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Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit? Read Our Report

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Buying a new pair of glasses can easily cost $300 to $400 and even more when you opt for designer frames.

Adding transition lenses that darken and lighten based on the brightness outside can add even more to your total cost.

Not everyone can wear contact lenses.

Even those who do often want to take a break from those lenses to rest their eyes.

This gives your eyes a chance to breathe and can reduce some of the damage you might otherwise experience.

As someone who wears glasses, you know that you need to clean them daily.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is a new product designed to clean your glasses without causing any damage to the lenses.

Something as simple as a tissue can scratch the glass and leave behind lint or other particles that stick to the lenses.

This cleaner works quickly and uses microfiber pads that gently remove debris.

Those pads remove almost anything you can name and won’t mark the lenses.

More than two million happy customers purchased these cleaners in the past.

With our Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner review, you can learn what people who wear glasses love about this cleaner and what you need to do to become another happy customer.

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What is the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

peeps eyeglass cleaner review

Getting new glasses is a hassle because it involves so many different steps.

Not only do you need to make an appointment with your eye doctor, but you need to take time out of your busy schedule for that appointment.

While the doctor can give you an eye exam and let you pick out your glasses, you must then return to make sure that your prescription is right and that the glasses fit properly.

If you don’t take off your glasses, you may end up going back to the eye doctor every few months for a new pair.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is a new product that can help you both clean and take of your glasses at home.

Do you sometimes put on your glasses and see little spots that get in your way?

Those spots can come from the lint that falls off your clothing, hair from your pets and even environmental pollutants such as dust mites.

It takes just a few minutes to use the cleaner on your glasses and get the clear and clean look that you want.

This cleaner works on lenses of all types, including plastic and glass lenses.

You can use it on transition lenses too.

With the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, you can spend more time enjoying your glasses and less time at the eye doctor.

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Why Should You Clean Your Glasses?

When you first learn that you need to wear eyeglasses, you might feel a little upset because you assume that those lenses will negatively impact your life.

You might hate that you need to put them on just to use the bathroom in the middle of the night and when you first wake up in the morning.

Some women and men think that they can’t find glasses that match their lifestyles too.

Glasses can make the world appear so bright and clear that you wondered why you never wore them before.

While you do need to take care of them, the benefits of wearing glasses far outweigh the cons.

Cleaning your glasses is important for a few reasons, including:

  • You can make your glasses last longer
  • The scratches that you would otherwise have are a thing of the past
  • It removes the lint and other debris that can interfere with your field of vision

While you can use an ordinary microfiber cloth to clean your glasses, finding that cloth and keeping it clean can be a pain.

An easy way to clean glasses is with the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, which puts everything that you need for proper cleaning at your fingertips.

The right prescription can make the world appear clearly and help you see things you could never see before.

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How Does the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Work?

If you’re like most people, you probably use whatever you have on hand to clean your glasses.

While this might be a piece of toilet paper or tissue in the bathroom, it can be the top sheet on your bed or even the bottom of your shirt.

Far too many people use their shirts or pants to clean their glasses and then wonder why their lenses are so scratched or smudged.

The problem is that the same debris stuck to your lenses can stick to your clothing and anything else that you use to clean your glasses.

With the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, you can more easily clean the lenses.

This eyeglass cleaner uses aerospace technology combined with microfiber pads.

You can use a tiny brush to remove hair and other items stuck to your lenses.

Like the pads, the brush will not scratch the glass or plastic.

With the microfiber pads, you can slowly go over your lenses to remove anything clinging to the lenses.

It even works on moisture such as sweat that drips from your forehead and rain that dried on your lenses.

Many people find that they can clean their eyeglasses with this cleaner in less than 60 seconds.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner includes microfiber pads that gently clean your lenses.

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Why Do Glasses Get Dirty?

Whether you’re on your first or 20th pair of eyeglasses, you might not realize just how much dirt you pick every day.

The most common type of debris that you see on your lenses come from the pets that you’re around.

Even if you don’t have pets at home, you probably come across a few animals such as a stray cat that rubs against your legs on the way to work or a neighbor’s dog that wants to play when you get home.

Not only can their hair stick to your lenses, but those animals also release pet dander that floats through the air and clings to your lenses. Some of the other dirt and debris that your eyeglasses can pick up can come from:

  • Fingerprints from those times that you push up on your glasses
  • Smudges from facial and skin oils that spread across the lenses
  • Dead skin cells that slough off your skin after you shower
  • Lint from the clothing that you wear, including heavy winter coats and lightweight summer apparel
  • Skin cells from the people who you’re around every day
  • Tar and nicotine from the cigarettes that you smoke or when you have friends/loved ones who smoke

People with oily skin types may find that they need to clean their glasses more often than other people do.

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How Can You Use the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

To use the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, you will hold the cleaner in one hand and place your glasses in the opposite hand.

Push on the bottom located on the side of the cleaner to release the brush.

Specially designed to prevent scratching, this brush removes any hard debris attached to the lenses.

You can run the brush over both sides of the lenses.

It’s also helpful to run the brush along the nose piece and the on the earpieces as loose hair and dirt can cling to those surfaces.

Once you finish using the brush, you can press the button again to slip it back inside the cleaner.

You’ll then slide out the tongs from the cleaner, which holds a microfiber pad.

Place the tongs flat on top of one lens, making sure that the microfiber pads touch both sides of the lens.

This keeps the plastic tongs from rubbing against the lenses.

You can move the pads back and forth across the lens to clean both sides as you go.

Once you finish cleaning one lens, you can move to the next one.

Though some think that moving the pads in a circular direction works best, you can move in any direction that you want.

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Why is the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Better Than a Microfiber Cloth?

  • The cleaner includes a brush that can remove some debris
  • You don’t need to worry about lint clinging to the cleaner
  • Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner keeps the microfiber pads safe
  • You don’t need to use any type of liquid
  • The cleaner is easier to use

Why is the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner So Efficient?

One question you might have after hearing about this eyeglass cleaner is why it’s so efficient.

CarbonKlean, the company that makes this cleaner, uses carbon molecules to help clean your glasses.

When used as a cleaning agent, carbon works especially well on the oils that can stick to the lenses.

If you use your hands to push your glasses off your face or nose, the oils from your hands can leave behind smudges or fingerprints.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner can get rid of any of those oils without causing them to smudge across the surface.

You might see people cleaning this car or house windows with old newspapers and not realize that it’s because of how well the newsprint ink works on the oils stuck to the glass.

This cleaner is also efficient because it uses the same technology that NASA.

The images sent back from the space station are so clear and crisp because the astronauts use similar cleaners to remove debris from the camera lenses.

When you use other types of cleaners, the humidity in the air or the temperature of the room can impair the product’s cleaning powers.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner works just as well when you use it on a cold winter day as it does a muggy summer day.

Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner uses the same cleaning technology that astronauts on the space station use.

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Where Can You Use the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

Active people know that they can use accessories such as headbands to keep their glasses from sliding down their faces.

The headband wraps around your hand and attaches to your glasses.

No matter how active you are of how often you move, your glasses with stay in place.

Another helpful accessory that will come in handy is the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner.

Have you ever went hiking or camping with friends and found that pollen from plants stuck to your glasses and made it hard for you to see?

Pieces of plants and dirt that your friends kick up can stick to your glasses too.

This cleaner is so small and compact that you can keep it in your pocket or your bag for on the spot cleaning.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is also easy to use in other situations.

You can keep one in your desk drawer at work for cleaning your glasses before a meeting with clients or coworkers.

Keeping one in your car lets you quickly clean your lenses if you get caught in a rainstorm or see spots when driving at night.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is a handy tool that you can use whenever and wherever you wear glasses.

If you wear glasses when you drive, keeping this cleaner in your glovebox can come in handy.

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Who’s This For?

CarbonKlean designed the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner for anyone who wears glasses.

Even if you keep your glasses in a case when you’re not wearing them, the lenses can still pick up lint and particles from anything in the air.

This includes the dander and hair that cats and dogs shed as well as environmental pollutants and particles from your clothing.

Those particles can stick to the lenses and form little white spots that interfere with your vision.

You might find small spots on the base of your lenses caused by the oils from your cheeks and spots along the top of the lenses caused by sweat.

Some of the people we think would benefit from using the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner include:

  • Busy people who don’t have a lot of time to clean their glasses
  • Those who wear glasses 10 or more hours a day
  • People who usually wear contacts and only wear their glasses a few times a week
  • Individuals who only need to use glasses when they drive
  • Those who spend a lot of time outside

Even if you regularly switch between glasses and contacts, you’ll find this cleaner helpful.

It ensures that your glasses are free from spots and scratches when you put them on.

Most eye doctors give you a case that can keep your glasses safe when you’re not wearing them.

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How Can You Take Care of Your Glasses?

Using the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is just one way you can care for your new or old glasses.

Dish soap is a good way to clean glasses because this soap works well on oil.

You can run the glasses under warm water and make sure that the water gets to all areas of the lenses and frames.

Then apply a small dab of the soap and use your fingers to rub it into the glass and plastic.

This gives you the chance to clean the frames and remove the oils that may make the earpieces slide down.

If you notice cloudy spots on the lenses, you can focus the soap on those surfaces.

After washing the glasses with the soap, run them under the water a second time to remove all traces of the detergent.

You can then gently shake the glasses with one or both hands to get rid of the excess water.

A microfiber towel or cloth is great for drying the frames and lenses, but the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner can also handle the drying for you.

Not only will the cleaner remove any of the water still clinging to the glasses, but it will also remove any debris that you missed.

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Does the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Work on Everything?

When you first order the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, you should read through the instructions carefully to see what you can and cannot do.

While it works great on the smudges and fingerprints that your hands leave behind, it doesn’t work on everything.

Women who wear makeup or hairspray should be especially cautious.

If you use sprays and other products daily, you should take your glasses on and only put them back on after applying those products.

The same is true for women who wear makeup and anyone who uses moisturizer.

The problem is that those products can leave behind chemicals and other trace elements on your glasses.

If you try to use the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner with lotion, moisturizer, makeup or hair products on the lenses, the pads can cause some damage.

Those pads can transfer the products onto other parts of your lenses and can leave behind some deep scratches as they move those products.

Anytime that you use hair or beauty products, you should take your glasses off first.

If you wear your glasses to see as you apply those products, you’ll want to clean the lenses with either dish soap or a mild detergent before using the eyeglass cleaner.

There is a chance that you might scratch or damage your lenses if they have oils and chemicals on them from common beauty products before using the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner.

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What Comes in the Box?

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner comes with everything you need to clean your lenses and make them clear again.

Unlike other products, you don’t need to apply a liquid cleaner and then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

You also don’t need to rush around to find the right products when you see smudges on your lenses.

The three things that come in each box include:

  • Carrying case
  • Microfiber cleaning tool
  • Retractable brush

With the retractable brush, you can press the side of the case or the tongs to push the brush out and use it to wipe off your lenses.

You can also turn the brush around and use the case to hold onto it as you clean your glasses.

The carrying case is small in size and perfect for tucking in your glove box, purse or camping bag.

This case also keeps dirt and dust away from both the brush and cleaning tool.

That tool consists of two small tongs that each have a microfiber pad.

No matter how you move the pads around on your lenses, you can use the tool to move in the direction that you want.

All pieces fit back inside the case when you finish cleaning.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner includes a brush, tool and microfiber pads that all fit inside the carrying case.

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Can You Use the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner with All Types of Glasses?

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner works just as well on prescription glasses that it does on those cheap sunglasses you buy from the dollar store.

When you buy cheap sunglasses, you won’t worry if you lose them on the beach or forget them on the bus.

While this eyeglass cleaner works effectively on both types of glasses, it only works on those with some type of protective coating.

When you meet your eye doctor and pick out new glasses, you can add at least one type of coating to the lenses for an extra cost.

A common option is a scratch-resistant coating that protects the lenses when you use the wrong type of cleaner or you drop your glasses on the ground.

Unlike other cleaners that can damage that coating and cause it to peel away from the lenses, the Peeps cleaner works great because of the microfiber pads.

As long as there isn’t any sharp debris stuck to the pads, they’ll move easily across the lenses and remove the smudges, fingerprints, pet dander and anything else clinging to the lenses.

This cleaner also works on lenses with an anti-reflective coating, which cuts down on the glare and allows others to see your eyes through the lenses.

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Does the Glass Cleaner Come in More Than One Color?

One thing we noticed when looking at the competition is that most companies do not make stylish options.

They typically stick to black and silver, which are more traditional colors.

When you buy microfiber cleaning cloths, you can choose from bright colors and standard shades.

The makers of the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner don’t want you to feel stuck picking a color that you might not like, which is why they offer this product in so many colors.

Those colors include:

  • Lime green
  • Purple
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Pink

When you use our link to place an order, you can pick the product that you want to buy.

This lets you decide between buying one cleaner or a bundle that includes up to 10 of the cleaners.

After selecting what you want, you will go to a new page that lets you pick the colors that you want.

If you buy a single eyeglass cleaner, you can pick from these five colors.

When you purchase one of the larger sets, you can get all of those cleaners in the same color.

The site also lets you pick a different color for each one to customize the cleaners that you plan to give away as gifts.

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Can You Use the Cleaner for More Than Just Eyeglasses?

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner has a unique design that makes it suitable for all types of eyeglasses and sunglasses.

When you remove it from the case, you can open the tongs and slip them around the lens.

As long as you hold the tongs in one hand, you can glide them across the lens to make sure that the microfiber pads remove pet dander and other debris.

The design makes it difficult but not impossible to use the cleaner on other products.

You might find that the tongs can work on a tablet or cell phone too.

When using the eyeglass cleaner on other items, you must make sure that the tongs can open wide enough to accommodate that item.

We found that the tongs work great on slim phones from Samsung and other manufacturers.

You do need to double-check that the microfiber pads are in good condition and that they touch both the front and back of the phone.

As NASA and others use this type of technology to clean camera lenses, you can safely use the Peeps product on other electronics too.

You always need to make sure that it doesn’t put too much pressure on the screen or surface though.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner can help you clean your phone and other small electronics too.

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Should You Buy It?

Here at USAGadgetReview, we believe in going beyond what other product review sites give you.

Our “Should You Buy It?” section details the pros and features of the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner to help you see the reasons who past customers love it so much that they bought it for their friends and family.

You’ll also find some of the potential issues with the cleaner and the few reasons why you may want to opt for a different cleaning product.

  • No Liquids Required

Whether you use a standard bottle of spray cleaner, running water or a moistened wipe, you need to use some type of liquid when cleaning your glasses.

Unless you thoroughly dry them, you’ll find that the liquid causes the glasses to slide down your nose or slip off your ears.

A nice benefit of the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is that you don’t need to use any type of liquid.

The microfiber pads can remove excess liquid and dried liquid such as sweat and rain.

It can also eliminate the fingerprints and smudges that leave behind spots in your line of vision.

  • NASA Technology

You might remember being a small child and watching shuttles launch into space.

Those shuttles were just some of the activities that NASA did over the years.

It now controls the International Space Station, which sends photos of the Earth and other planets back to the workers on the ground.

NASA trusts the technology that this cleaner uses so much that they use it on that station to keep camera lenses safe and clean.

Other products can scratch those lenses and interfere with the images taken.

You can trust this same technology with your glasses and rest assured that it won’t damage your expensive lenses.

  • No Restrictions

Have you ever tried to clean your lenses with another method on a hot and humid day?

Depending on the temperature in your home, other products can dry out.

Not only can wipes lose their moisture, but the bottles of cleaning products can lose their effectiveness due to the heat.

With the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner, you get the cleaning power that you need in all climates and conditions.

Even if you keep it stored in the glovebox of a hot car, it will work just as well as when you used it on a cooler day.

This is the only cleaner we found that is ready whenever you are.

  • Lots of Use

The number of times you can use other eyeglass cleaners will depend on how much you get.

One ordinary wipe can usually clean both lenses, but if they are particularly dirty, you’ll need two or more wipes to clean them.

Spray products may not last as long as you expected because of how much liquid you need.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner can last for up to 500 cleaning sessions with your glasses.

If you want to keep using the cleaner, you can order replacement pads directly from the company.

As long as you take care of the cleaner, it may last for more than 500 cleanings too.

  • No Chemicals Needed

In today’s world, many people try to live without a lot of chemicals.

This can change the way that you clean your home and even what you eat.

Most of the alternative cleaning products that we found feature some chemicals and ingredients that can leave behind a lingering smell.

Certain chemicals can also strip the coating off your lenses and/or create permanent smudges on the glass or plastic.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner uses just a simple brush and microfiber pads.

It will not harm that protective coating and allows you to clean your glasses without creating smudges or leaving behind bad odors.

  • Oils and Fingerprints

No matter how carefully you handle your glasses, you’ll still see some fingerprints and smudges on your lenses.

Every time that you push the nose piece off your face, you leave behind some trace oils from your skin.

If you use your fingers or hands to put your glasses on and off, you’ll notice even more spots on your lenses.

Oils from your skin can also rub off on the lenses, especially if you wear your glasses every day.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is the best product we found for removing those spots.

It won’t spread those smudges and spots across your lenses the way that other cleaners can.

  • All Types of Glasses

Many people only wear glasses for specific activities.

You might have a restriction on your license that requires you to wear your glasses for driving or when driving at night.

Others wear reading glasses and only need them a few hours a day.

Some people routinely swap between wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses, and others wear their glasses for 10 or more hours a day.

No matter why you need glasses or how often you need them, you’ll find that you can use this eyeglasses cleaner.

The Peeps cleaner is safe to use on all types of glasses, including bifocals.

Though it can clean the surfaces of the lenses, it won’t damage any special spots.

  • For Plastic Lenses

Though some people think that eyeglass lenses are always made of glass, plastic lenses are a popular alternative.

When you have glass lenses, you risk scratching or breaking them when you drop your pair.

Those glasses can also slip off your face if you lean or bend over quickly.

Plastic lenses are often more affordable and less prone to breaking.

You can add special coatings to the lenses to wear them on a bright day outside or to prevent scratches.

Some cleaners do not work well on plastic lenses and can either make the smudges look worse or scratch them.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner works effectively on plastic lenses.

  • Compact Design

Before heading out on a vacation, you might pack your bag and go through it a few times to make sure you have everything.

Finding space for some of the accessories and supplies that you need while on the go is difficult, but as long as you have a few inches free, you have space for this eyeglass cleaner.

It comes with a small carrying case that hides both the tongs with the attached microfiber pads as well as the retractable brush inside.

You’ll find that its small size makes it perfect for on the go cleaning too because you can store it any bag or drawer as well as your glove box.

  • Perfect for Away from Home Use

Those who wear glasses know that they don’t just wear them at home.

If you’re a hiker or a camping enthusiast, you know that your glasses can pick up as much lint and debris on the go as they do at home.

That is why we recommend the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner for you.

Liquid cleaners are a hassle because they take up a lot of space.

You also risk the bottles opening and leaking cleaner all over your pack.

While wipes are more convenient, they can dry out on longer hikes.

Those wipes can also go missing inside your pack.

The Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is much easier to use because it won’t dry out and fits anywhere.

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Reasons to Skip This Cleaner for Your Glasses

To put this eyeglass cleaner to the test, we had several members of our team test it at home and give us their thoughts.

We also tested it in our lab to make sure that we could find the flaws with the product.

One of the biggest issues was that it didn’t work on all types of lenses.

Many children have cheaper plastic lenses that developed some scratches when we used it on the lenses.

It also didn’t work very well on other lenses that didn’t have a protective coating.

The nearly $20 price tag was another downside of the product as this is twice what other products cost.

If you buy at least two of the cleaners from our link, you can save significantly.

We also found some issues with the 30-day money-back guarantee and the way the manufacturer described that guarantee.

To get a refund, you must return the product in its original condition, which means that you cannot open the box.

This also limits the returns of products that customers used.

You can only get a refund on an opened product if the cleaner has defects caused during the manufacturing process.

Even if you decide that you don’t like it after using the cleaner once, you might not qualify for a refund.

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Top Reasons to Spend Your Money on the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

  • You can use the cleaner on any lenses that have a special or protective coating
  • It works just as efficiently as other cleaners do but does not require any extra products
  • With just a few seconds of dedicated cleaning, you can remove all the spots, prints and smudges from your lenses
  • The pocket size of the cleaner lets it fit anywhere
  • You can use the Peeps cleaner on both eyeglasses and sunglasses
  • The durable materials used in the cleaner’s construction helps it last for months or longer
  • You can clean your glasses up to 500 times before you need to replace the microfiber pads
  • The manufacturer offers the cleaner in five fun colors
  • It works on most types of lenses, including those made of plastic and glass

Pros and Cons Of Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner


  • Easy way to clean glasses & keep them safe from damage
  • Price drops even lower when you buy more than one
  • Works on all types of lenses including asplastic and transition lenses
  • Removes both solid debris and spots


  • Free shipping only apply to customers in the US
  • Can clean your lenses with cheaper microfiber cloths
  • Makeup and other products that you don’t remove first can lead to scratches
  • Cost can be high when you buy from other sources

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How Much Does the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Cost?

As we mentioned in the last section, the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner retails for $19.95.

If you only buy one of these cleaning tools, you’ll also need to pay for shipping and handling.

Free shipping is available for those who live in the United States, and the site will waive the handling charges too.

Though you might find this cleaning tool available elsewhere, we found some high prices attached to it.

If you want the green version of the tool, for example, we saw it priced as high as $35 plus shipping and handling.

Our link takes you to a page that lets you order one or multiple cleaners in the colors that you want.

Not only can you buy a specific color for yourself, but you can opt for a bundle that includes up to 10 Peeps Eyeglass Cleaners all in different colors.

The site also accepts different payment methods that let you checkout with a debit card or credit card.

You can use your Shopify or PayPal account to place an order for one or more kits too.

This allows you to use the payment method that you feel most comfortable with and avoid adding bank account details when you order.

Where to Buy Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

While your eye doctor might give you a case for your new glasses and a cleaning cloth after your appointment, the doctor probably won’t talk with you about caring for your glasses in the future.

That is when we wrote this Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner review that goes over the benefits of this convenient cleaning tool.

We also wanted to make sure that you know where to buy the cleaner. 

Click here to visit Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner Official Website.

Though you can get a single cleaning tool that includes a retractable brush and microfiber cleaning pads for only $19.99, you can get a bulk discount when you buy two or more.

Those discounts include:

  • Buy two Peeps Eyeglass Cleaners and get one free
  • Purchase three tools and get two free
  • Get five cleaning tools for free when you buy five

The buy three and get two free is one of the more popular deals and costs $59.97.

If you buy five, you pay only $99.95 and get five free tools.

With the buy two and get one free deal, you pay a total of $39.98.

Each deal lets you save $19.95 or more on your purchase.

All the bulk deals come with free shipping also.

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What are the Top Alternatives to the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner?

Another option is the Care Touch Lens and Screen Wipes.

The box comes with 210 single-use wipes, but you can invest in a box that comes with 20 or 400 wipes too.

Each wipe comes pre-moistened and in a wrapper that keeps it from drying out.

Not only can you use the wipes on your lenses, but they also work on electronics and devices with screens, including televisions, computers and tablets.

You can tuck a few into your camera bag and store others in your glovebox, a drawer at work or around the house.

A top alternative to this glass cleaner is the set of Microfiber Cleaning Tools from The Flash Store.

For less than $10 plus shipping, you get 12 small tools that can clean almost anything from your glasses.

These tools look like small tongs that have a microfiber pad tucked between both sides.

You can attach one to your key ring or a chain thanks to a built-in hook.

These cleaning tools are not as durable as the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner though.

They are also so tiny that they are hard to use and can fall off your keychain.

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Thanks to the included carrying case, you never need to worry about the brush breaking or the microfiber pads falling off.

That case is just one of the features that we like about the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner.

This is a durable little cleaner that works on all types of coated lenses.

While you can’t use it if you have basic or cheap plastic lenses, it works on the transition lenses that change based on the available light and lenses with a protective coating to prevent scratches.

You can also use the cleaner to remove smudges from the glasses and the oil that your hands leave behind.

At USAGadgetReview, we believe in only recommending products that we think our readers can use, which is why we created this Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner review.

While it does have some downsides such as not working on all types of lenses and pads that can fall off, it’s far better than the other eyeglass cleaners on the market.

The pads can last for up to 500 cleanings and work just as well later as they do the first time.

For fingerprints and all the other marks that you see on your lenses, you can get rid of them with the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner and see clearly again.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner

The Peeps cleaner is certainly helpful enough to make sure that you get rid of those unwanted scratches, fingerprints, debris and smudges that will find a way to stick to the lens of your glasses.

It works really effectively and assures you of the fact that there will be no scratches left behind.

Also, it takes care that there is no damage caused to the protective coating of the lens.

Peeps works really well when it comes to removing those greasy fingerprints and debris as well.

The presence of carbon compound in this eyeglass cleaner will also ensure that your glasses aren’t prone to the risks of the presence of bacteria and germs.

A lot of times, you seem to rub your eyes too often, or tears tend to roll down from your eyes frequently for just no reason.

This might happen due to the presence of the germs, bacteria and the spread of microbes which can even make things worse!

Peeps cleaner is here to provide you a solution for all such troubles.

  • Are Peeps safe for all kinds of eyeglasses?

Yeah, Peeps eyeglass cleaner is absolutely safe for all sorts of eyeglasses and sunglasses too.

It works efficiently on over the counter lenses including that of the glass, plastic and the ones that are made of the CR39 material.

Not just this, the Peeps cleaner is effective for both the prescription lenses as well as on the polycarbonate sunglasses.

No matter what is the material composition of your pair of glasses, this cleaner is going to bring its magic in all of them.

As already mentioned, that Peeps eyeglass cleaner is absolutely easy and handy to use, such that even your kids can clean their lenses with it without calling for your assistance.

Now, it is quite obvious for you to stay worried if the chemical composition of this eyeglass cleaning solution is hygienic enough for your kids.

Well, the ingredients present in the manufacture of this eyeglass cleaner is not susceptible to causing any kind of damage to your kids’ health.

Hence, you may remain stress-free, as it will not harm your kids by any chance.

  • What is molecular carbon-based technology?

You can think of them as the smallest cleaning particle in the form of a molecule.

These molecules are specially created to be incorporated into the cleaning pads themselves, and they will recharge every time you put them back in the protective cover.

Peeps cleaning pads are made to clean up to 500 times.

  • Is Peeps safe for all lenses and A/R coatings?

Their technology is the most tested, effective, and safest cleaning tech for any screen or lens.

Huge companies like NASA, Essilor, Kodak, Ricoh, Canon, HOYA, Nikon all use it.

All of these companies only use Peeps to clean their screens and lenses because the technology is so impressive that it’s being used on the International Space Station to clean their screens, camera lenses and touchpads.

  • How many times can Peeps be used?

You can clean your lenses 500 times with this simple gadget and when its time to replace the pads you can just order them from their website.

You can order it directly from the manufacturer through their official website.

The company is at present giving new customers discounts of up to 50% on this product, plus free shipping.

One of the best features about the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner is that it doesn’t require any special cleaning.

As long as you keep it in the carrying case, you can keep the microfiber pads and retractable brush safe from debris and damage.

When you order the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner online through our line, you get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

You can return the cleaner for a full refund within 30 days as long as you have the original packaging.

Opening the Peeps Eyeglass Cleaner the first time is so tricky that you’ll find videos online that tell you how to do it.

The easiest way to open the cleaner is when you hold the top and bottom in opposite hands.

You can apply some pressure and twist both ends as you move your hands apart to pop it open.

  • How Long Does Delivery Take?

If you live in the United States, you should get your eyeglass cleaner in seven business days or less.

Customers living outside of the US should wait at least 12 business days for their deliveries.

  • How Often Should You Clean Your Lenses?

You should clean your lenses at least once a day.

Though some clean their glasses first thing in the morning, others wait until right before they go to bed.

If you wait until your lenses are really dirty, you risk dragging lint and dust across the glass and leaving behind scratches.

While you can wipe your glasses on with a lens wipe or a liquid/spray cleaner for glasses, you’ll want to dry those lenses thoroughly before using the Peeps cleaner.

A microfiber cloth rubbed against the lenses will remove any excess moisture and prepare them for using the Peeps cleaner next.

  • How Can You Clean Your Frames?

The frames on your glasses can also pick up the natural oils from your skin.

Those oils can rub against the back of your ears and cause breakouts or skin irritations too.

You can use most cleaning products on your frames, including products designed specifically for plastic and glasses.

We recommend a spray product because you can spray the liquid on the frames and use a soft cloth to move it across the bridge and down along the earpieces.

A dry cloth will remove any excess liquid.

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