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BiteEraser Review – Chemicals-Free Mosquito After Bite Instant Remedy Solution

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Bite Eraser Review

BiteEraser Review

Mosquitoes are one of the most aggravating nuisances about the outdoors, and their bites are irritating and down right annoying.

If you have spent anytime in the outdoors, there is no doubt that you have had a weekend camping trip or outdoor adventure invaded by these little buggers.

Bug spray will keep most of them at bay, but inevitably there will be a few that break through your bug barrier. What if there was a way to relieve their annoying itch, without the use of more smelly chemicals. Maybe there is, let’s check out the BiteEraser.

My leg is itchy. Not all of it, just the now-healing spot where a mosquito bit me over the weekend. The scab is tiny, indicating I barely scratched it after the bite, but there’s still something there.

I think I have BiteEraser to thank for not enduring a week’s worth of itchiness, though I can’t be certain.

In a nutshell, BiteEraser is a battery-operated, $59 hand-held gadget that uses a combination of focused heat and vibration to reduce mosquito bites to harmless, itch-free bumps.

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What is BiteEraser ?

BiteEraser is a “wellness” device that uses a patented technology called “Thermo-Pulse-Technology” to get rid of the itch and discomfort of an insect bite.

My interpretation – The BiteEraser has a metal plate that heats up (Thermo) on the end of a vibrating (Pulse) cylinder powered by batteries (Technology). Fancy name for a simple device.

BiteEraser utilizes groundbreaking Thermo-Pulse-Technology that delivers soothing heat and vibration to the affected area increasing circulation and localized blood flow.”

BiteEraser has a plastic, somewhat pickle-shaped body; a flat, metallic business end; and one-button operation. To use the device, you place the quarter-sized metal front directly on the bite (as soon as you notice it), press the button and its so-called “Thermo-Pulse Technology” goes to work.

For maximum effectiveness, you hold it in place for between 30 and 45 seconds.

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How Does Bite Eraser Work?

To understand how BiteEraser works, though, you need to know what happens when a mosquito bites you.

After landing on your skin, the mosquito uses its needle-like mouth to pierce your tender flesh and immediately injects some of its own saliva into your skin to prevent blood coagulation, which would cause the mosquito to get stuck.

Your body identifies the saliva as “not you” and sends antibodies and histamine to attack the area. The result is a combination of a bump and, thanks to the histamine, the itch.

It is incredibly easy to use; simply apply the BiteEraser’s metal plate on the insect bite and push the activation button down and hold for about 45 seconds. The red ring light indicator (yes it’s on) will light up.

The metal plate slowly begins to warm while the it gently pulsates. The heat and vibration is produced as long as the switch is depressed

Finding an insect to bite you on queue is not always easy, when you need to test a product. But all you have to do is go camping and it is guaranteed.

After applying the BiteEraser’s Thermo-Pulse-Technology to the insect bite, I was left with a phantom itching sensation for about 10 seconds.

I wanted to itch the insect bite, but I knew that I didn’t need to, strange. But the sensation did slowly dissipate altogether. Amazing, no more itch.

There were a couple of times that the itchiness persisted after the initial application, and I had to reapply it a second time. Which did result in the neutralization of the itch.

With the temperature of the metal plate being able to reaching close to 120°F, it is important to let it cool off between applications.

I have to say that the BiteEraser is one of the most wonderful things to have in a family camping kit. When my family goes camping, it is inevitable that one of my children will end up with mosquito bites at one point or another.

Rather than handing them a can of itch relief chemicals to spray on themselves, it was easy enough to tell them to grab the BiteEraser and apply it themselves. Invaluable!

The BiteEraser uses two AA size 1.5-volt batteries, which is recommended to changing at least once per season or after 100 uses, whichever comes first.

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Features of Bite Eraser

  • This itching relief pen can provide heat and vibration to promote blood flow and circulation and help reduce itching feeling from the mosquito bites
  • This BiteEraser don’t use any chemical product and is non-toxic and safe to use and is perfect for kids skin
  • This anti itch pen use 2PCS AA battery to power and is low energe consumption,so it can easily be used for a long time before you need to change the battery
  • This mosquito bite relief pen is made of durable material and the case is tough and hard to break,a long lasting tool for using at home
  • This mosquito bite reliever has a smooth surface which is comfortable touch and hold,make it easy to operate and comfortable to use

Technical Specifications of Bite Eraser

  • Chemicals-Free Instant After Bite Remedy
  • Instantly Stop Itching and Irritation
  • Safe to Use By Everyone, Children Included
  • Safe to use On Any Part Of The Body
  • It Dissolves Mosquito Injected Compound
  • Simple to Use By Everyone, One Button Operation

How to Use BiteEraser ?

1. Install the battery.
2. Align the tip with the bite and press the pen button.
3. Wait for 10 seconds, you can quickly relieve, relieve swelling and itching!

Why Bite Eraser Necessary for our daily Life ?

According to the product’s website, its Thermo-Pulse-Technology provides therapeutic heat in combination with pulsating waves. 

The vibrations from the device allow the heat to penetrate deep under the skin neutralizing the insect saliva or venom that have been injected into a body and increase localized blood flow to help clean out toxins reducing pain, swelling and itching. 

I’m not a medical expert so the ins and outs of the effectiveness of this device are beyond relying on me to explain, but can say that it worked as promised when my family needed it.

  We’ll definitely be keeping it around so that it is handy to use in situations where bug bites and stings could present themselves.

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Having a daughter with severe food allergies, I understand how dangerous an allergic reaction to an insect sting or bite can be for someone.  This product is NOT a remedy for an allergic reaction and should not be considered as treatment for one. 

If you are allergic to insect stings or bites get appropriate medical help immediately!  Also note that scorpions and spiders aren’t insects — they’re arachnids. 

Arachnid venom and saliva hasn’t shown the same thermolabile properties as that of insects so BITE ERASERis not intended to treat stings or bites from spiders or scorpions.  It also isn’t effective for bites from snakes or any other poisonous animal either.

 Note :-

1. The temperature of the pen head can reach 48 degrees Celsius, that is, 118.4 degrees Fahrenheit, and the user’s skin surface will feel the burning sensation of the star.

2. Children under 2 years old should not be used.

Where can I Buy the BiteEraser?

The BiteEraser can be purchased off its official site at an attractive discount of 50% off on a Limited Stock Available with Free Shipping. The brand promises to deliver worldwide with a 30-day money-back guarantee. In case of inquiries and queries, feel free to reach out to them.

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