majority of their comments positive or negative?

Are they recommending it as a decent buy or trying to inform customers to stay away from it?

Let’s get right to it. These are major concerns.

According to one Amazon user rating, the product performs so well that it is almost too convenient to use.

The customer was surprised by how convenient it was to search and sort files without having to do any of the work himself.

Another reviewer mentioned that the device performed perfectly on her device.

It discovered all of her files, including those she had forgotten about and assumed were missing.

She was amazed at how well the product performed and how quickly it identified files that had been lost.

Many of the reviews are very positive about the Photo Stick, but not all of them are.

Some of them are unfavorable, such as one on Amazon that said the computer had failed to identify the Photo stick.

It had previously performed but had stopped working at some stage, according to the reviewer.

There are a few other articles that voice the same opinion, saying that the product actually does not work for them, which may be a problem for consumers of very old computers or systems that have viruses or other issues.

The vast majority of photo stick ratings, on the other hand, are mostly supportive.

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Should You Buy The Photo Stick?

This device is beneficial to all, but it is incredibly useful to those who are unfamiliar with electronics.

This device is suitable for those who have already worked with tablets, iPads, and other electronic devices.

It should be so easy to use that you won’t have any problems plugging it in and figuring out how to save or use the files later.

To view and maintain your images, files, songs, and documents, simply plug the software into any compatible device.

For most computers, a window will open when you plug in the computer.

There, you can access and use any of the data you’ve stored on any computer.

It means you can transfer data from one computer or phone to another.

It’s like bringing your whole computer with you at all times, making it a lifesaver for someone who needs to do research on the go or access personal files while on the trip.

It’s also an excellent gift for any photography lover.

You’ll never run out of space because you can store too many images here.

There’s no reason to worry about having multiple devices on hand.

Simply stack everything in one place.

When all is in one location, you’ll save money on storage systems and have an easier time finding out what you’re looking for.

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What Is the Price of Photo Stick?

You’re still thinking about how much to pay on The Photo Stick right now.

As previously mentioned, the Photo Stick is available in three sizes: small, medium, and big. The following is a breakdown of the company:

  • The small version of The Photo Stick costs $34.99. It has 8 GB of capacity and can hold up to 3,500 images.
  • The Photo Stick is $49.99 for the medium size, which has 64 GB of storage and can hold up to 30,000 images. That’s a saving of 40% from the initial price.
  • The Photo Stick in its biggest size costs $79.99, with 128 GB of storage and the capacity to hold up to 60,000 images. That’s a 50% discount from the actual price.

It is inexpensive, and it costs less than any other flash drive.

Choose one that fits your requirements and is compatible with your computer.

ThePhotoStick’s founders promise that if you don’t like the price or features as much as others do and the product doesn’t meet your expectations, you can claim a refund.

Discounts are also available for those who have bought a Photo Stick from Amazon.

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Final Verdict

You won’t trust me when I tell you that I wrote this review after using the Photo Stick for several months.

It was the solution to all of my backup and storage issues.

PhotoStick is a small device that automatically sets up and provides a secure archive for all of your media data, including images, videos, and other files.

It’s never been easier or more economical to keep precious memories alive.

No matter how cautious you are about these items, hard drive failure is unavoidable.

If you lose your balance on the stairs, you can spill water on your computer or drop your laptop.

Hard drive crashes are normal, and they may happen as a result of an accidental virus update or when the device’s hardware has broken.

Viruses can also take over whole operating systems and prevent you from accessing your files.

ThePhotoStick is a powerful tool that can be used by anybody.

So, as long as your laptop has a USB port, you can simply plug it in and begin backing up all of your files.

You’ll have copies of those files in case the software fails.

It works best for videos and photographs and is fully compatible with a wide range of plugins and formats, but it can also back up music and records.

The bulk of the reviews I found on Photo Stick were satisfactory.

As a result of these reviews, we feel confident in encouraging readers to find a quick and safe way to back up their systems.

I’m hoping you know enough about the device to give it a try since I understand it’s a good option.

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