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Keyless PRO Review: What can the keyboard really do?

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Keyless Pro: An Introduction

Keyless Pro is a compact device which projects an image of keyboard on to a flat non-reflective surface. It uses laser light to do so.

The device can be connected to smart phones and smart pads via Bluetooth and is used for typing the content. It can also be used as a Mouse.

The device is compatible with Windows, Android, and iOS smartphones/tablets.

When time is a constraint and you really need to type a quick email, Keyless Pro comes really handy without the need to waste time with the small keyboard on your smart device.

Keyless Pro is a rechargeable device where it takes only an hour and a half for complete charge. A fully charged Keyless Pro can function uninterruptedly for 150mins.


  • Easy to set up
  • Adjustable brightness of the keyboard
  • Incredibly convenient and portable


Keyless Pro review

Because transporting a laptop isn’t always ideal, which is why many people are turning to the latest solution in convenience, making work truly mobile.

All you need is a flat surface and you can type faster with added features to make it even easier.

Keyless PRO has become the most important gadget in the bag of a lot of commuters and just those who need to get some work done when on the go.

Easy to use and reliable, it is considered by many to be the future of keyboards.

Incredibly Simple To Set Up

Even with some modern keyboards, there is a level of set up and installation that can be confusing.

This can put a lot of people off altogether.

Keyless PRO can be ready to go in a matter of seconds, connecting to your device via Bluetooth and recognized by the keyboard function immediately to display the keyboard on your chosen surface.

It Works Anywhere

There is no way you are going to take your regular keyboard everywhere you go, and laptops can be inconvenient sometimes.

When on a train or in a cafe, the easiest thing to do is to use your phone.

Keyless PRO allows you to still use your phone but can speed up typing and make it more accurate, wherever you are.

A flat, clear surface is all you need to shine the device, revealing the spacious keyboard so you can type, using your phone or smart device as the screen.

So Compact, It Can Be Taken Anywhere

This is where virtual keyboards excel.

They can make life so simple and ensure you can leave the house without your laptop.

Not only does this keep your belongings safe from theft when out, but it means you can easily type.

Keyless PRO can fit in your pocket it is so compact.

Where a keyboard or laptop used to weigh you down, you can take a minimal amount of baggage thanks to the incredibly portable virtual keyboard.

Keyless Pro technical facts

For more information, the following technical details about this particular keyboard are certainly worth your while:


  • English QWERTY keyboard layout. Spanner size and shortcut keys are available in full size for easy operation.
  • The integrated projector also has a mouse function.
  • Convenient and easy operation of the Bluetooth wireless connection and USB interface.
  • Mobility and comfort are ensured by a built-in lithium-ion polymer battery.
  • The device is compatible with the latest operating systems for Windows XP and higher / Windows Phone 7 and higher / iOS8 and higher / Android 4.0 and higher / Mac OS X and higher.


  • Type: Keyboard Projector / Laser Keyboard.
  • Light source: red infrared light.
  • Keyboard layout: approx. 19 mm in the British QWERTY layout.
  • Position of the keyboard: approx. 90 mm away from the projector.
  • Projection area: Opaque (does not have a reflection plane).
  • Recognition rate: more than 350 words / minute
  • Battery capacity: Integrated lithium-ion battery, 700 mAh (maximum) at 3.7 volts.
  • Charging power: USB power adapter / more than 5V 1000mA.
  • Input current: 1000 mAh (maximum).
  • Output voltage: DC 5V
  • Output current: 1000mAh
  • Bluetooth version: V3.0, HID profile version 1.0
  • Frequency range: 2402 – 2480 MHz
  • Channel number: 79
  • Modulation System: For GFSK
  • Weight approx. 139g


  • 1 projection keyboard
  • 1 USB cable
  • 1 user manual

Important notes on handling and safety precautions:

  1. Due to the fact that this Bluetooth virtual keyboard emits infrared rays, this strong radiation of reflected or even direct sunlight (or of tungsten, halogen or incandescent lighting) can lead to severe operational errors of the device.
  2. Although this product falls within the Class 2 rating, for safety reasons, you should not place your eyes directly under infrared rays or projection rays.
  3. Keep the unit away from sources of heat and do not expose it to direct sunlight for extended periods of time.
  4. If you use the product in locations where extreme or sudden temperature changes may occur, there is a risk of malfunction.
  5. It may damage the product and void the warranty if you put too much weight on it.
  6. Always use the dedicated Micro USB cable included with this device to prevent possible damage and to ensure safety.

Say Goodbye To Annoying Wires

Setting up your laptop, waiting for it to load, and making sure you are close to a power socket are just some of the inconveniences of laptops.

What sets Keyless PRO apart from traditional methods of typing is that it works via Bluetooth.

This means you just stand it up near your phone or smart device and turn it on. No wires are getting in the way at any time.

How to use Keyless Pro?

Keyless Pro is a compact device which uses laser and infrared light to project keyboard on a smooth and plain surface. It is very easy to plug in to this device from your smart devices.

Let’s go through the usage:

  1. Choose a plain, smooth and non-reflective area. Keyless Pro doesn’t work efficiently if proper surface is not chosen.
  2. Switch on Keyless Pro and wait for the blue light to be on.
  3. Choose the smart device to which you would like to connect Keyless Pro
  4. Activate Bluetooth in your smart device and pair it with Keyless Pro
  5. Open the page/browser/email where you intend to type
  6. Instead of typing from your smart device, type from Keyless Pro
  7. A small beep sound is heard each time a character is keyed in through which you can ensure the key is typed.
  8. The keyed in character will be read by the Infrared light-CMOS combination and will be displayed on the targeted page
  9. Besides Bluetooth, you can also connect the Keyless PRO keyboard via a USB cable, ideal for devices which do not have Bluetooth or when you want to use the keyboard and another device at the same time.
  10. Keyless Pro can be used as a mouse as well. When you move your fingers across the virtual keyboard, the device detects your movements and functions as a normal mouse.

A Brilliant, Clear Keyboard

When the keys on your laptop start to fade, or they get stuck, it can cause a lot of errors.

For some people, these errors take a lot of time to fix and can make you look bad to your peers.

Because the LED light of Keyless PRO beams a strong, vibrant keyboard onto the surface, you will find that errors are less likely.

You can even use your fingers as a mouse on the English QWERTY keyboard.

Added Features To Make You More Accurate

Sometimes, when you look up from your typing, you realize you could have been more accurate.

Remarkable added features come with Keyless PRO to improve accuracy.

The beep when typing can help you to know you are pressing keys.

The volume can be adjusted so it is not intrusive.

Even the projection power can be amended to make sure you get the right amount of vibrancy.

This is important because different surfaces and times of day require their levels of illumination.

The device isn’t designed to keep up with intense typing but is perfect when used at a moderate pace.

It works at a rate of up to 350 characters per minute which is more than enough for most people.

More Energy Efficient Than Most

When your laptop battery is running low, the rush for a power socket can end in the power switching off and you losing your work.

The good thing about Keyless PRO is the battery life lasts a long time, up to two hours if needed.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that saves you on buying new ones, making it better for the environment.

This takes just 200 minutes to fully charge so you can use it again the same day if you run out at any time.

Compatible With So Many Devices

One of the best attributes for this virtual keyboard is the fact that it doesn’t matter what you want to type from, it is compatible with pretty much every device.

For the busy worker or anyone who likes to have the latest in convenience, Keyless PRO is an excellent device that will save a lot of people’s time, and add a bit of fun to the office.

Where can I purchase the Keyless PRO?

Keyless PRO is available for a limited time only, with exclusive offers and free shipping.

Ordering is quick and easy, so take advantage of the great price by ordering yours today.