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MagnetPAL Review & Results — Read Before Buying 2021

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MagnetPAL Review: MagnetPAL is a multi-purpose magnet that claims to be able to serve as a key chain holder, a magnetic stud finder, and a variety of other functions.

It has a tough plastic casing that makes it ideal for use at home, in the outdoors, or in the workshop.

It also includes a molded loop at the top that makes it simple to attach it to a variety of objects.

It also barely weighs a third of an ounce, which is fantastic.

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MagnetPAL Best Features

MagnetPAL is not a cheap or ordinary magnet – it’s the award-winning patented gadget you can take and use everywhere.

Its core is made almost entirely from Rare-Earth Metal, making it incredibly strong and durable compared to traditional magnets.

Because its unique metals come straight from the earth, there’s an extensive mining process that adds to its rarity.

Solidifying MagnetPAL as one of the most powerful and versatile tools in the world.

The following are MagnetPAL‘s amazing features, as presented on the product’s official website:

  • Can Hold Up to 12 Pounds

MagnetPAL is a little but powerful magnet that can lift up to 12 pounds and has a convenient loop on the upper side that allows it to be attached to nearly anything.

  • 100% American Made

MagnetPAL is regarded as a model of long-term durability.

It’s produced in the United States of America with rare earth metals that will never rust, fall off, or fail, even when exposed to high temperatures.

  • Multiple Uses

MagnetPAL is a key holder, a magnetic stud finder, and a tool.

All of its applications will be discussed in greater detail later on.

  • 5-Star Amazon Ratings

Everyone knows that the customer is always right.

MagnetPAL has a lot of 5-star ratings on Amazon, indicating that individuals who have bought and are using it are happy with how it works.

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What makes MagnetPAL so special?

How did they pack so much power into such a small magnet, I think sometimes?

MagnetPAL, it turns out, is different from other magnets we use because it is made of rare earth metals. The “pulling power” of these so-called Neodymium magnets lasts a lifetime.

It also indicates it won’t lose magnetic force overtime, won’t rust, and won’t interfere with the chips in your phone or credit card (like normal magnets).

It’s also made in the United States, ensuring that every MagnetPAL meets its standard quality requirements.

What Can MagnetPAL Be Used For?


With endless uses that can’t be listed here, MagnetPAL is the most trustworthy gadget for those who need to hang and organize their tools, hold screws while working, hide a spare key, and many other things.

However, according to the product’s official website, the following are MagnetPAL’s most typical uses:


MagnetPAL may be used to hang things and find screws, tools, and bolts. Because it is so strong, it can even hold a hammer or other heavy items hanging.


Every now and then, everyone loses their keys and has to scramble all over the place to acquire a replacement.

The good news is that MagnetPAL can also be used as a hide-a-key.

It only has to be kept in a secure location, such as under the car, with a spare key linked to it.

Burglars are well aware of the common areas where individuals hide their spare keys, but with MagnetPAL, the alternatives for hiding areas become limitless.

Furthermore, when the primary keys to the house are lost, MagnetPAL is a lifesaver since it keeps the spare keys safe and in a location that the owner is aware of.


Working on a ladder and dropping tools is an unpleasant experience.

MagnetPAL, on the other hand, promises to alter that, as it can be connected to a stick or a string and used to pick up any dropped tool.

It’s the size of a quarter but can lift up to 12 pounds, making it a magnetic holding for any metal instrument, from hammers to French wrenches and screwdrivers.


Physiquesmay says goodbye to traditional stud finders that never seem to emerge when they’re needed the most by utilizing MagnetPAL.

This strong magnet locates steel drywall screws from studs with ease, and it also passes through practically any type of wall, regardless of the substance used to construct it.

It only has to be waved across the surface until it begins to draw away from the hand.

It indicates the exact location of the stud when stuck to the wall.

Because it has higher magnetic power, MagentPAL may easily be stated to be more flexible and handy than any standard stud finder.

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Why MagnetPAL?

First and foremost, MagnetPAL is an award-winning tool that allows users to not only hold, but also hide, secure, and locate a variety of different tools and materials when they are required.

It was created with handy labor and outdoor excursions in mind, making it excellent for individuals who enjoy doing DIY tasks.

According to its official website, it has a patented design and contains rare earth metals, which many people want in their equipment.

But here are many of the other reasons why MagnetPAL is the perfect tool for handymen and women:

  • MagnetPALs have sold for more than $5 million globally.
  • It has nearly a hundred applications.
  • It can carry up to 15 pounds and has been constructed to handle 100 times its own weight, so any major instrument may be hung from it.
  • It’s small and light, so it can be carried anywhere and even attached to a keychain.
  • It’ll survive a long time because it’s constructed of rare earth metals and has a military-grade ABS casing.
  • It comes with a guarantee, making it a risk-free purchase, but more on that later.

FREE Bonus!

The 101+ Uses for MagnetPAL eBook is available for free on the manufacturer’s official website for anybody interested in learning how to use MagnetPAL in 100+ different ways.

They just need to provide their name and email address, and the eBook will be provided to them for free.

And anybody may take advantage of this deal, even those who haven’t yet acquired MagnetPAL but are interested in learning more about how it may help them.

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Who Is MagnetPAL For?

Although it is stated on the MagnetPAL official website that this tool should not be used by minors, any adult man or woman can use it when working, saving their extra keys, locating stuff, or for any other use they see fit.

In the event that they run out of ways to put this strong magnet to use, the 101+ Uses for MagnetPAL eBook can help them come up with new ones.


  • MagnetPAL is the most powerful and strongest magnet on the market.
  • Budget and Pocket-friendly.
  • Both wood and metal studs can be detected.
  • It may also be used as a scanner on the wall.
  • A wide range of usage.


  • Because of its small size, it’s difficult to use some of its features, such as a magnetic stud finder.

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Customer Reviews

I am *always* losing my keys – even my spare one! This magnet has been a lifesaver – I’ve attached the spare set to it, and then put the magnet on the top door hinge. Voila – always there when an emergency strikes! Even better, as soon as I come in the door I put my regular keys up there as well. The magnet is so strong that it holds the key loop, and it’s easy to take it down each morning w/o removing the magnet from the door. This saves me so much aggravation in the morning!Catherine

Very nice powerful small magnets. Very powerful magnets in a small convenient size, I used these at work to pick up tools that fall out of reach. It picked up a 4 lb sled a coworker dropped with no problem, just needs to be steady so it doesn’t fall off. I attach a string or something long to the magnet and it’s great for whatever I need to be picked up. Coworkers love them too and have asked me to bring them some.Shanaya

Super strong and versatile. LOVE these little magnets. They are super strong and hold in place WAY better than traditional hide-a-key magnetic cases. I have one for my truck, horse trailer and garage.Olive R.

Most useful small magnets ever!! These magnets are awesome! Super strong for such a small size. You could string lights on a wall with no nails or sticky hooks just by using these magnets clinging to screws in the walls! I can think of 1001 uses for these.Seth W.

Where to Buy MagnetPAL?

While MagnetPAL is available in tool stores and at major online and physical stores, it is best to get it from its official website since it is available at the most incredible prices:

  • 1×3-Pack MagnetPAL for $29.99 + shipping and handling fees
  • 2×3-Pack MagnetPAL for $29.25 each + FREE shipping and handling
  • 3×3-Pack MagnetPAL for $26 each + FREE shipping and handling

(LOWEST PRICE ONLINE) Get MagnetPAL Directly from the Official Website for the Biggest Discount

Payments can be made using PayPal, credit or debit card, or a combination of the two.

Deliveries in the United States typically take 5-7 business days, however, overseas deliveries can take up to 15 business days or longer, depending on the customs procedures of the destination country.

Additionally, customs may levy additional costs, which must be paid independently, rather than to the business that manufactures MagnetPAL.

For flaws and damaged materials, all goods are covered by a 1-year guarantee.

A 10-day money-back guarantee is also available, allowing any dissatisfied client to return their MagnetPAL pack(s) to the manufacturer for a full refund within 10 days of purchase.

Requests for refunds, as well as concerns or issues concerning the product, should be directed to MagnetPAL customer support via the following channels:


Phone: 800 827 6143

A maximum of 24 hours should be provided for customer support to respond to an email.

Only when the returned products have been examined are refunds granted.

The creators of MagnetPAL are currently running a special promotion – for a limited time, you’ll get a FREE MagnetPAL 3-Pack when you buy 2.

We don’t know how long this will last, so definitely act now to take advantage of it!

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MagnetPAL is a multi-purpose magnet that may be purchased online.

The device may be used as a magnetic stud finder, a magnetic keychain holder, a discreet hide-a-key, and a world-class organizer for keys, tools, signs, and other items.

This gadget has a wide range of applications, many of which you will find once you have it in your pocket.

MagnetPAL has a lot of advantages that might come in helpful whether you like DIY projects or are an outdoor enthusiast.

However, when compared to other magnetic gadgets, you may find the pricing to be a little excessive.

If you want to witness how this device works firsthand, order it online at getmagnetpal.