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G-Force Dental Health Supplement Reviews – Read This Before Buying

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G-Force Dental Supplement Review: G-force is a dental supplement that claims to improve the health of your teeth and gums.

Simply take two G-force capsules twice a day to reportedly strengthen your gums and teeth while preventing tooth decay.

The G-Force dental supplement for oral hygiene assistance employs innovative natural components to assist maximize mouth health when used in conjunction with a 30-second technique before brushing your teeth.

But, what exactly is G-force? Is G-force effective, or is it just another ineffective dental supplement?

Is this the answer to your gum and oral issues?

In today’s review, we’ll tell you all you need to know about G-force.

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What is G-force?


G-force is a nutritional supplement that can only be purchased online at

The supplement is touted as a “30-second technique” for regenerating gums and teeth while preventing tooth decay.

Zinc, milk thistle, beetroot, artichoke, dandelion, and other substances are used in G-force to treat tooth and gum disorders.

Over a dozen herb and plant extracts are included in the mix, which is said to help with tooth and gum health in a variety of ways.

G-force is manufactured by a supplement firm situated in Miami, Florida.

G-force is exclusively available from, and it costs roughly $70 for each bottle.

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How Does G-force Work?

Gum disease, tooth decay, and poor breath are unrelated to your dental care, according to G-force.

Even if you clean your teeth twice a day, gum disease and tooth decay can still occur.

Dentistry cleanliness is critical for oral health, according to modern dental research.

People who do not brush their teeth are more likely to have poor oral health than those who do.

The creators of G-force, on the other hand, contend that the two are unrelated:

“Contrary to common assumption, oral hygiene has nothing to do with gum disease, tooth decay, or even poor breath… However, hazardous germs lurking deep within your gums are eating away at your roots, causing severe consequences in your eyes, throat, heart, and lungs.”

Even brushing ten times a day won’t get rid of this bacteria – no matter how hard they try, even the most powerful cleaning procedures won’t get rid of the germs in your mouth.

G-force was created with this in mind and is designed to support the underlying difficulties that practically every tooth or gum disease stems from, regardless of your age, the severity of your ailment, or your dental hygiene habits.

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What Does G-force Do?

G-force dispenses antibiotic chemicals into your saliva, which targets germs in your teeth and gums.

Instead of cleaning and washing your mouth to remove microorganisms, G-force strengthens your mouth from the inside out.

G-force provides your body with substances that support healthy inflammatory and antioxidant activity by combining herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and plant chemicals.

G-creators force’s say that the substances “operate like natural antibiotics” and may “remove harmful infection hotbeds in only a few hours.”

G-force claims to strengthen your gums, strengthen your teeth, and assist cure other major dental problems by promoting healthy bacteria levels in your mouth.

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What to Expect After Taking G-force?

People who use the supplement, according to the G-force website, can reap significant benefits.

You may enjoy the same dental health advantages as 32,000 other individuals who have taken the supplement for a few weeks after using it for a few weeks.

According to the sales page, persons who use G-force will get all of the following benefits:

  • There will be no more irritated, bleeding gums.
  • There will be no more tooth infections or poor breath.
  • There will be no more tooth or gum discomfort, and there will be no need for pain medication.
  • There’s no need to hide your mouth or be embarrassed.
  • You have the freedom to eat anything you want, whenever you want.
  • The ability to grin, converse and be self-assured about your teeth.
  • All of these advantages seem fantastic if you have poor dental health.

People with terrible teeth and gum issues, for example, maybe unable to consume the foods they enjoy.

Others are apprehensive of smiling in public.

G-force promises to be able to fix all of these issues with a completely natural approach that has no adverse effects.

Let’s take a deeper look at the G-origin force’s tale to see how it works.

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The Story Behind G-force

Daniel Moore, a 54-year-old Pennsylvania man, invented G-force.

On August 20th, Daniel and his wife Nina attended their son’s wedding.

Everything was OK until Daniel bit into the wedding cake and almost choked to death due to a loose tooth.

Here’s how Daniel explains the incident:

“Everything was going smoothly until I started eating from the Bride’s White Chocolate Raspberry cake….Filled with emotion, I completely forgot to chew on my left side… and at the slightest touch… my tooth fell down and got stuck in my throat…Leaving me breathless for a minute… which seemed like an eternity! Without knowing what was stuck in my throat.”

Inadvertently, Daniel created a great ruckus. He began to cough up blood.

Because of his bad oral condition, he felt that he had wrecked his son’s wedding.

Daniel went to the dentist, who diagnosed him with severe gum disease.

Gingivitis had progressed to periodontitis in Daniel’s case.

Periodontitis is a dangerous infection that causes the gums and jawbone to deteriorate.

It can result in foul breath, dental decay, and the eventual loss of all of your teeth.

Daniel’s advanced dental health condition required gum grafts, fillings, root canals, and surgery, according to the dentist.

Daniel was taken aback by the treatment’s expense, so he decided to look for natural periodontitis remedies instead.

Ignoring his dentist’s medical advice, Daniel went online to look for periodontitis remedies, which brought him to George Robinson.

George is a retired dentist with more than 50 years of expertise.

George claims to have discovered what he believes to be a periodontal treatment but never had the opportunity to investigate further — until Daniel came knocking.

Dr. George Robinson thought that saliva was the key to preventing gum disease.

You may boost your saliva’s capacity to protect your teeth and gums by loading it with antibacterial agents:

“…Dr. Robinson had seen dozens of plants, herbs, and minerals which can be combined in a certain way to create an extremely strong, efficient, and quick-acting remedy.”

Daniel took notes on the plants George suggested and included them in his mix.

Herbs like artichoke, beetroot, feverfew, and others, according to Daniel, are the key to eradicating gum disease.

Daniel put the formula to the test on himself.

Despite having extensive gum disease, Daniel was able to remove his condition by following George’s advice.

In fact, it looks that Daniel’s gum ailment was totally treated just by utilizing G-force.

He describes what happened after taking the supplement as follows:

“I’ve seen first-hand how using G-force gave me back my life and helped me get rid of all the pain and humiliation….And how I no longer lose sleep at night worrying whether one of my teeth is about to fall out or whether there’s an infection that could spread to my brain and kill me in a matter of hours…”

To cut a long tale short, Daniel created a supplement with George’s recommended components.

He currently offers the G-Force dental health supplement as advanced oral hygiene assistance online, saying that it may help anybody achieve similar results.

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What Does G-force Do?

G-force provides your body with the herbal extracts it needs to boost saliva production and help fight germs in your mouth.

You may reportedly remove gum and tooth issues, periodontitis, gingivitis, and other dangerous disorders by supercharging your saliva.

G-force claims to function in three stages, which include:

Stage 1) Creates an alkaline environment that stops the growth of new bacteria and breaks existing plaque.

Stage 2) Drowns the bacteria in cleansing substances from your saliva while also fighting bleeding and inflammation using essential purifying agents.

Stage 3) Tightens loose gums, heals wound in your mouth, and cements the roots of your teeth in place, creating a strong shield for your teeth and gums while “making them virtually indestructible” against future infections or bacteria.

Oral health supplements seldom operate in the manners described above.

Most supplements don’t claim to tighten loose gums or strengthen tooth roots, for example.

A supplement will not help you if your teeth are already loose.

Surgery or other major treatments may be required.

However, the G-force product presentation claims that after just a few weeks of taking G-force, you’ll “begin to feel loose gums tighten” and “the roots of your teeth become fixed in place.”

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G-force Features & Benefits

G-creators force’s say that using the supplement on a regular basis can provide significant advantages.

G-force is targeted to persons who have tooth decay, poor breath, and other major oral health conditions, such as Daniel, who used it to get rid of his periodontitis.

G-force, according to its official website, may assist you in:

  • Stop bleeding and gum recession.
  • Your gums will regain their youthful appearance and feel.
  • Stop the discomfort and infections in your mouth, and you’ll save thousands of dollars on root canals and other dental operations.
  • Gingivitis and other periodontal disorders can be “escaped.”

Remove unsightly plaque buildup, freshen your breath, and boost your confidence from the inside out.

While the majority of dental health supplements claim to aid in the maintenance of teeth and gum health.

G-force claims to alter gingivitis and other periodontal conditions, taking these effects to the next level.

Next, we’ll look at G-components force’s to discover if it actually works – or whether it’s a dental supplement rip-off.

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G-force Ingredients

G-force is made up of 29 different plants, herbs, minerals, and vitamins.

Daniel says he created the mixture using “the cleanest, finest grade” substances, evaluating them to ensure they were used in the “precise quantities needed” to remove tooth and gum issues.

Some oral health supplements have a lot of components but just a few doses.

Other dental health supplements, such as G-force, have lesser doses but deliver a powerful punch because to the high number of constituents in each Gforce dental teeth composition.

G-force pills have 29 total substances, the most of which are found in respectable but lower doses than only-those-specific-extract-supplement doses if you wi

The full list of ingredients in G-force supplement for natural oral hygiene includes:

  • 30mg of zinc (273% DV)
  • 200mg of milk thistle seed
  • 50mg of beetroot
  • 50mg of artichoke leaves
  • 50mg of Chanca Piedra
  • 50mg of dandelion root
  • 50mg of chicory
  • 50mg of yarrow
  • 50mg of jujube seed
  • Celery, alfalfa, burdock, yellow dock, methionine, grape seed, l-cysteine, feverfew, n-acetyl cysteine, choline, turmeric, red raspberry fruit, berberine, and ginger make up 586mg of a proprietary mixture.

Other constituents include rice flour, cellulose (for the veggie capsules), magnesium stearate, and silicon dioxide (free of all fillers, binders, and preservatives)

G-force appears to have a pretty outstanding lineup of 50mg dosages of over two dozen herbal extracts, vitamins, and minerals associated with oral and gum health.

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Scientific Evidence for G-force

While this is typical of the natural health supplement industry, G-force has not been tested for safety or efficacy outside of its own FDA-approved cGMP laboratory, and there is no direct proof that it works as stated to improve gum and tooth health.

Although some of the chemicals in G-force have been investigated for their impact on dental health, the idea that these compounds might promote total oral wellness from the inside out is a relatively new notion in the supplement world.

Despite the absence of scientific data on how each component or blended combination can affect gum and tooth health, the firm claims that “32,000 Americans just like you have previously utilized G-force personally” to promote tooth and gum health.

And, as the G-force sales page indicated, one guy (the product’s originator, Daniel Moore) claims to have used the solution to treat his severe gum disease.

So, what is science’s take on G-force? Is it true that the substances help to support gum and tooth health?

It’s true that some G-force components may help with tooth health in various ways.

There’s no proof that these chemicals “function like natural antibiotics,” heal periodontitis, or eradicate bacteria infections more efficiently than dentist-recommended therapies.

But that is the natural nature of this field, where one research or clinical feedback analysis might change the game in terms of how some of these compounds gain reputation and efficacy.

Berberine was discovered to help lessen the incidence of periodontal bone loss in this 2019 study.

That’s excellent. Berberine, on the other hand, was discovered to operate by controlling gut flora rather than flooding your saliva with “natural antibiotics,” as stated on the G-force sales website.

Berberine facilitated root remodeling in an immature tooth by controlling stem cells, according to a study published in 2020 by Chinese researchers.

It’s crucial to remember that this study was conducted on rats rather than people and that the teeth used were immature rather than fully developed adult teeth.

Berberine has been shown in several tests to have antimicrobial properties.

Researchers looked at the impact of berberine on bacterial strains in this 2013 study.

Berberine “had an antibacterial effect against the examined microorganisms,” according to the researchers.

The experiment was carried out on bacteria cells in test tubes rather than on humans or their saliva. So, yes, there is a case to be made for berberine.

Zinc is necessary for good dental and gum health.

You’re more likely to have negative tooth health if you’re zinc deficient.

Zinc deficiency, according to research published in Nutrients in 2020, is “important for the preservation of normal dental health.”

Zinc deficiency is uncommon in those who eat a healthy diet.

G-force may have a dosage issue.

Most active components are at relatively modest levels in this supplement (50mg or less for each ingredient).

The majority of research utilizes significantly greater doses, and even those yielded mixed outcomes.

Overall, G-force contains several substances that have modest antibiotic actions and may help to promote tooth, gum, and oral microbial health.

However, there is no proof that the G-force supplement can help with periodontitis, tooth strengthening, or loose gum concerns.

G-force is an effective first line of defense against many disorders, but these are major medical problems that require professional help.

If you’re having any of these problems, it’s a good idea to talk to your dentist about taking an oral supplement before buying G-Force.

G-force Pricing

G-force is priced at $49 per bottle when purchased in bulk, rising to $69 or $59 per bottle when ordered in quantities of one or three bottles.

Here’s how the price works:

  • $69 + $6.95 shipping for 1 bottle
  • $177 for 3 bottles + free shipping to the United States
  • $294 for 6 bottles + free US shipping

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G-force Refund Policy

G-force offers a 60-day money-back guarantee.

You have 60 days to obtain a full refund on your purchase.

If you don’t see improvement in your gum and tooth problems after taking G-force, or if you’re unsatisfied with the supplement’s results for any reason, you may seek a full refund.

This is important to note since anyone experiencing dental troubles may want to consider a risk-free purchase of G-Force oral health supplement, knowing that they have a full two months to test it out or simply request a money-back guarantee with each and every order placed on the official website.

Who Created G-force?

Daniel Moore, a 54-year-old Pennsylvania resident, created G-force.

Daniel makes no claim to have any dentistry or medical experience.

He claims, however, that his formula was created in collaboration with George Robinson, a certified dentist with more than 50 years of expertise in dentistry.

Daniel created G-force with the help of his medical knowledge.

We suppose he prescribes the supplement to patients with significant dental disorders, exactly as he did to Daniel as a periodontitis therapy.

You can contact the makers of G-force via the following:

Mailing Address: 123 SE 3rd Ave. Ste 574, Miami, FL 33131

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Final Word

G-force is a dietary supplement that promotes the health of your gums and teeth.

You can reportedly supercharge your saliva by taking two G-force capsules each day, giving it natural antibacterial qualities to help combat gum disease.

Dental hygiene is crucial for everyone, regardless of age or background.

Maintaining good oral health has been shown to enhance your immune system and minimize your chance of developing other illnesses.

Other dental procedures, such as wisdom tooth removal or gum surgery, are also available at a fee from dentists for those who have more serious dental difficulties or require other services from them.

There is a difference between being proactive about healthy routines and avoiding the severe consequences of a lack of dental care and oral wellness.

Overall, multiple studies suggest that the components in G-force may help consumers improve their dental health, although we would have wanted to see research conducted by the company.

Given how popular the G-force tablets have grown in the first half of 2021, this may happen.

The supplement comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee, allowing you to try the mixture to see whether it works on your gums and teeth – and it is clear that any client may seek a refund if it doesn’t.

That’s a very safe bet that one may buy risk-free and reap the advantages of better dental health thanks to natural components that promote oral cleanliness.

Click here to learn more about the oral supplement and how the ingredients may help you, buy G-Force direct from the manufacturer.

Official Website –

Contact Details: G-force Teeth