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Dodow Review – Is It A Scam Or Legit? – 2022

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According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about one-third of Americans are sleeping insufficiently.

Many of the usual suspects, such as hectic work schedules, are to blame.

However, our lives’ hyper-connectivity plays a role.

Blue light is generated by monitors, smartphones, tablets, and other similar devices.

Blue light also signals us to be awake and alert in the human brain.

Accidents are caused by a lack of sleep.

It reduces your alertness and learning capacity. It has been linked to heart disease, diabetes, and stroke in the past.

It has been shown to age the skin, deteriorating memory, and hinder judgment.

Worst of all, being sleepy and listless is a bad feeling.

Not being able to fall asleep easily would agitate any busy person with a packed schedule.

Fortunately, there are a number of alternative sleep treatments you may pursue.

But it’s important to remember that there’s no one-size-fits-all solution to any sleep problem.

It’s possible that what works for you won’t work for anyone else.

In this regard, if you’re not sure what’s causing your sleep problem, it might be necessary to go through a trial and error phase.

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Dodow Sleep Aid Device

Dodow Sleep Aid Device (1)

Dodow is a sleep aid that uses natural pathways to make people fall asleep quicker.

It’s basically a pulsing nightlight that you’re going to keep track of with your breath.

The pattern of blinking steadily dies down over the span of a few minutes.

Your heart rate and blood pressure drop as your body relaxes, and these relaxing conditions can help you fall asleep.

Stress and a racing mind will make it difficult to get enough sleep.

Stress triggers a fight-or-flight response in our bodies, which fills our bodies with hormones.

Dodow is mostly designed to assist you in combating these effects, helping you to relax and sleep.

In short, it seems to be a potential alternative for a large number of people who suffer from restlessness, insomnia, stress, and other similar issues.

The Dodow encourages you to slow down your breathing rhythm, shifting from the rapid breathing we do throughout the day to shallow, calm breathing while asleep. 

You start at 11 breaths per minute, which is a reasonably normal breathing rate for a healthy person awake.

When the Dodow’s flashes grow more and more spaced out, the breathing slows to 6 breaths a minute, an extremely slow rate of breathing.

The baroreflex system kicks in when the body is breathing comfortably at about 6 breaths per minute. 

Your body is moved from a state of alertness to one of rest. In other words, it promotes sleepiness. 

The Dodow sleep assist kit can be thought of as a warm-up for sleep.

To reach the desired state of relaxation, the whole procedure should take about eight minutes.

However, if you need more than 8 minutes, you can tap twice for the same directed procedure to be spread out over 20 minutes.

The Dodow’s physical dimensions are 4.5 x 4.5 x 2-inches, with an extremely compressed disc-based style.

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Build & Design

It resembles an alarm clock that has been turned on its side, and it blends in well with the decor of every apartment.

It weighs around 7 ounces when empty of the necessary batteries, making the Dodow very portable.

In general, I think the Dodow is well-designed.

It runs totally quietly at all times when used as a sleep aid, for example.

Because of the tap-sensitive surface, the entire console functions as a single big press.

As a result, it’s incredibly easy to use.

Simply put the Dodow next to your bed or in some other location where you can see the lighting.

For the Dodow, a nightstand would be ideal.

Once in position, tap the Dodow’s surface once for a regular 8-minute loop.

You just need to tap twice for the longer 20-minute interval.

The Dodow will turn on and start breathing light slowly.

When the loop is over, the Dodow will immediately shut off if you manage to relax and follow your pulse.

That said, the Dodow isn’t a bulletproof fortress of cutting-edge technology.

It’s built to withstand a shortfall from your nightstand and can also withstand spilled water.

However, it was obviously not designed to withstand the abuse, so don’t use it as a doorstop when you’re sleeping.

Its longevity is adequate if left by the bedside.

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Battery Power

Three AAA batteries are required to power the Dodow Sleep Aid.

Thankfully, this means you won’t have to deal with a tangle of wires all over your room.

Being wireless, when combined with the Dodow’s compact, lightweight build, makes it ideal for taking on the road.

Many that have difficulty sleeping on business trips or holidays should pay attention.

Unfortunately, being driven by batteries means you’ll have to replace them sooner or later.

The Dodow, fortunately, isn’t necessarily a lighthouse.

On a single collection of batteries, you will get hundreds of sleepless nights out of your life.

It’s a shame Dodow didn’t think to add a low-battery tracker to help you plan ahead for when you’ll need to swap your batteries.

When you’ve used about half of the battery capacity, LEDs, like most types of bulbs, start to dim slightly.

Thankfully, the steady dimming gives a hint of the battery’s condition.

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Does Dodow Work?

The Dodow Sleep Aid has yet to be clinically evaluated, but tens of thousands of people have tried it.

Some people claim to be successful, while others claim to be unsuccessful.

Sleep issues may arise for a variety of reasons.

As a result, there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all sleep solution.

Dodow is unlikely to help people who have trouble sleeping due to tinnitus, however, a white noise machine could.

Not all sleep disorders can be solved by relaxation; in some cases, fundamental biochemical issues must be resolved.

People who watch TV in bed in the evenings are conditioning their minds to think about the bed as a place to watch TV.

This will make it difficult to sleep.

People who look at a screen monitor late at night could be exposing their brains to harmful levels of blue light.

This will inhibit the production of melatonin, a hormone that aids sleep.

It’s unclear if Dodow is the answer to those issues.

However, several people have had success with Dodow, which is unsurprising.

The Dodow system is basically a robot that guides you through a guided meditation, and there have been decades of studies showing that meditation can help you sleep better and combat insomnia.

The benefits of stress and meditation as a cure for chronic stress have gotten just as much attention.

The results are unmistakable.

Meditation is one of the most effective ways to reduce stress and its harmful effects on your health.

In theory, Dodow employs a sound design that will undoubtedly benefit certain individuals.

People who have had success with Dodow say they fall asleep twice as soon.

Anyone who has tried to fall asleep due to tension should understand.

Even Dodow doesn’t work for you, some people can still find it useful as a stress-relieving meditation tool.

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Different Models

There are currently two variants of the Dodow in circulation, which leaves many people puzzled.

The second version has a few minor changes to the build, but none of them are necessary for the unit’s service.

The battery lid on Version 2 is, for example, slightly easier to open and close.

The effect is a slightly more durable build, but there’s no need to go out of your way to find one over the other.

Other Considerations

To be honest, you might use Dodow’s underlying technique without it.

It would be difficult to hold your mind on your breath for 8 minutes unless you’ve been meditating for a long time.

You won’t be able to time the gradual decrease in breathing properly, and you’ll be worried about doing it incorrectly.

You won’t fall asleep because of your anxiety.

The fear of inexperience is what makes the Dodow effective for people who aren’t long-term meditators.

The Dodow steadily decreases your breathing in a way that is easy to follow.

Its existence on your nightstand is completely unobtrusive, and it serves as a constant reminder of the proper breathing rate for easing your body into a deep state of relaxation.

Overall, the Dodow will assist certain people in falling asleep, and that is what matters.

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Who Should Choose the Dodow Sleep Aid Device?

Some people have sleep issues that are unaffected by Dodow’s guided meditation.

Autistic people, for example, can have trouble falling asleep due to melatonin imbalances.

Others can have trouble falling asleep due to excessive use of blue-light devices on their screens.

When sleep problems arise from these sources, the Dodow can be soothing, but it is ineffective as a sleep aid.

However, some people will be relieved.

If you’re having trouble sleeping because you’re worried about work, worried about life issues, or otherwise depressed, Dodow is worth a shot.

Its special approach to assisting us in falling asleep naturally is ideal for people who suffer from insomnia as a result of a distracted mind and a busy life.

If you only drank four pots of hot coffee, it won’t magically put you to sleep, but what it can do has obviously helped many people.

Sleep deprivation has the potential to negatively impact any aspect of our lives.

Improving your sleep will help you enhance all aspects of your life, including your work results, personal relationships, and health.

It’s worth taking every fair opportunity to assist in the resolution of those issues.

Unless you have a good reason to believe the Dodow won’t help you with your sleep issues, it’s certainly worth a shot.

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